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How to Bake a Sugar Pie Pumpkin

If you are interested in baking a pie pumpkin, or pumpkin bread or pumpkin cookies this holiday season, try using a real pie pumpkin instead of canned pumpkin! It’s a lot easier than you think and Megh will show you how.

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Video Transcription

everyone I am here on a GTV to talkabout height pumpkins and what we canuse them for when you’re baking forThanksgiving and Christmas so I’ve hadthis pumpkin since before Halloween it’sstayed perfectly fine in my house itdidn’t get soft or rot as long as youdon’t cut it your pumpkin is gonna lastso you can find one in the grocery storenow and they’re probably gonna run outbefore Thanksgiving and what you’regoing to do also make sure it has a goodstep because if this stem comes off itsgonna start brought in here and I knowall this because I grew up a pumpkinfarm and what you’re gonna do firstthing is remove the stuff you have yourknife and you’re going to cut thepumpkin in half I’m not a professionalcutter we’ve got the two pumpkin shellsand these are perfectly good feeds we’regonna scoop them out and we’re going tosave out it’ll bake later just like youwould do with a jack-o’-lantern and Ijust use a regular tablespoonso you want to really clean the pumpkinshells out because the pie pumpkin isone of the strongest squash it’s notlike sound like your butternut squash ora corn squash is actually like reallysmooth this stringy stuff does not cookwell and you’re not gonna like it whenyou do bake it you really want to scrapethat all out and the pie pumpkin isactually weight less than your than thekind of pumpkin that you carve with Ifeel something and it also tastesdifferent is our sugar pie pumpkin sothey’re really good for baking and youhave these two clean shells you’re goingto put them shell up into a casseroledish with about a half inch of water init just like this and we’re going totransfer it to the oven which has beenpreheating at 400 and we’re gonna timein about 45 minutes and we’ll come backand we’ll test to see if they’re readyall right so it’s been about 45 minutesa little bit longer and we are gonnatest to see if the pumpkin is ready sohow do you test is you take your fingersand just kind of push in a little bit ifyour fingers leave a dent like that thenyou know it’s time[Music]okay so we’re going to transfer theseguys to a plate I’m gonna let them coolfor a minutealright so the pumpkin shells have beensitting out a little bit they’re not ashot as they were when they came out andI’ve got my tablespoon and I’m going tojust scoop out everything from insidethe pumpkin shell this is exactly whatI’ll be using instead of canned pumpkinit is natural there’s nothing added toit there’s no preservatives and it canstay in your fridge for a few days andyou can also freeze it so you can usethat you know whenever so this is coolbecause it’s a time saver so thank youso much for watching if you use thepumpkin this Thanksgiving I really wantto know about it and Talca me and yourphotos your videos because I get veryexcited when I find out that people bakefresh fruit vegetables

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