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Here’s How they ACTUALLY Baked Coconut Pies on Gilligan’s Island! 2 Ways!!

Here’s How they ACTUALLY Baked Coconut Pies on Gilligan’s Island! 2 Ways!!

If you are fans of the show, you may remember how many pies were baked on the island. But how would it be possible to bake a pie or cook anything on an island with no electricity or gas for a stove? Well, there actually IS a way this is all possible in the realm of the story. How? I tell you in this video! I’d love to know your thoughts! Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

hey what’s up guys and gals my name isRick 9g thank you so much for joining metoday we’re gonna be talking aboutGilligan’s Island I’m also super excitedto announce the winner of the Gilligan’sIsland DVD giveaway so make sure towatch the entire video to see if youhave one don’t forget that there arelinks in the description to otherplaylists other videos that I haveposted on here remember that YouTuberight now is having bit of struggleswith notifying you when I post videos Ihave posted very frequently so I know alot of people haven’t seen those videosso go ahead check back to my pageregularly and I think you’ll see thevideos recently I’ve been looking at abunch of Gilligan’s Island myths orquestions that people have about theshow in which they are critical inregards to certain plot points I’vediscussed why on the show the houseseemed to have almost an unlimitedwardrobe when they only took athree-hour tour check out that videoI’ll leave a link in the descriptionbelow where you can go check that out Ialso talked about why the professordoesn’t fix the boat there’s a realreason why and I discuss that in aseparate video so go ahead I have somany that you could enjoy if you’re bigfans of the show I know a lot of you maybe thinking about one thing that iscoconut cream pies yes if you’re a bigfan you will know that there are tons ofcoconut cream pies made throughout thecourse of the show or Mary Ann comes andmakes these pies for Gilliganthe skipper the professor and evensometimes the Howells and ginger evenhas some every once in a while but thenthis begs the question wait how in theworld do they make these coconut creampies now I’m not going to give you arecipe to coconut cream pie but I meanhow would you bake this pie I mean youneed an oven you need electricity thatof course throws everything out thewindow in regards to the show right thisis a super huge plot hole well you maybe surprised to know that this is notnecessarily true an electric oven is notthe only way to cook something I justwant to go into how this could beplausible and how it could even fitthroughout the realm of the story thefirst episode of Gilligan’s Island wasreleased September 26 1964 and we haveto remember the timeframe in regards toany of this technology so I do want tokeep this in mind there are a fewepisodes that I want to recallspecifically focusingon the idea of coconut cream pies one isGilligan versus Gilligan that’s anepisode from season three in which wesee basically Gilligan’s double he isbasically a Russian spy who looksexactly like Gilligan who’s there on theisland thinking that the castaways areon there for secret purpose against theSoviet Union this is of course untruebut you do get to see Gilligan eat thiscoconut cream pie the next episode iscalled topsy-turvy now this is in myopinion one of my favorites from seasonthree it’s episode number 10 and itdeals with headhunters coming on theisland now they threaten the castawaysbecause Gilligan gets hit on the headnow these headhunters come and Gilliganthinks he’s seen an illusion orhallucination of these headhunters butno they’re absolutely real they’retrying to kill him and everyone else onthe island but they do still get awaywith comical fashion it’s what the showdoes best now in this there is a pointwhere we see Gilligan and he has piesright in front of him and he wants toeat them of course we are all familiarwith all the coconut cream pies but likeI said I want to highlight two episodeswhere we do see these pies and I want totake a look at how this could bepossible on an island just likeGilligan’s Island with very limitedtechnology limited supplies and workingin 1964 now one of the first ways thatthis could definitely be possible in the1960s as well as today is with thesimple solar oven now thrown up on thescreen a bunch of photos from differentpeople who have made these solar ovensand you can use very simple suppliesthings like cardboard they did haveboxes you can even use wood and they didhave wood from crates that washedonshore in many different episodes andit is very simple to do you don’t evenneed a reflective material you could useglass and you can see that some of theseare do-it-yourself something that isvery easily made on the island you wouldslip a pie in there you would slip evenpizzas as you can see here and yes youcan legitimately cook them so it’sreally interesting to think how simplethis could be all you basically need isto guide the Sunon to the food you do that for longenough and yeah you can cook somethingas simple as a pie and as I’ve shownhere so I think that’s reallyinteresting and it lends a little bitmore credibility to the show and the onethat I think is most plausible is aprimitive mud oven you can also use claybut again I would need to see if there’sactually clay on Gilligan’s Island Ibelieve there is but mud is definitelyon the island there’s episodes wherethey are in mud and you can basicallymade mud with dirt and water it’s sosimple and there’s a video here byWinston Hackett that is his YouTubeaccount you can take a look at the videoyourself as well as look up how to makea solar oven there very simple but withthis one I just want to show you shotsof yes all you really need is the shapeand you need the mud you need some strawwhich they could have all easily gottenfrom things on the island and finallyyou see him here making a pizza so thisis an example of how you canlegitimately cook something I hope youfind it interesting if you have anothersolution to how they could cook theseitems let me know down in thedescription below now I will release thename of the giveaway winner and thewinner is Chantal SEM braze Chantal sthank you so much to everyone whoparticipated in the giveaway I will bemailing your DVD very very very soonthank you as always for the support Iwill be doing more giveaways so makesure to stay tuned always stay positiveand most importantly be Ophel thanks asalways to all the patreon supportersespecially the executive producers forthis video and you be David D Ricky andJoe are thank you so much[Music]

14 Replies to “Here’s How they ACTUALLY Baked Coconut Pies on Gilligan’s Island! 2 Ways!!

  1. Always fun to watch. It wasn’t how to cook the pie that I wondered about as much as where do they get “all” the pie ingredients? Ha!!!

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  3. Looking back at the show now that I’m an adult, I think that after 15 years on the island there would be at least a half dozen children running around.

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  6. This is fun, but no need to overthink this funny show too much. However, I can’t help but wonder where they hid their cow. No cow, no milk, no cream for coconut cream pies.

  7. I grew up watching that show and I was always amazed at all the outfits Ginger and the Howell’s had unlike the skipper, Gilligan and usually the beautiful and my favorite Maryanne…(she looked so cute in those shorts she wore…

  8. As always, another fun filled video!! I’m surprised that they never marketed Maryann’s pies like Patti LaBelle or Marie Calendar. Imagine, going to your local frozen food section & picking up a little piece of Gilligan’s Island!!! Yum

  9. Fine and dandy coconut cream pie, but where did they get the wheat to make the crust? For that matter what exactly did they eat with no wheat for bread. Only animals and fruits.

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