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I tried making a pumpkin pie, again!

Had so much fun re-baking this pumpkin pie! Thank you Amazon Fire TV for sponsoring this video. Streaming subscriptions may be require. All smart devices may not be compatible with the Fire TV Cube. Click here to learn more: https://amzn.to/2IGzbOF

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Video Transcription

– Hey guys, it’s Justine, and
welcome back to my kitchen.I know a lot you guys have
missed by baking videosso today I thought that I would tryto recreate an old classic.I once tried to make a pumpkin pieand so many things went wrong,
that I watched this video,I studied it, and I
figured out all the thingsthat I did wrong, I made
myself a mental list.And now, we’re gonna
remake this pumpkin pie.Today I’m using the Amazon
Fire TV Cube in my kitchen,so right now I can see
the television right here,so I can have side by side, what I’m doingand re-watching the old
video that I made beforeso I won’t make the same mistakes.First thing’s first, Alexa, turn on my TV.This is great, hands free.I basically have Alexa at my finger tips.Alexa, what’s the weather today?- [Alexa] Right now in Santa Monica,it’s 72 degrees Fahrenheit
with cloudy skies.Today’s forecast has intermittent cloudswith a high of 72 degreesand a low of 53.
– It doesn’t even matterbecause I’m inside baking
a freaking pumpkin pieso let’s get started.Thanks to Amazon Fire TV
for sponsoring this video.The Amazon Fire TV Cube
has Alexa built in,so you can control smart home devices,watch all of your favorite streaming apps,movies, TV shows, and have the convenienceof controlling your TV hands free.You can launch and control contentfrom streaming as well as live
cable or satellite channelswith just your voice.Check out the link in the
description for more info.My favorite thing, though,is you can have her control your lights.I actually have these
lights set up in my house,they are controlled by Hueand that’s also connected to my Alexa app.So all I have to say is,
Alexa, turn off all my lights.But since I’m shooting a
video, I kinda want those on,so, Alexa, turn on my lights.All right, time to bake a pumpkin pie!So first of all, I need to figure outwhat ingredients I need.So I’m gonna get all of
those, I’m gonna lay them out,and then I’m gonna start playingthe old video up on the televisionso that I can see (sighs)
what the first mistake was.Three fourth cup granulated sugar,one tsp of salt,one tsp of ground cinnamon,one tsp ground ginger,(yells)one tsp of ground cloves.We need two eggs and I just realized,I think my eggs are expired.I need an emergency egg-straction.Eggs?I don’t have a pun for that,so I’m just gonna call Jenna, I need help.- [Tyler] It’s an egg-mergency.Egg-mergency, it is an egg, oh my gosh,this is, Tyler, you’re brilliant, okay.- [Jenna] Hello?- I’m having an egg-mergency,can you please bring me two large eggs?- [Jenna] (laughs) Yes.- Oh my gosh, thank you so much.- [Jenna] Bye.
– Bye.- This is egg-xcellent news.- Egg-xcellent, they’re all so egg-xcel!- I can’t eat this yet!- I can’t believe that I didn’t knowthat you weren’t supposed to put crustson top of pumpkin pie.- You’re not a true pumpkin pie fan.Call me when it’s done.
– Okay.Alexa, play “iJustine Pumpkin
Pie Mistakes” on YouTube.- [Alexa] Getting that from YouTube.- Hey, guys, how’s it going, it’s Justine.And today we are in my kitchenand we are making a freaking pumpkin pie.- [Justine] Yes, yes!- And I’m so excited
because I love pumpkin pie.Now I’ve never made one before— Okay, so what have I got going on here?Okay, we’ve got all of our ingredients.Over here I’ve got my pan, same pan.Eggs.
(humming)Okay, everything looks the same.Alexa, play.- Blender, obviously.There’s also a problembecause I realized I
don’t have ground ginger.(gasp)
I don’t have ground cloves.- I have all those things this time.It is go time, the time is to go is now.Will say, the far field of communicationon this thing is pretty incredible’cause like I’m not closebut I’m definitely kind of far awayand I’m not even talking that loud.First step, we’re gonna put allof the things into the thing.Mix salt, sugar, cinnamon, ginger,and cloves in a small bowl.Beat the eggs in a large bowl.Stir in pumpkin and sugar spice mixture…(mumbling)
Okay.I think I’ve already
started making mistakesby not following the directions. (laughs)I mean, honestly, you
just put everything in.Like you just put it all
in, you mix it all together.(egg crashing)Oh, shoot, I need, okay.I remember I had this problem last year.Can opener, I didn’t have
one, so I had to Amazon it.- [Tyler] Do you know the blow hole trickfor cans of things?- What, a blow hole?- [Tyler] Yeah, you blow in the hole.You cut the top of the can off.- You cut it.- [Tyler] You use the can opener.- Oh, okay.
– [Tyler] You cut the top offand then you flip it over
and you take the can openerand you just make a punch hole
and then you blow in the holeand it all comes out
in a perfect cylinder.- We’re gonna do that.Oh, this is fun!Okay, so…
(opening can)Oh, oh, I think I’m doing something.Oh, I think I broke the,Well, it’s a slit.
– [Tyler] Yeah, that’s good.- Okay so I— [Tyler] Then you just blow on it.- Oh! (laughs)Happy Thanksgiving!Wow!Alexa, play me a song that
you think I would like.- [Alexa] Here’s a station you might like.Prime Pop on Amazon Music.- This is honestly what I
needed to hear right now.Taylor Swift telling me to calm down?My savior.Okay, so I put all my stuff inexcept all the dry ingredients,I’m just gonna put them all
in at the same time I think.I have to preheat, 425 for 15 minutes.Well, I’m not ready there yet,’cause this is clearly
taking way too long.(jazzy music)(blender whirring)Oh.
(blender whirring)I think that’s good enough.Oh my god, I thought it was gonna stop.How do I get you to stop?Okay, I’m gonna preheat the
oven now, because, because.I don’t know when the last
time was I cleaned my oven.I don’t think I ever have.I’m gonna clean up my mess,I’m gonna set my mixture
aside, prepare the crust,pour this in, things are happening, guys.Things are happening.I’m gonna play myself
a little cleanup song.Alexa, play “The Clean
Up Song” on YouTube.- [Alexa] “The Clean Up
Song” by The Kiboomers.- Have you guys ever heard this song?♪ Time to clean up ♪♪ We had a lot of fun ♪♪ Now that we’re done ♪I need to be put away.Everything’s clean!Alexa, pause.Let’s go back to my videoand make sure I don’t
make a mistake here again.The one mistake that I
definitely know that I madewas that last time I put crust
on top of the pumpkin pie.Who knew that you weren’t
supposed to do that?Oh that’s right, everybody knew except me.Alexa, fast forward one minute.- Making a freaking pump–Whee!- Alexa, pause.Okay.So at this point, this
is where we’d be playing.Alexa, play “Rollout”.- [Alexa] Getting that from YouTube.♪ Rollout ♪♪ I got my twin glock forties ♪♪ Rollout ♪♪ Me and my homies ♪♪ Rollout ♪Alexa, pause.Okay so we’re putting our pie crust in.I’m just kind of like
molding it a little up herejust to be, you know, like
a little more pie like.Okay, let’s pour in this mixture.Wow!Oh my god, this smells incredible.This smells so good.The consistency looks better.Yeah, I mean before, it was really soupy.This looks a little less soupy.Let’s see here, we are
going to be baking thisfor 40 to 50 minutes
or until knife insertedin your center comes out clean.I have to cool it on a
wire rack for two hours?I forgot about that.All right, so I guess I’ll
see you in like 50 minutesand then two hours after that.It’s no big deal,I didn’t wanna eat this
immediately or anything.All right.Alexa, set a timer for 45 minutes.Alexa, can you add to my
shopping list to get some eggs?- [Alexa] I added eggs
to your shopping list.- Alexa, can you order
me a new hat on Amazon?- [Alexa] One moment.Based on your order history,I found TAGVO LED Light
Up Hat Beanie Knit Cap,Amazon’s Choices Lisianthus
Women Belt Buckle Fedora.- Oh, that’s nice.- [Alexa] Carhartt Black Hat.
– [Justine] Oh, oh!- [Alexa] And 17 more.
– 17.Alexa, order that one.- Order placed.Your total is $16.41 including taxand your gift card was appliedand will be delivered by October— (gasps) I just want you to knowthis is the first time I ever did that.This is incredible.Amazon knows me so well.Like I know this is a sponsored video,but if you guys know me,like I don’t even go shopping anymore,like I don’t go to the grocery store.Like I have Amazon Prime delivered to me.Like I can order things within 15 minutes.(whispering) Oh my god.Alexa, how much time is left on my timer?- [Alexa] You have two timers.A 15 minutes timer with
about 12 minutes leftand a 45 minutes timer
with about 42 minutes left.- Okay, well I guess now we just wait.Oh, oh, whoa, oh boy!Oh my gosh, my 15 minutes
timer has finished.My 15 mins, 15 mins, which
means I need to check my pie!Okay, it is definitely not
ready to be at all taken out.’Cause it’s only been in
the oven for 15 minutes.So we’ll see you when
the next timer happens.Ooh, timer’s going off!That means it’s ready!Oh man, this looks like a
freaking fantastic delight.But now I’m gonna have to wait two hoursbecause that’s what the directions sayand I’m not gonna mess it up.I’ll see you soon.- [Alexa] Calling Jenna
Ezarik’s Alexa devices.- (gasp) Jenna!- Is it time for pie?- It is time for pie, so
I’m calling you on my Echo.It’s still a little warm,
but it’s almost cooled off.- Oh, it looks lovely.Do you have any whipped cream?- No!
– (laughs) That’s okay!- I didn’t know that
whipped cream is somethingthat you put on…Wait a minute, oh my god.She’s…- Look, I got here very quickly,’cause I heard there was pie.- What do you think so far?- It looks really good
and it smells incredible.- It’s still a little
bit warm, which is great,because this is gonna be,oh my god, look at this.Everything looks perfect.- I love pumpkin pie.- I guess we cut it now.Ooh, oh, it’s real warm.Maybe I needed to let
it cool a little longer.(gasp) But I didn’t wanna wait anymore.I just feel like warm pumpkin
pie, there’s nothing better.Ready?I feel accomplished.- (whispers) This is way better.- You have to say that louder
because the microphone’s here.- This is way better than
what you’ve done before.- Yeah, you gotta let me hear that.- I was like, I remember
coming in last time,I’m like, “Ooh.”- Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.- This is good.- You’re right, it does
need whipped cream.I forgot, I can’t believe it.Well— Maybe next year, you’ll
finally get it right.- This is so good.
– It’s incredible.- I do like the crust as well.- It’s incredible.This is the best pumpkin pie.Like I wanna stop eating
it so I can let it cool,but then I’m almost done.Good job, Jus.- That was the name that
I wanted to name my show,Good Job, Jus, I do things
and I do them hopefully right.This is the first episode.Well, guys, thank you so much for watchingand I’m so excited to
have a new Amazon additionto my kitchen, the Amazon Fire TV Cube,so I can do things like this.Alexa, play Jenna Ezarik
videos on YouTube.- [Jenna] Oh boy.- [Alexa] Getting that from YouTube.- What’s up, guys, welcome
to a new baking video.I’m really excited for this video.- [Justine] Oh, look who it is, it’s us.- It got a million views.- Good job, wow.- We are not baking at all, actually.- Well it’s like a baking theme.- Well, I finished my pie.I’ll see you guys in the next video.Let me know if there’s anything elseyou’d like to see me make here on YouTube.Leave me some comments below.Oh, this is good.Oh, I’m very full.No no no no no no no, this is mine.(jazzy music)

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