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How To Bake a Pumpkin Pie | Bake-ful November Week 4

In this last video installment for Bake-ful November 2019, I will be showing you how to bake a Pumpkin Pie


pie crust
1 can of canned punpkin
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
2 eggs
1 Tablespoon of Pumpkin Pie spice

Preheat oven to 425. Mix ingredients together. Roll out your pie crust into your pie dish. Decorate if you wish. pour batter into pie crust. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, lower oven temperature tp 350, bake for 40 minutes.

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Video Transcription

hello friends and welcome today I willbe showing you how to make a very basicpumpkin pie recipe this is the lastvideo for my bake for November bakingchallenge series so if you’ve beenfollowing along welcome and today I willbe showing you how to make pumpkin pie[Music]in case you’re new here my name isVictoria I run time and tenderness whichis this channel here on YouTube as wellas a little blog feed on my Instagrampage also called time and tenderness Iblog about and make videos about cookinghome making and all sorts of other lifeskills for the home so I am glad to haveyou here don’t forget to Like andsubscribe and let’s get started withbaking this pumpkin pie okaythe lighting is kinda stinky right herebut bear with me for a moment so I’mgonna show you everything that you needto make a really basic really deliciouspumpkin pie first things first is a piecrust now I do know how to make my ownbasic pie crust but for the sake ofconvenience and for if you are abeginner here I’m just learning how tomake a pumpkin pie I just want to showyou that it is acceptable and I will notI’m fine with using a pie crust so youshould be fine too so this is myfavorite pie crustI do splurge on the brand name forPillsbury so the Pillsbury pie crustperfect I let it get a little bit warmon the counter to make it more easier towork with then you’re going to need acan of sweetened condensed milk the canof pureed pumpkin this is just a basiccan of organic pumpkin from Trader Joe’syour favorite pumpkin spice mix two eggsand of course a pie dish and then we arealso going to preheat our oven to 425degrees so let’s get started in puttingthis together the most important habitthat everybody should get to the habitto when they’re cooking or doinganything in the kitchen around food isto wash your hands so I had already donethis but I decided to give youa little hand dance to show you that myhands were clean and then we’re justgonna get right into baking this pie sofirst goes into the bowl is the pureedpumpkin just scooped it all out therethen we’re getting the sweetenedcondensed milk now a note on sweetenedcondensed milk it is really sticky so beprepared to have your hands sticky for awhile and then we’re gonna be crackingboth eggs and then one whole tablespoonof the pumpkin pie spice mix just whiskit all together do a rough stir thenbreak out your whisk and then just stirit all up now here I go again thatcleaning clean as you gotrust me guys it’ll make your life awhole lot easier in the process and thenget your pie dish spray down with somePam and unroll your pie crust and I justline mine up right here and then I startto pinch a little bit I noticed that wehave some extra on the side so I tookout my kitchen shears and I just trimmeddown the sides now don’t throw anyexcess dough away just yet because I’mgoing to show you how you can elegantlydecorate your pie using the other piecrusts as well as any excess dough so Iam going to be cutting long strips witha piece of cutter and I willpinching pinching pinching and rollinginto like little ropes because we’regonna be braiding to decorate the pienow here it is zoomed in a bit I justpinched and rolled and we’re just gonnabe doing that and then braiding theropes together I made two really longones so this is the first one you’ll seethe second one and yeah just do that[Music]guys I just want to thank you so muchfor joining me on this faithful Novemberchallenge I have some really excitingideas coming up when it comes to hoemaking you know what I want to do hereon this channel it has been a full yearthat I have been on YouTube I have alittle over 500 subscribers now so ifyou are new here I would love to haveyou join and subscribe I just wanted togive this little shout out as I’mgrading the dough here I just reallyappreciate everybody so much thank youfor joining me thank you for subscribingthank you for liking and thank you forcommenting it does help my littlecommunities here on the internet grownow back to the pie so here you just sawme add a little bit of water to thedough’s and that helps it stick togetherand I’m just lightly pressing the braidsonto the dough and now I’m gonna bemaking leave so I just take a reallysharp knife and I cut like little leafshapes be very careful and I just goahead and like score it a little bitmake it look like leaves it doesn’t haveto be perfect the more rustic it looksI think the prettier so I just go and Ijust cover up any imperfections with theleaves I roll little balls to make itlook like you know little berries thatI’m putting on there I just think itlooks very elegant and it doesn’t evenhave to look perfect I think the morerustic it looksAllegan it works[Music][Applause][Music]and here’s my little finished productand there’s all the little leavescovering things and the braids look sopretty so I just poured the batter rightinto a pie dish now this next step I tryto do every once in a while which is tomake a ring of tinfoil around the pie sofor the first 15 minutes the pie is inthe oven at 425 degrees after those 15minutes you’re gonna be lowering thetemperature of the oven to 350 degreesthe reason I did that aluminum foil ringaround the pie was to protect the doughso that it doesn’t cook too quickly andpotentially burn now this is verycumbersome I know they actually make pieyou know trust rings that protects thepie crust I don’t have one time to tryto finagle one with the aluminum foil itis cumbersome you don’t have to do thatstep I was just doing it todayit did cause me to have a little mishaplater that I’ll show you but you canskip that step but if you want to try itgo ahead – it’s not necessaryand what am I always saying clean as yougo so clean clean clean and makes yourlife so much easier[Music]going back to the aluminum foil ring hiwhen I lowered the temperature of theoven to 350 I took the ring off and whenI did I spilled some of the batter alittle bit so that’s what you see thereon the piealright guys I want to wholeheartedlythank everyone who participated inbankfull November this month it is itwas just so exciting to see everybody’swonderful creations please check out allthe participants in my in my commentsdown below I will link everybody’syoutubes and Instagram so please checkthem out I am super excited for my pie Idid make a little error right there andin that the batter kind of spilled overa little bit but here’s my pine veryexcited very proud of it and like I saidthank you so much for following me thesepast four weeks with these baking videosand my faithful November challenge ifyou are just joining me and I’m nowfinishing my challenge I have beenbaking for the past four weeks each weekwas a new challenge and a new task soyou can go back and view all thosevideos but until next time I will seeyou guys next time next week hopefully

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