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HOW TO MAKE! No-Bake M&M Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

This was an interesting recipe. Part of it was very good while the inside was a little funny (maybe we did it wrong). So not sure if I wanted to label this a win or a fail.

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Video Transcription

[Music]alright guys I am back this timeSavannah is gonna make a no-bake peanutbutter pieokay so for the ingredients we’re gonnastart with the Oreo crust and you willneed one package of Double Stuf Oreos aquarter of a cup of mini M&Ms and a halfa cup of unsalted sweet cream buttermelted all right so start by blendingyour Oreos into little tiny pieces[Music][Music][Music]next you’re going to add your butter andyour M&Ms and mix them in well[Music][Music]so we ended up putting it in this dishand then we changed it over to the roundone but you’re just going to flattenthis down as much as you can to make itlook like a pie like so and then you’regonna put that into the fridge for aboutan hour or so just to harden it up nextwe’re gonna make the peanut butterfilling for this we need 16 ounces ofcream cheese softened 1 cup of creamyand smooth peanut butter 8 ouncecontainer of Cool Whip and a quarter ofa cup of mini M&Ms you’re gonna start bytaking your cream cheese in your peanutbutter and combining those then you’regoing to add your Cool Whip and yourM&Ms once that is all combined you’regoing to add that into your pie plateand she is struggling here to hold upthe jar and pull out the stuff at thesame time[Music]to make the rich chocolate ganache youneed one and a half cups of semi-sweetchocolate chips you need 3/4 cup ofheavy whipping cream and a quarter of acup of mini M&Ms you’re gonna take yoursemi-sweet chocolate chips and yourheavy whipping cream and mix thattogether put it in the microwave for acertain amount of time not sure can’tremember what that supposed to be googlethat and once that is melted and to yourliking you’re going to pour that on thetop of the pie and then once that isglazed over to where you want it you’regoing to sprinkle your mini M&Ms acrossthe top once that is done stick it backin the fridge for about an hour Ibelieve until the ganache is hardened[Music][Music][Music][Music]so with her testing it she gave it a 3out of 5 it was not the best score shedid give it a little bit higher later onin the video but I thought it was okay Idid not like the peanut butter fillingin the inside I thought that tasted alittle funny maybe we did somethingwrong I’m not sure but um it wasn’t thebest in my opinion everything else wasdelicious the crust and the ganache ontop and the frosting all that was reallygood so that is all for now thank youguys for watching this video and if youliked it hit that thumbs up button downbelow and subscribe so you don’t missany videos I only post like once a yearNo I’m trying my really hardest to postvideos but I do have another channelthat I’m working on as well so thatvideo is getting a little more of myattention right now unfortunately but Ido have a few videos already recordedfor this channelI just haven’t edited them takes alittle more effort because I have to dothe voiceover on them but anyway I’mstill here guys I’m still here I promiseokaybye byeyou

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