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John Westfall Bakes PUMPKIN PIE CHEESECAKE | Candied Pecan Topping | Baking Tutorial and Recipe!

Sam and John bake a pumpkin pie cheesecake with a candied pecan topping. They show you how to make the pie crust from scratch, the pumpkin pie cheesecake filling, and the candied pecan topping.

Pumpkin Pie Cheescake Recipe:

Pie crust

15 Diget cookies
75 g butter
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp salt

1. To brown butter, heat in a skillet or pot and stir until it browns – about 5 minutes.
2. Take graham crackers or Diget cookies and pulverize
3. Mix sugar, salt, egg yolk, and pulverized graham crackers together
4. Line a springform pan with parchment paper, using butter to make it stick.
5. Bake for 9 minutes in a preheated oven (175 C)
6. Let cool

Cheesecake Filling

1 can (400g) pumpkin paste
250g cream cheese
1 cup light brown sugar
3 eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger powder
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp cloves
1 tsp salt

1. Preheat oven to 180 C
2. Mix sugar and cream cheese in a food processor.
3. Mix pumpkin paste with spices
4. Mix cream cheese mixture with the pumpkin mixture
5. Mix vanilla with eggs, then add into filling mixture
6. Pour into cake pan with the pie crust
7. Bake for 50-60 minutes with water in a tray to prevent the cake from cracking.

Candied Pecans

1 cup of pecans
1/2 cup of sugar
2 tbsp water
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon

1. Mix sugar, water, salt, and cinnamon over medium heat until it simmers.
2. Add pecans and stir until coated.
3. Heat in pan for about a minute.
4. Top the cheesecake with pecans and lightly press. Fill in any empty spaces.
5. Let cool

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“The Infinite Dreamer” by Chill Cole

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Video Transcription

welcome to Sam’s kitchen Chronicles I’mhere with my good friend John Westfallwe are gonna make pumpkin pie cheesecakeall right and so John’s gonna walk usthrough how he does it and I’m justgoing to be a sous chef today so welcomeas it’s like we can hear you welcomeJohn alright first step we’re gonna makethe crust so I’m gonna Brown the butterfirst I’m gonna get 75 grams about thirdof a cup of butter well I do that Sam isgoing to grind up some cookies we’re notin America so we don’t have grahamcrackers but so can’t because I sellGordon Ramsay I would have hischeesecake video to use these couldn’teven I was like yo if he can use it he’sgonna do 14 or 15 of these cookiesso the thing with browning the butter iswhat I’ve learned is that you gotta keepstirring so that it doesn’t burn allright I’m gonna turn this on all rightthat took it off the heat because Iactually had it too high and I melted alot faster than I thought it would butthat’s totally fine as long as I keepstirring I’m watching it because it’sgonna start turning brown racing for meit’s very therapeuticjust very calming you’re just waitingbut you’re also it’s bowing exfoliatingyeah actually you just can’t butter itinto your horse yeah they are cloggingyour pores of anything could you mix inquarter cup of sugar probably gonnagrind this up a half teaspoon so at thispoint it is browning I will try to showyou have to be very careful position gotoo far you’ll burn it okay I check itoff the heat turn that off smellsamazingI mean that’s that’s like sauce rightthere it is you could just dip anythingin that in Ruby delicious lobster shrimpI think I feel like you could justlettuce in there and be delicious okayquarter cup a little bit more it’s intothis your friends that and whisk itaround a little bitwell yeah with this this looking goodum yeah and now I’m gonna mix in thebutter okay and can you mix them inusing one egg yolk also to mix into thecrust because it’ll act as a binder Iwant to separate the egg yolkokay that in all right I got this freeform pen and already lioness this isthis they say to use butter but I likethis because it doesn’t stick easy totake off little perfect so I’m gonnaline the sides to is parchment paperjust so it doesn’t stink all the wayhere in Korea they call it to me we canfoil paper foilwhat I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take thisbutter basic I’m just gonna cook asideit’ll help this stick what was the firstthing you ever fix them first thing Iever baked by yourself probably biscuitsone was that no sometime in the lastfive years probably gone five five orfour years ago okay so you actuallyrecently yeah yeah I was never much of abaker I was always more to just cookingsavory dishes I got into bread no it’skind of my entry point into bakingalright you got a cup yeah like a motherand you’re just gonna push it up to thesides make sure it’s all nice and packedwe’re gonna preheat the oven to 175 andbasically we’re gonna pre bake this fornine eight to ten minutes I’m going todo nine minutes and that should be fineand then once that’s set we will startworking on that cheesecake fillingalright step two we are gonna make thecheesecake part of this so we are goingto do this in two steps I like to youcould also just put this all together inone pot but I’m gonna just separate itso I’m gonna let Sam take over the creamcheese we’re gonna use 250 grams andwe’re going to use one cup of lightbrown sugar so Sam’s going to mix thosetwo togethertill their bike and I’m gonna startmixing these together in a bowl bymyself so let’s get to itall right you need what I’m doing that’shopeful all right thank youthis is 400 grams of pumpkin paste thatmeans all together it’s going to be 250400 that’s 650 we could do a little bitmore cream cheese but I really wantedthis pumpkin pie flavor how about inthis so that’s what I’m gonna use alittle bit more than the cream cheese Ihave my cinnamon powder nutmeg vanilla Ihave my clove and my ginger powderstandard pumpkins pumpkin pie I will saypumpkin spice you guys like pumpkinspice you know pumpkin spice lattes allthat stiii don’t really care for whatabout using I like it I think it’sunfortunate it has like defined a baby Icall it like a stigma attached to itif you drink pumpkin pumpkin spiceanything or millennialyou also we eat avocado tungsten anywaylike I like pumpkin spice I don’t go outof my way for it but you know it’s nice[Music]that’s that’s ready I’m gonna add alittle bit Horsell season the preferencealright that should be fine and thatshould go in there or okay alright it’sgonna have to work a little harder thatway yeah and so after this we’re gonnaadd these three eggs and the vanilla andthe vanilla is going to be two teaspoonsso I noticed you say Vendela and you sayvanilla vanilla music vanilla like somepeople say milk I do say well you saidget uphow do you think milk yeah look yeah howdo you think no ma’am no women eat yeahyeah I’ve already known this aboutmyself when I when I guess so I’mactually I also teach English here and Ido make sure my the students say milk soI do and I did yeah most of thetime if I’m just with whoever whateverI’m like yeah I just need some milk ohyou said you said milk that time yeahyeah but then but your husband goes no Ihonestly have said milk most of my lifeand I’m not even trying to my name jokeyou say milk I also sleep on a helpBlizzcon no no your Seattle yeah yourSeattle five I think we hope around theworld so no so so I moved around a lotof junk military family so I lived inGermany a little bit I also my father’sfrom Michigan so it is Michigan okayanyway that areaokay that’s Rob assuming yeah becauseit’s it – come on my grandma orsomething I’m pretty sure I picked it upno there’s no I have another friend Iwon’t name names hereI know yes sig milk went over his houseand is like hey what’s a milk let’s parkthere first thank youdid you just say milk[Music][Music]taste it oh yeah so oh my gosh how canit not be goodness pumpkin pie andcheesecake they’re together I think weneed anything else I’m happy with thatbut I think I could make a little bitsharpermmm that’s interesting it’s like um Iget more pumpkin than cheesecake we’rejust good that’s the flavor we want inthis cheesecake it’s good I mean it’slike I’m happy with where it’s at sosometimes you get you have one plus oneequals twoyeah this is like one plus one equalsthreeit’s like yes energy thank you likefollowing you follow on thatyeah it’s not just the sum of its partsyeah like chicken and waffles forexample I feel like one plus one equalstwo there yeah yeah I just may go welltogether but it doesn’t like yeah yeahanyway um I’m excited to see what thisis gonna be like once we bake it cuz I’msure that’s gonna release a lot moreflavor and aroma so what we do now okayso we are going to conceive of Londonwhat we’re gonna use we’re gonna allright okayI’m going to mix the vanilla extractinto my eggs one alright you want topour it in from the top importantall right goodnice yephere is our pre-baked crust and now justgonna pour it right in it and then we’regonna heat that in the oven from 50minutes to an hour so I’m gonna do itfor 50 minutes just because this issmaller I’m also gonna put it on thelowest rack that way the top doesn’t getburnt right away pour it right in justpour it right in yeah it was you guys Iwish you guys could see like this thisripple effect that it’s having okaysounds good it looks good this pop inhere air pockets in there oh yeahrising you’ve got a chopstick so whatare you doing here with the chopstickI’m just pumping any bubbles now we’regonna pop this in the oven and also makesure to add some water I’m just gonnafill up the tray until it reaches asmuch as I can put in let’s do thatall right we waited about an hour forthe cake to bake and then maybe 30 moreminutes to let it cool with the with thespoon in the door too so basically youcan use after it bakes you don’t want toopen the the oven right away because ifyou do that the cool air from theoutside room will come in and it’llcrack the top so what happens is is thatyou just open it ajar hopefully youroven to let it like crank over just alittle bit if you can’t use a woodenspoon or something to place right thereand so with that cooling down now wehave the last step of third stepthese are pecans we are going to do somecaramelization some sugar we’ve got ahalf a cup and a full cup of pecans wegot a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and aquarter teaspoon of saltand two tablespoons of water so I’mgonna pour this in there put this inthere toosure all right go[Music]you know I will be in first okay okay Imean that it’s medium heat so you wantto let it boil once everything is niceand boiling and bubbling that’s whenwe’re gonna throw a little cause thatmakes it even even more there you go andwe want to wait until like everything isbore they’re like the size of boilingyet but I want to make sure this middlepart right here is boiling as well justgonna make it a little bit make sureeverything was incorporated and I thinkthat’s ready all right all right anglethe pecans then we’re just gonna coat itand these are raw pecansyou can also toast your pecans first andthen do it both are good I don’t mindeither or I just happen to go with rawtoday there we goget a nice crust on all of them and I’mjust gonna let that sit in there forlike a minute or sojust let them heat up and then mix itaround a little bit more okay mix it upyou don’t want to burn it turn this offnow I’m just grabbing made out ofcheesecake oh yeahthere we go check out that pumpkin piecheesecake beautiful toaster and that’sthe top of your cheesecake is gonna besoft so I’m pushing it a little bit andthen my hands are cleanI’m just moving it around you knowprettier our pumpkin pie cheesecake witha candied pecan top all right wellthat’s it for our pumpkin pie cheesecaketopped with candied pecans yeah we hopeyou enjoyed this I know I did I enjoyedworking with Sam hopefully you got allthe ingredients and recipes from thevideo if you not just go back throughwe’ll put it in the description if yeahyeah I can do that yeah I mean you knowif it’s a secret[Music]all right so we’ll put that in thedescriptions for you and you canhopefully recreate this in your ownkitchen let us know how it goes for youremember to like subscribe comment shareall that stuff and John also doesdrawings and so he he does his ownInstagram so I have two instagrams Ihave my personal one which you canfollow it at John Westfall there shouldbe a maybe a tag someplace and then mymy art Instagram is actually art of Johnone small and so you can check that uptoo it has some really cool doodles hedid he just finished inked out inktobergetting totally soberyeah check it out alright that’s it fortoday and I’ll see you next timelater coolnice

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