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Homemade pumpkin Pie

Homemade Egg free pumpkin Pie – The holidays are here It’s time to bake some pies. This is a Quick and simple delicious pumpkin Pie recipe

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to our Channeltoday on kicking it with Cheryl and Joewe’re gonna make some pumpkin pieso come kick it with us[Music][Music]okay here’s the ingredients we’ll needto make the pumpkin pie pie crust cornstarch cinnamon pumpkin pie spicecondensed milk pumpkin vanilla extractthat’s pure vanilla extract and applesauce your utensil you’ll need is awhisk tablespoon teaspoon quarter of acup cutting board flour rolling pin foryour pie crust unless you use thepre-bought pie crust and a bowl ofcourse let’s get startedwell I’ve preheated my oven now I’mgoing to roll out my pie crusts I havemy cutting board floured up I’m justgonna rub the flour in like so okaynow I have some flour on my hand stillI’m gonna flour up my rolling pin okayokay we have that flower up now Iremoved the pile of plastic wrapI just form it into a discjust like soso you’re just down and roll this suckerout okay turn itokay guys now we’re gonna make thefilling I went ahead and I put thepumpkin in the bowl alone ready okay sonow what I do is I add a quarter cup ofapple sauce and I just whisk that intothe pumpkin okay so now that I added theapples to us to the pumpkin i whisk thattogether now I have a tablespoon ofpumpkin pie spice so now I’m going toadd that just like so okay so now I’mgonna whisk that togetherokay once you have that whisked in allnicely now you’re gonna add somecinnamonI don’t measure the cinnamon I just doit like this I shake it all across thetop just like this okay just like sookay now you whisk that in okay guys nowthat you have your quarter cup ofapplesauce your tablespoon of pumpkinpie spice your cinnamon now you’re goingto add some Quan starch 1 tablespoon ofcorn starchokay you mix that in all night just likeso okay guys now I add the condensedmilkokay number twoguys now what I do is I add a teaspoonof vanillathat’s pure vanilla extract[Music]make sure when you add the vanilla thePanettiere liquid okay guys now that youhave your condensed milk in your vanillaand your pumpkin mixture give a stirget that wool mixed in nicelylast and final step you dump your piefilling into your pie crust oh yeah babyyeah yeah yeah[Music]okay guys now give your PI a littleshake to smooth it out okay and thengently take a spoon and run it acrossthe top here just like sogive it one more shake just like so getit on your pan and now your last stepbefore you put it in the oven you getsome tinfoil and you put it around thecrust so your crust doesn’t burn okayI’ll be right back okay guys pie isready to go in the oven 350 one hour heyguys look at this beautythe pie is coming along lovely few moreminutes and I’m gonna take off the foilokay guys I just took the foil off andnow I’m gonna let it cook for aboutanother 15 to 20 minutes give or take afew because everybody’s oven isdifferent and it could be a littlelonger or it could be a little lessalright guys here’s the pie we hope youenjoyed this recipe if you’re looking tomake it easy pumpkin pie that tastesdelicioustry this recipe yep here it is guysdon’t forget to comment like himsubscribe and share this video[Music]

20 Replies to “Homemade pumpkin Pie

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  4. Hi Cheryl! L love your videos! Do you have a recipe for pumpkin cookies? I had the best pumpkin cookie ever that a friend got from her work. It was so soft, it crumbled! It was obviously rolled in sugar before baking and tasted like pumpkin pie spice! It was amazing and I’m looking fo someone who has a great recipe so I don’t have to try hundreds of recipes to find an amazing one. Any suggestions

  5. Hi Cheryl&Joe!!! I enjoyed your recipe today. The Pumpkin pie really does look so…Yummy. Nice to see you both back on here. Great video. A fan&friend. Diane

  6. Glad to see another video from you guys Cheryl that pie looked amazing your definitely a creative Baker love you guys god bless

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