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How to Bake a Chocolate Chip Pie

Hey, everybody! My name is Sarah, I am a homeschool mom of four which means I cook A LOT. In this video, I will be showing you how to make a chocolate chip pie plus a homemade pie crust. I hope you enjoy this video!

Here is the recipe for the homemade crust!👇🏼
1 1/2 cups plain flour
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup oil
1/2 tsp salt

Here is the link to the website of the pie filling!👇🏼

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey welcome back to my channel todaywe’re gonna do a chocolate chip poprecipe we’re going to use my mom’s piecrust and then another recipe I’ve beenusing for years off of back baker alikomand I’ll I’ll link that down below sofirst we’re gonna start with a pie crustwe’re gonna do one and a half cups ofplain flour and then you’re gonna comein tin you half a cup of meal a cup ofoil and then you’re gonna do half ateaspoon of salt just I never usehorrible I do sometimes[Music]this is my mom’s she’s been using it foryearsand I just haven’t found one that wasthis easy that turned out great this ismy go-to Parker’smom if you’re watching delicious good itreally is just a simple pie crust and Ialready got my oven preheating on 350for this recipeand in our pathway I sure do appreciateall the people coming over and watchingmy videos we just love to get on thereand see me out see how many people havefun to watchwe’re not perfect but keeping it real[Music][Music]okay a lot of y’all some of y’all mightnot know how to do you’d like Packerlove people by pie crust I never buy piecrustI mean it has to be an emergency andthere’s nothing wrong with buying a piecrust but I like my homemade cuz they’reflaky and crusty in but you just kind ofget your knuckle and your fingers and Ipinch and you just go around and if it’snot enough at the edge you can just workit up with your knuckleokay this to the side and I do have anice cream maker electric ice cream makerit doesn’t take ass or anything and Iusually just put a big boom there okaywe get my phone because I don’t knowthis stuff my memory is just horribleokay okay we’re going to large eggs[Music]and my sweet baby was Diane she gets mefresh eggs she’s a lady in our church[Music]okay two eggs let’s see and then you’regonna get half a cup of sugar brownsugara cup of brown sugar and then I got oneand a half sticks of butter softened I’mgonna put that in there and then we’regonna mix that we’ll be back I’ll get myblender okay now you’re just gonnaokay I should write this down on a cardit’d make my life much simpler I’malways getting my phone now okay thenyou’re gonna do 1/2 a cup all-purposeflour 1/4 cup cuz my husband’s gonna getme um if you’re watching this honey getme measuring cups for Christmasthey disappear a lot forks and spoons ok1/2 a cup of flour and then make sure Igot everything large okay and then putyour chocolate chips Tinaokay in the end you’re gonna put itsummed a comment let me put this overhere put this okay 1 cup of choppedpecans I got this years ago frompampered chef above itlike I said I’m glad that are things Ijust and you’re just going to blend thistogether[Applause]really impressed if they have anythingfor years not really love for what thatbecause she’s got you like chocolate[Applause]okay now I’m gonna live here okay and Igot my palI’m just gonna pour this in there it’sso simple you see how long it took medidn’t take me no time really simplerecipe and it’s delicious like who’sbehind the camera going okay and we’regonna stick this in the oven for 350 andI just I’m not but I’m gonna tell y’allhow long she says to cook it the samefor for about an hour you’re gonna cookthis for about an hour and we’ll be backand I’ll show you the finished producthey guys so we got it out of the ovenand this is the end result it looks goodand if you want to you can sprinkle somechocolate chips on top but check it onedove in today’s video so like commentand subscribe andyou

3 Replies to “How to Bake a Chocolate Chip Pie

  1. Oh my God sissy thanks for sharing this recipe been wanting to make banana bread for a while now:) Happy Holidays and to your Family

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