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how to bake a 2nd place pie

This video is about pie

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello and Happy Thanksgiving today I’mgoing to be we’re gonna be baking a pieso today I am making a buttermilk piethe the challenge however is that I’m isthat I’m a dummy and I’ve never made apie before it could be really not good[Music][Music]so here all our ingredients so the thisrecipe isn’t usually made with a grahamcracker crust but I love graham crackersso I’m that’s what I’m gonna do I havethis premade crustI was thinking pre-made crusts are fordummies who can’t bake therefore peoplewho give upthey’re like me they’re for me I shouldbe using a premade crust but I’m notgoing to graham cracker crustyou know baked graham cracker crust thatmight be the best option how to make ano-bake graham cracker crust start bycrushing your graham cracker where’s therecipe 9 to 10 sheets of graham crackersthat’s 9 sheets I need 2 more sheetsfinally crush the I’m doing a no bakegraham cracker crust II think that’sgood okay finally crush the grahamcrackers this is ASMR[Applause]it’s not good enough[Music]okay I don’t know if this is finelyground enough but I’m bored so I’m gonnamove on now stir in the granulated sugarI think sugar salt in my lungs pour themelted butter in and stirring come didyou know that when I was little I wouldstick my finger in the butter and eat itthousand years later it’s been a fewhours since I made the pie crust becausethe butter exploded in the microwave andthen my camera died this is thebeautiful pie crust I made so now tohelp me finish out to fit in so now Ithought we’d fit so now to help mefinish my butter milk I have a specialguest one two three so here helping meout I have my mute assistant how manytimes you don’t talk us all me oh okaysorry the important step that I’veforgotten is that I don’t have therecipe with me so[Music]I’m is tired I did itthe next step is to pour in thebuttermilk no let’s smell it stir in thebuttermilk[Music]you’re gonna lose your job the terriblesound or the buttermilk mixture into thepie shell and bake until top is lightlybrowned Center sets about shrink ovensdo you think it’ll taste good soupgraham cracker price hey here goesnothing do you see that chunk ofsomething a pie now we get to eat itHappy Thanksgiving see that I use mystomach as my third arm I learned thatin culinary school into the oven it goes[Music]don’t bake my camera now we say herewatch it bake for 25 minutes don’t closethe oven what do you see you in 25minuteshi so here’s what happened it’s stilllike a liquid in the middle oh you knowwhat no yeah so it’s like liquid in themiddle I made up I mean I made a mistakethe crust I think all the butter fromthe crust went into the pie oh no biggraham cracker crust so the pie didn’tsaid in the oven so now I have to moveout of the country a probably promisedit’s not burnt this is graham crackercrust you know what you could setyou can set it mm-hmm you could say thepie set but I think it’s gonna tastegood it’s kind of ugly look it doesn’teven jiggle it’s gonna taste like butterit’s gonna taste like egg it’s gonnataste like nail anyways it’s been aneventful day I’m tired I think we needto did you not want to let me likefinish myself thanks for watching hi Ithink it’ll taste good or maybe it’llmake me sad for youokay bye I’m exposing your face rightnow

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