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How to bake a cheap and delicious Sausage and Egg Pie that is good for the whole family!

Hi, I’m Bona and this is my new baking Vlog Baking 101 Episode 1. Hope this will be useful and will inspire you to bake some AMAZING things! If it does, please please please comment or email me a picture so I can see your amazing creations!!

Today I will be making a very good family dinner… Sausage and Egg Pie. This can be a relatively cheap meal that tastes divine! This best thing is it is so quick and easy meal to get your family enjoying dinner time! Drop a comment, if there are any recipes you want to see in my channel and I will do my best to make it for you 🙂

Thank you to my mother in law for this sausage and egg pie recipe!

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Video Transcription

[Music]so the first thing we’re gonna do forour sausage and egg pie is to mix thefillings and we’re gonna use 400 gramsof sausage meat pork specifically so 400grams of meat put into the bowl andwe’re gonna mix chopped onions I usedhalf of the onion chopped into smallpieces smaller pieceswe’re gonna put some mix herbs just itdepends on how many you want to put init and then we’re gonna mix it alltogetherthink that’s already ready next step iswe’re gonna rota dough we have thispre-prepared maybe the next video we’regonna show how we did it basically wehad we used 400 grams of flour and so100 grams of butter and 100 crumbs aswell of that baking baking block orMarguerite Marguerite yepso we use the food processor to make thedough so this is the pinch project sonow we’re gonna roll it and to preventit from sticking into the this one wehave the parchment paper and we have toput this one on top and then we can useanother baking paper so it’s alsoprevent from sticking to the roller andnow a parolee[Music][Music]so we’re gonna put it in here[Music]so we’re gonna arrange this properly inthe baking pan and then you can cut theexcess excess pastry[Music]arrange it and thenso there you have it it’s ready to befilled so now we’re gonna fill ourpastry with the feeling that we prepareda while ago soperiod[Music][Music]feel it Finley first and then we’regonna top up with more meat surroundingit and making a well[Music]for the eggs we’re gonna make a well forthe eggsin the middle[Music]so now we’re gonna put the eggs in themiddle help to crop three eggs[Music]second egg and the last one or you canalso put more than three depends on youroncenow we’re gonna do is to roll anotherpastry to cover our pienow we’re gonna transfer our pastry ontop over over I prepared don’t just helpto arrange it you can pinch it butbefore usually before I pinch things Icut it first cut first the excess dough[Music]so now we’re gonna pinch the sides sothat is gonna hold together you can useyour tonguenow we’re gonna put some poles allaround like this[Music]and we’re gonna preheat the oven at 180degrees Celsius and we’re gonna wash thetop of the pie so it’s gonna be shinyand bake like golden brown but with thisone is milk fresh meal but you can alsouse you and wash but this one were usingmeal fresh meal so we’re just gonnabrush it on top of your pieso now we cannot put this one into theoven to bake for around 40 minutes andso here is our finished product andwe’re gonna cut it[Music]this is our finished product the sausageand egg pie[Music]

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