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How To Cook Amazing Chicken Pot Pie| From Scratch Recipe

Hey y’all heeey! Here’s another one of my favorite recipes! I make my own pie crust but store bought taste great as well! If you have any tips, thoughts or questions please comment below!

Bake 15-20min @375


2 Chicken breast
2 Cups heavy cream or half & half
1 Cup chicken broth
1/2 onion
1 cup carrots
1 cup celery
1 cup potatoes

Use Your Favorite Seasonings!
I used:

Badia (complete season)
Garlic powder


1 cup all purpose flour
2 tbsp Larry or butter
2 tsp salt
3-4 tbsp ice water

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Video Transcription

hello everyone welcome back to you Lanaloves comfort food today I’m making achicken pot pie so we’re gonna getstarted and I’m going to use two chickenbreasts and I just diced those up andI’m sauteing them and some olive oil andI added my favorite seasonings to thisif you check the description below I didat a list of all the ingredients that Iused so I’m gonna cook that through andonce they’re done I will take out thatchicken and I’m going to add a littlebit more all to the pan and saute thevegetables and I used carrots potatoesonions and celery I don’t use the peasbecause I don’t like the sweetness ofthe piece so I just add some blackpepper to that and I’m going to sautethat for about seven to eight minutesand once that’s done I’m going to addabout 1/4 cup of flour or maybe like athird a third a cup of flour and this iswhere we’re going to make the filling sowe’re just gonna stir that around andthen you’re gonna add about two cups ofhalf-and-half I mean not having haveexcuse me a heavy whipping cream you canuse half and half as well but I like touse heavy whipping cream so also I diduse about a half a cup of chicken brothI just forgot to record that part I wason the phone the whole time I was makingthis so I was a little distracted so andto that mixture I’m gonna add the restof my seasonings and I do use a lot ofthe badeah I know I like using it’s notreally a salt based seasoning so I knowI can get a little heavy-handed withthat but it just makes the food so goodso you’re gonna let that simmer forabout 10 to 15 minutes on a low tomedium heat and I’m gonna show you guyshow I make my pie crustI do use store-bought sometimes but it’sjust too easy to make your ownParker so I just take a cup of our a cupof all-purpose flour and I’m going toadd about two tablespoons of the theCrisco and two teaspoons of salt andwe’re and we’re gonna use ice water aswell and I don’t just just a little bitof ice water now when you add your laurato the flour make sure that you get yourhands down there and get it mixed intothe flour and it’s just going to be likea little crumbles you know and add alittle bit of water you don’t want toomuch water because you don’t want yourdough to be all stickyso once that’s finish you’re just goingto roll your dough out on a flat surfaceI just use parchment paper and put alittle bit of flour down and roll it outI always roll my dough out where it’sbigger than the baking dish I’m gonnacut the excess off and just fold therest of the dough over the pan I justlike doing that because I like theeating the extra crust so and I poke ahole in the middle that gives us steamfrom the pie somewhere to escape and Iput an egg wash on top of that and we’reall done and it was really good so Ihope you guys enjoy these videos pleaselike comment and subscribe and I hope tosee you in the next videoyou

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