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KEY LIME PIE – Bonita’s Kitchen

Welcome to Bonita’s Kitchen! Today we will be making KEY LIME PIE, Recipe posted below!

Ingredients for:
FILLING and Meringue

4 Egg yolks                                    4 Egg whites
1/2 Cup lime juice                         1/2 Cup white sugar   
1 Can sweetened milk                   1/2 Tsp cream of tartar


In a bowl mix egg yolk until its a lemon colour.
Then blend in sweetened milk slowly until all combined, removing all from can.
Add lime juice and mix well, place in the fridge until you are ready to use it.


In another bowl add egg white and cream of tartar beat until foamy.
Adding sugar a little at a time until all used, beating with a high speed blender until white peaks.
Into your lime mixture add 6 tbsp of meringue and fold together.
Pour all filling into a baked pie crust and recipe below.
Then add all the meringue and bake in a pre – heated oven of 350º for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove and cool before cutting.


2 cup white or wheat flour                  1/2 cup Cold Butter
1/2 tsp salt                                            1/2 cup cold water
1 piece parchment paper for rolling dough
Mix flour, butter ( chop in pieces) and salt together in bowl mix with your hand or food processor when mixed add water mix until it shapes into a ball then remove from bowl/mixer.
Put a piece of parchment paper on the counter and sprinkle with flour then cut the ball into two pieces then put your pastry ball on top of it then roll until all even.
If you are only making one pie crust, roll the other on parchment paper then cover with a piece of clear wrap and roll away from your. Then freeze for another use.  
Pre-heat oven to 350º and bake for 10 minutes, after all filling and meringue is in baked crust you will need to bake again for 10 minutes or until golden brown. 

I apologize in advance if anything in this video is not clear or miss read, please follow my recipe when making this dish.

Thank you for watching Bonita’s Kitchen, and don’t forget to subscribe for more Traditional Newfoundland Recipes and Cooking!

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Video Transcription

[Music]I welcome to bonitas kitchen and thankyou for joining us what I’m gonna bemaking today is a delicious key lime pieand today’s recipe is a viewers requestso I thank you for sending that andagain we’re gonna get started on makingour key lime pie and I’ll tell you theingredients as we go so what we’ll getstarted making first is our crust whichis a very important part of this piewe’re going to be putting in 2 cups ofalready sifted flour and we’re gonna beputting in a half a teaspoonful of seasalt and we’re gonna be putting in ahalf a cup of cold butter so you justpour that right on into it let’s chopthat up and mix it together so just chopit up first or if you got a KitchenAidjust pop it on into that to form a balland what I’m going to be adding intothis now is a half a cup of cold waterand then we’re going to mix it alltogether okay so after you’ve done itthat much take your hand and startworking it through to form a ball nowthe reasons for using cold butter isbecause it makes a delicious flaky crustand cold butter keeps it together niceand when you get it all formed out itrolls really nice so just form it into aball after you formed it into a ballwhat you could do is let it rest for alittle while in the fridge and thebetter it’s cold or the more colder itis the better the dough would be butright now I’m not going to do that I’mjust gonna show you how to do it rightthis way so this pastry recipe we’reusing today is enough for two crossso what I’m going to do I’m gonna rollboth of them out what I’m going to usefor this pan to make the key lime piethe other one I’m gonna show you how tokill for another time so what I’m goingto do now is cut the dough in F and onlyroll a half at a time okay so that’s allwe need to do there we got two pieces ofdough one we’re gonna use now and theother one I’m just gonna put to the sidethere now and we’ll get to that oneafter and the reason for that again weonly need the one pie crust but I alwayslike to keep one pie crust in thefreezer for another pie when I want tomake it and I don’t have time to makedeath to cross and like you said thisacross is probably 50 cents for each onea dollar to make the one ball so that’spretty cheap and it’s all made it’s allyou need to do so easy it is to lift itoff your your your placement which everone you’re using you could you you couldroll it out on parchment paper or juston the countertop so just have it rolledout enough to fit into your pie pan andthen I’ll show you how to make somefancy little little marks around it andgrease your pan before you put the piecrust in you might have heard me say inprevious videos I’m not about the fancyso yeah just grease your pan don’t youknow you don’t have to be perfect evenwith the crust just as long as it fitsin there nice and you go around thesides like this pinching it does itdon’t stay on to the pan and any placesthat it don’t have a little bit pinch abit off and put it over like this soyou’re you’re kind of building yourcrust and that’s okay if it gotcharacter so after you’ve done that justpoke little holes in the bottom andso stop the pie from rising up into abig bubble it gives a deck room tobreathe so now what we’re going to doI’m just going to put that one to theside and we definitely gonna get back toit we’re gonna roll out this secondcross which we don’t need now but I’mjust gonna show you what to do with itafter you roll it out and if for thoseof you that you’ve probably already seenme do this before when I was making apumpkin pie recipe a while back and Ihad worked and I need it I usually makemore so I’ll have it on egg so I’m justgonna roll it out firstno as well I usually give the optionwhen you’re using using butterI’d say butter or margarine I recommendusing just the butter for this but ifyou don’t have access to it mostcertainly you could use the margarinefor sure so what I’m going to do now isjust roll this back up on my rolling pinI’m gonna grab for some parchment papera little bit of clear wrap sort of clearwrap I’m gonna take off here now I’lljust move to the side for just a momentbut the pie crust I’m going to roll outback onto the paper you’re going to flipover your parchment paper like this andyou’re going to roll your pie crust intothe parchment paper like this fold itover on both sides take your clear wrapso you’re making a pie crust for whenyou need it you don’t have to go to thestore you just got to take it and pullit out of your freezer so you go likethat and then pop it into your freezerafter you take it out of your freezerleave it out at room temperature for10-15 minutesunwrap it and roll it back out it’s goodto go so that’s what you do with thatone okay so now that we got that out ofthe waywhat we’re going to do is put our piecrust in the preheated oven 350 degreesfor 10 minutes we don’t need it to begolden brown we just need it to be bakedso I’m going to put this one in take theone I already got made out let it go atroom temperature to cool down we’ll getmaking our filling okay so we don’t needit much longer than that because whathappens there is we only want the piecrust to be baked and not brown becausewe’re going to be putting this back intothe oven when we get the filling in whenwe get the meringue on and bake it againfor another 10 minutes so let’s getstarted now on the filling so now tomake our key lime pie filling so we needfour egg yolks I will use the whites forover in the other bowl for our meringueso I’m just gonna break it take thewhite so now I just do a little shufflehere take it over that way and pop it inthere so now if you’ve got a differentway that you remove the yoke from youregg you can do it the way that you likeit but this is all I do there shuffle itback and forth and then pop it into bothbowls last but not least so now prettymuch that’s all you need to do there nowthis is room temperature eggs leave yourshells for your compost or your gardennow so I’m gonna put my egg whites overto the side because I’m not making thatright now we’re gonna be making ourfilling after you got your your four eggyolks into your bowl mix it around untilit’s a nice yellow color like this youkeep your whites to decide to make theirmeringue then we go in to add and havethe copy off lime juice and you’re gonnapour it right on in toyou’re gonna open your can of sweetenedcondensed milk and you’re gonna pour iton in with the lime juice and egg yolksuntil they’re all combined let’s mix iton in so just scoop all the sweetenedcondensed milk out notice easier ways todo this you could put it in warm waterbut I don’t want it warm I wanted atroom temperature so so just scoop it upwith a spatula like this until you getit all and the lime juice we’re using isfreshly squeezed and it’s about fourfour lives that you would need to to putthis delicious filling together afteryou’ve mixed that together take yourfilling now and put in the fridge tokeep cool and then what we’ll do now isto make our meringue so what you’regonna need is high speed blender to mixup the meringue you’re gonna need a halfa teaspoon full of tartar cream oftartar and a half a cup of white sugarso let’s get started when you start theblender put your a fatty spoonful ofcream of tartar in the bowl blend ittill it gets soft peaksand and just nice and foamy as well andit gotta be under high speed so whatwe’re going to do now is gradually pourin the white sugar as we’re blending itprobably a teaspoonful to a tablespoonfull at a time until it’s all blendedI’m gonna reach for my filling now thisis the meringue and we’re going to takeoff some zest from our lives because wewant that for after it’s out of the ovenand we can sprinkle that way so let mejust reach for my filling show you whatthat looks alright so that’s ourstonight so I’m all pure excited aboutmaking all of this because this key limepie is absolutely delicious Anna ofcourse we’ve had the ORS request beforefor this one so I’m glad we’re gettingto it so I’m just gonna get my spatulalet’s start scraping into filling thenthe meringue and I’ll show you all thattogether so first before we put thefilling into the baked crack pie crustwe’re gonna be taking six helpings ofthe meringue and pop in there knows whatI like about this this makes it a nicetexture so you just pop that into thatone we mix it now after and don’t haveto be exact but I’m kind of using atablespoonful so that I’ll show you whatit’s like and that’s all you need to dothere so after you’ve put your meringueinto your filling just stir that arounduntil it’s all combined cuz it’s got tomix in through and this will help keepthat together nice that’s all you got todo there so Dan you’re gonna take yourfilling and you’re gonna pour into youralready baked pie crust like this untilit’s au in there just scrape it on inlike that until all the filling is inthere so after you’ve done that nowyou’re gonna take your meringue andyou’re gonna put all out onto the topafter filling then we’re gonna spread itall overokay so just pour this aren’t out overnow the cream of tartar keeps thistogetherthe meringue so the purpose of having itin there and if you don’t want it inthere you can just use the sugar and theegg weight so you just put it out aroundlike this make little Peaks and nowwe’re gonna put it into the oven andI’ll tell you what that is okay so whatI mean about to tell you what that iswe’re gonna be putting it into a 350degree oven for about 10 minutes itcould be a little less it could be alittle more depending on your oven andwhen it’s a nice golden brown so I’mgonna put that in oven we got one madein advance that’s already at roomtemperature or cooled overnight in thefridge and now at room temperature I’mgonna show you what that one looks likebut I’m gonna pop this one into the ovenso like it was same we got one down herein advance so I’m excited to cut into Ican show you what it looks like on theinsides so on the inside of the pieso as you know now you from scratch youknow how to do the pie crust a fillingthe meringue now it’s the best part toeating it and this is for any occasionyou can have this pie as well after youtake it out it off and put a little bitof the lime zest over the top this willkeep it nice and fresh and you’ll getthat taste of lime so I’m gonna cut intoit nowokay so this is excitingI know Ramon’s over there drooling nowbut I’m gonna cut off mine and I willgive him some after we may all share andyou guys left to make this pie as soonas you see this video I want a biggerpiece oh my gosh just looklook at this pie our delicious it looksand I know it’s gonna be just as tastylet’s just put this one there for you tosee and I’m gonna turn this around soyou can see that as well I want to topthis with some more of our lime zest andjust make this just – good deed can’twait to have a taste of this deliciouskey lime piethe crust is absolutely beautiful likeit’s nice and flaky and anyway I’m gonnahave taste oh my godso delicious all of that lime justbursting through therethe meringue just done nice I got a cupof mint tea to go with it so delicious -thumbs up bye buddy this kitchen this isa delicious pie for any occasioncertainly very expecting company and youwant to impress them certainly thiswould be the pie to go with so if youenjoyed this recipe and you like to seemore of our traditional non-traditionalNewfoundland recipes viewers requestsand some by me just subscribe to ourChannel it the link the prompts you towhat you need to do we’ll also providethe recipe now down there under thisvideo for you you can visit us on ourFacebook page you can send us a messageon www.hsn.com or right here on youtubewe like to thank the viewers again forrequesting this key lime pie today and Ihope that you enjoyed the out fill inson L to make extra pastries for laterand like you said this pie is too goodto eat two thumbs up don’t forget tolike and share our videos and if younever subscribed yet please do subscribeto our channel thank you for joining ustoday from our kitchen to yours you havea wonderful day[Music]the door meters get yours[Music]do yoursif you’re visiting Newfoundland andLabrador don’t forget to include thebeautiful town of porta grave in yourtravels and visit us againunbonded is kitchen

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