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How to bake the perfect pumpkin pie!

How to bake the perfect pumpkin pie just in time for the holidays with a budget in mind! Great for beginner bakers looking to learn an easy and quick recipe!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome this episode of icingon the bake or I’m going to teach youhow to make the perfect pumpkin piesjust in time for the holidaysnow all sorts we takes about 20 minutesto prep and 45 minutes to bake so whatyou’re going to need to make yourperfect pumpkin pie is a half a cup ofsugar regular white sugar half a cup ofbrown sugar one tablespoon of flour oneteaspoon of saltthree large eggs one pie crust this onecomes up to and just a pre-baked ourpre-made Pillsbury and just a flip copyalso going to need one can of pumpkinpie puree in one can of sweetenedcondensed milk a 9-inch pie panand we’ve got nutmeg cinnamon cloves andginger all of these ingredients arestore-brand and cost less than $3 each[Music]first add your dry ingredients one cupof white sugar 1/2 cup of brown sugar 1[Music]tablespoon of flour one teaspoon of salthalf a teaspoon of nutmeg 1 teaspoon ofcinnamon 1 teaspoon of ginger and half ateaspoon of ground cloves break up thebrown sugar with a whisk and mix ittogether your dry ingredients makingsure to break up any clumps then foryour other ingredients open your can ofpumpkin and sweetened condensed milk addyour pumpkin in a different bowl and addyour sweet and condensed milk add threeeggs to the bowl turn your mixer to thelow setting and mix for three minutes oruntil well combinedslowly fold in your dry ingredients tothe mixture[Music]make sure to scrape the sides of thebowl as you next[Music]okay so next you’re gonna take one ofthis progress and I just want thepre-made because it’s a lot easier it’scheaper and step on track[Music]I’m just gonna gently place it into your9 inch pipe pan and press it into themiddle and then you’re going to goaround with your thumb and forefingerand just crimp the edges so they’re kindof like that all the way around so thenwhen you have your pie filling all mixedup you’re going to pour it into yourcrust carefully put your pie in the ovenand set it to pull them to degrees for45 minutes 45 minutes later to check tosee if it’s done by putting a fork ortoothpick into the middle and if itcomes out clean it’s done once it iscooled off go ahead and cut it addwhipped cream and you’re done[Music]

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