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Guys! I’ve wanted to make one of these #mirror #cakes for a while now! Combine it with a #galaxy theme, and it’s OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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* (2) 6” Round Vanilla Cakes
* (8) Ounces White Chocolate
* (1) Cup Sugar
* (1/2) Cup Cold Water
* (1/4) Cup Water
* (1/2) Cup Light Corn Syrup
* (1/2) Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
* (5) Teaspoons Powdered Gelatin
* Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Music by bensound.com

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Video Transcription

hey everyone welcome back to anotherepisode off the pie charts I’m your hostTyler I’ve always want to make a mirrorcake and I figured why not combine itwith a galaxy cake I thought that’d be apretty cool concept if you guys are newto my channel hit that subscribe buttonand click the bell I make new videosweekly and you won’t want to miss itas always the ingredients are gonna belisted in the description box belowlet’s get started let’s go ahead and goover the ingredients you’re gonna needfor this cake to make thisout-of-this-world cake you’re gonna needa 6 inch round cake a 1/2 a cup and aquarter cup of water 1/2 cup ofsweetened condensed milk 8 ounces ofwhite chocolate chips a cup of sugar 5teaspoons of gelatin 1/2 a cup of lightcorn syrup and your various dies firstthings first we have to cut our cake inhalfI like to put a little buttercream onthe bottom of the cake pan first to kindof hold the cake in place you want tograb the biggest bread knife you canfind and we’re gonna cut off the topfirst so it’s really handy to have thisturntable too I like to do is place theknife or I’m going to cut it and justgently score as you’re turning the tableyou’re not looking to cut through it yetbut as you keep on turning it’s gonnanaturally cut it for you and now lookyou can take little little hat off thecake you can mix this with frosting tomake cake pops you give it to your kidsyou can heat it off-camera don’t throwaway the hat you want to repeat theprocess to cut the cake in half I’mgonna give it some buttercream whilewe’re here we’ll come in with ourspatula and just smooth it out[Music]here’s a trick I like to take the otherpiece and turn it upside down so I havethe bottom on the top it just gives it anice straight edge[Music]while we’re here we’re just gonna beready to give it a crumb coat[Music][Music]you just want to take your bench scraperand then it flat up against the cakehere and you’re just dragging along asyou turn your cake board[Music]now the cake is crumb coated we’re gonnaput in the refrigerator for about 30minutes setup while we’re waiting forthe cake to set we’re gonna make ourglaze into a small mixing bowl you wantto add your gelatin and your half cupcold water you want to give that a stironce the gelatin is the consistency ofapplesauce go ahead and set it aside forfive to ten minutes this will help thegelatin bloom the next step of the glazeyou want to take a medium-sized saucepanand you want to add in the quarter cupwater 1/2 cup corn syrup and the sugargive this a stir until well combined andlet’s head on over to the stove you wantto turn your stove to medium low and letthis sit for about seven to eightminutes your mixture will slowly startto boil and dissolve all the sugar okayguys this is really hot I just came offthe stove please be careful first we’regonna add our bloomed gelatin give thisa good whisknext comes our cadets milk and then getthat a good whisk now that our mix isready we’re going to pour it over ourchocolate chips[Music]now because our mixture was really hotwe’re just gonna let this sit for two tothree minutes to melt the chocolate allright I think our chocolate has softenedI’m just gonna use a hand mixer to getit smooth once I mixed up my chocolateI’m just gonna pour it over a strainerjust to make sure I get it smooth that’sthe kind of stuff that it catches nowwe’re going to split our mixture intofive different bowlsnow is the time to dye our mix I’vepicked black blue purple and pink andyou do whatever colors you want so let’sgo with a couple of blue and this oneand a few black go with two blue on thisone and go pink I have five differentspoons and let’s mix them up make sureto go quickly because this sets fast allright here comes the exciting part timeto put our glaze on the cakeI took a cookie sheet and I lined itwith parchment paper just to makecleanup easier after and I just proppedthe cake up with a glass cup first Iwant to take our blue mixture and put iton top of our black you don’t want tomix it up all the way now you just wantto pour the mixture over the cake andit’s going to run off the edges I’mgoing to take the lighter blue and justdrag it acrossand grab some of the purple[Music]and finally some of the pink[Music]I’m gonna take my offset spatula I’mgonna try to smooth some of those linestogether you just want to gently set theknife on the cake and go in thedirection of the pattern here I’m gonnatake some of my silver luster dust putit on a paint brush and just kind of Patit on I’m gonna try some white foodcoloring here to give me some stars[Music]guys I’m so happy with how this turnedout now this was super sticky and reallyhard to move what I did is just slid abigger cake board underneath it and thenyou could pipe in some buttercreamaround the edges I just took some moreof the mixture and kind of made like aspace scene on the bottom I think itturned out okayit’s really cool I can see my reflectionguys if you liked this video hit thelike button and I’m gonna be doing agiveaway at 500 subscribers so if you’renew here hit that subscribe button andring the bellguys I need your help if you have anysuggestions on things to bake please putin the comment section below and I’ll domy best to make it happen until nexttime this is off the pie charts

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