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How To Make Mini Apple Pies | Easy Desserts | Baking

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How To Make Mini Apple Pies | Easy Desserts | Baking

These mini apple pie are too good not to try!

Baked Chicken Pie: https://youtu.be/wfrK5J27oBk

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Video Transcription

hey guys sorry Tom it’s generallyworking my personal kitchen pan so weare in the kitchen yet again this timewe are going to be baking when we makeit a nice sweet visit we got to be doingmini apple pies of course before we gofurther be sure to hit the subscribebutton if you have not done so are nownotification button without notificationbutton just ensures that each time Ipost a video you get notified so you geta chance to watch your video and shareit with all your friends and your familyso let’s just talk about the ingredientsthat we’re going to be using in our miniapple pie so I’ve got my pie do alreadyhere I’ll talk to you guys about thatjust now I’ve got some flour somegranulated sugar some margarine vanillaessence my apples of course some saltand some cinnamon powder so then justpotatoes about the door that I have inmine on here so this is basically thesame thing that you would use withchicken thighs I have a big pipe I havea chicken hi video up so it’s basicallythe same way to make this pastry dough Iwill still show you guys a clip here soyou can just check it out alright sowe’re gonna start off with our dough wewant our to to chill in the fridge forabout an hour so so the sort of things Iam just going to be putting my margarineon my shortening enter my food processorthis is about ittablespoons half a cupI’m adding just a pinch of salt and thenI’m going to be adding two cups of flourso I’m gonna put this on and I’m goingto hit the pulse button just a few timesI don’t want small chunks I want a Iwant they’d imagine on the theshortening to be chunky when I amfinished so we’re just gonna do it aboutthree times and see what it looks likeand this is what it looks like you cansee some chunks still in it that’s whatwe want to see and now we’re going toempty this into a bowl so we have ourflour in our flour mixture in our pooland what I’m going to do next is addabout a half a cup of cold water that’sset and I don’t want to need it to forma smooth ball so I’m just going to justcover it up together make sureeverything is sticking nicely get allthat excess flour all right and then I’mtaking this and then I’m gonna put it onto plastic wrap so you see it’s not neatit’s not smooth and I just like toflatten it and you see if you if you arenot sure if you can notice but they arechunks of the shortening and chunks ofthe margarine in it right so I’m goingto wrap it and then this I am actuallygoing to take and put into therefrigerator and let it chill for aboutan hour max you can actually won’tfreeze this as well and when you’reready use it just remove it from thefreezer and I like to roll it out whenit’s cooled now the more video I love OClaying down for that below so you guysto check it out of course she’sbasically same thing you will be usingin cities apple pie recipe next whatwe’re going to be doing basically isjust cutting our apples after you brushthem so you’re just gonna cut them intosmall pieces so cut them all up intochunks small chance so once I have theApple all my C cut into pieces I’m goingto add the sugar C vanilla essence I’madding a pinch of salt and in goes mycinnamon powder then I’m gonna be addingin my flour all you wanna do is just mixeverything up and now on it’s on to thenext stepalright so the next thing you’re doingis rolling out our door and basicallywhat we’re going to be doing is justcutting using this cookie cutter andafter that we are going to be using acupcake tree we will spray each one I’monly going to be doing is button or twointo a nice cup shape[Music][Music]so once we have all the cups nicely inour cupcake liners you could try to makethem as neat as possible if you want butonce you are the apples in it you’re notreally gonna show all we’re gonna do isjust fill them with our apples[Music]so we’ve got them all filled with theApple pieces now let’s go on to the nextstep before we go on to the next stepactually before we go on to covering itwe’re going to be adding pieces of ourmarjorie to the top of each one so it’sjust there are pieces and we’re justgoing to be placing it in each one nowwe can move on to the next step so I’vegot my dough here again and what I’mgoing to be doing it is ruling it outare we going to be cutting strips tocover the mini apple piesso that’s just to demonstrate all you’regoing to be doing taking these trips andplacing them before now you can do anyshape you can cover it cover the entirething if you want you could put the nextpiece there but we’re just keeping itsimple now we’re just going to beputting two strips of course you want tomake sure you squeeze it on the edgesbecause if you’re doing when you finishthe edge of the pieces will be poppingup so the appetizerin the oven 375 about 35 minutes onetodayyou want to just check it on the type ofapples that I use I usually got a Appleyou can use in carnie Smith one back tosweet city got along because Tati onesare the Granny Smith ones but if youwant a combination you can feel free touse it but I’m just using the cottonones in today’s recipe you can also addnutmeg as well I don’t think I have anyother way but maybe we can find it rightnow but um you can add nutmeg as well toadvertise for some extra flavor let’ssee how they come to know one secondspeaking so this is what our apple pielooks like after three five minutes inthe oven dice small so that the kitchenin småland warned the ball right nowhope you guys enjoyed that manyamplified video it’s pretty simplepretty straightforward remember if I dothat if you don’t I use the same thingthat I used to my big heistI will cooling down for that so you cancheck that out as pretty much simple canchoosewhen Apple to the gala event acombination co-write to have parent andhave committed so of course commentbelow let me know how you make youroccupy if we do like a profile Ipreserve a not really a fan of occupiesto be honest with you but it’s all goodso I’m so much for watching as alwaysguys and I will see you and[Music]Kampaithat’s some good stuff I hear the crunchwow it’s deliciousputting the pig nose boynice got stuff never make us at anothertime he like a papaya kosygin’shis mother my mother-in-law is actuallymake a boy satelliteI’m custard I am get accosted down yetbut you know about Banco Sol docks myfavorite dessert of all time yeah okayglad you like itchocolate cake maybe she’d make achocolate cake okay[Music]you[Music]

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