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Halloween Eyeball Pie (no-bake cheesecake)

Make a no-bake cheesecake pie that will have people talking! Gory gelatin eyeball pie. One eyeball per serving!

1 (3-oz) box Strawberry Jell-O
3 envelopes Knox unflavored gelatin
1 (14-oz) can sweetened condensed milk
boiling water and cold water
food colour
1/4 cup white sugar

Eyeballs- white part:

Sprinkle 2 envelopes of gelatin over 1/2 cup cold water. Allow to sit for a few minutes.
Add 1/2 up boiling water and stir until gelatin dissolves.
Mix one cup of boiling water with one can of sweetened condensed milk. Add gelatin/water mix and stir until smooth.
Allow to cool to room temperature.

Eyeballs- Iris:
I made way to much of this mixture, so you could probably scale this down.
Sprinkle an envelope of gelatin over 1/2 cup water, allow to sit for a few minutes.
Add 1/2 cup boiling water and 1/4 cup white sugar. Stir until gelatin and sugar are dissolved.
Pour into small bowls, the number will depend on the number of eye colours you want.
Add food colour to achieve desired eye colour.

Grease bottom and top of sphere mold lightly with cooking spray.
Place small amount of coloured liquid in first to form iris and then add a blueberry in the center. Chill until firm.

Fill sphere molds with the room temperature white liquid.
Allow to chill for at least an hour, if you peek too soon the liquid with make a mess.

Unmold and refrigerate.


I used this recipe for the pie except I left out the fruit in the gelatin layer

Place eyeballs in the gelatin mixture making sure that the gelatin is at room temperature so your eyeball don’t melt.

Chill until firm about an hour.

Keep refrigerated.


My name is Tammy and I live in Northeastern Ontario Canada. I am a married, full-time working mom of one teenaged son.

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Video Transcription

serve up a delicious eyeball pie for
hello everyone first thing we’re gonna
do is make the eyeballs this is for the
white part of the eye that’s a half a
cup of cold water in a small bowl and
you’re gonna sprinkle on top of that two
envelopes of unflavored gelatin that’s a
quarter ounce each eight grams and then
just let it sit and the gelatin will
absorb the water and in another bowl
you’ll place 14 ounces or one can of
sweetened condensed milk then pour in
one cup of boiling water into the
sweetened condensed milk and give it a
little stir and set that aside now to
that first amount of gelatin you will
add a half a cup of boiling water and
just gently stir that around until the
gelatin dissolves and the mixture will
look like it’s clear added it to the
milk mixture and then you’re gonna set
this aside and let it come to room
temperature now for the colored part of
the eye you you’re gonna take a half a
cup of cold water and you’ll sprinkle
one envelope of unflavored gelatin on
top of that let it sit and then I
realize I should have done it in a
bigger bowl to begin with so I just
transferred it to this larger measuring
cup and to this you will add quarter cup
of sugar white granulated sugar and a
half a cup of boiling water and just
give that a stir around until the sugar
and the gelatin is completely dissolved
now I divided this mixture between three
bowls and as you can see there is lots
left in that measuring cups I didn’t
know how much of what’s going to need
really and I added a couple drops of
green food color and and I realized I
put way too much green food coloring I
wanted a nice green color but I wanted
it to be translucent I want to be able
to see through it so I just transferred
a spoonful into another bowl and lo and
behold that’s exactly what I was looking
for a nice grain but that you can see
through it so I next time around I put a
little tiny bit of food color on the
edge of the spoon and I just kind of
gently stirred it in until I reached the
color that I liked and I did the same
thing with the blue now with this paste
food color you got to really stir well
to make sure that you don’t have any
little bits of food color floating in
the in the liquid there now how to
assemble these these this is a sphere
and I’m currently spraying with some
cooking spray there you have to cook put
cooking spray or lightly oil them so
that nothing sticks to them I bought
these sphere molds on Amazon and they
weren’t actually that much actually and
then I’m using a plastic syringe to just
put a little bit of the coloured liquid
in the bottom of the spirimals now if
you’ll see it says poison on it they are
actually plastic syringes that I bought
at the dollar store and they’re for
Halloween just to make Halloween
shooters for a party so put a little bit
of the colored liquid in the bottom and
then I added a blueberry that’s gonna be
the center of the eye and when you see
when we’re done it’s gonna look just
like it’s black and you’re not gonna be
able to tell as a blueberry in there so
a little bit of blue on this one I did
blue for these three green and then I
did another mold with some other colors
and then you’re gonna put this in the
refrigerator and let it chill until the
gelatin is set and that won’t take very
long probably take about 15-20 minutes
then you’ll take that white mixture and
you’ll fill up the molds now make sure
the white mixture is at room temperature
if it is too hot it’ll melt the colored
gelatin in the bottom and it’ll all
blend in together so make sure that it
is no warmer than room temperature now
if you want to you could just do half
eyeballs you don’t have to do a whole
sphere if you don’t want to do a whole
circle you can just do half eyeballs but
I thought for this pie it would be
better if they stuck out more so I
decided to do this fears instead so once
those halves are done you’re going to
put the top part of the mold on top and
give it a push down so that it seals and
then you’re gonna fill them up using
those little holes and that’s why I
bought those syringes is I figured it’d
be easier to fill them up if I had
something that would be easily be able
to put liquid in a small hole like that
obviously you could use a measuring cup
with a little spout or something he
doesn’t have to be a syringe but these
were quite cheap at the dollar store and
and they’re actually perfect for this
video because it’s Halloween themed so
fill them up I didn’t feel
pletely to the top because i wanted
there to be a little flat spot because
when you lay these on a plate or on put
them down they’re gonna roll all over if
they’re perfectly round you want them to
sit and not roll around on the table so
I went almost to the top and then I put
these in the refrigerator and let them
chill for about an hour to until they
were set now once they are completely
set you can open up your mold now you’re
gonna see a lot of there’s a lot of
overflow there and that’s my fault
because I actually peeked at them out of
after about 40 minutes and they weren’t
set and a lot of that white stuff leaked
out so all I did is is turned it over
and they popped out beautifully except
for one and this extra piece just peeled
right off
now you’re gonna notice that around the
edges of the eyeballs there’s going to
be like a little seam and there’s a
couple different ways you can deal with
this for this particular recipe I could
have just left them I didn’t have to
touch them at all I tried just peeling
it off with my fingers and that worked
but what works better was just a clean
dry cloth and I just gently rubbed the
edge of it and it took all of that
fringe and whatever you want to call it
off of those eyeballs and I think the
eyeballs turned out amazing I just love
the way they look now here are the ones
I made an in another mold and I thought
I would try to get rid of that excess by
just going around and again there’s lots
of overflow there because I was peeking
to see if they were done yet and I found
that if you just kind of rubbed your
finger around there I kind of got rid of
it now this particular mole was an
experiment I didn’t grease it I didn’t I
was wondering if you actually had to
grease it and look what happened the
colored part of the eye State stuck in
the mold one of them was okay one red
one but the other ones everything was
still stuck in the mold so make sure you
put a light coating of cooking spray in
these silicone molds prior to filling
them now we’re going to make the pie
part start off with 8 ounces of cream
cheese at room temperature blend it up
then add in two tablespoons of white
granulated sugar and then continue to
beat until it’s nice and smooth
then add in one cup of cool whip or a
one cup of sweetened whipped cream and
then thoroughly fold it in until it’s
completely combined and it’s nice and
smooth and then we’re gonna put this
into a pie shell now this is a Graham
wafer crust it is a commercially made
one I bought it at the store this way
grand way for crusts are very easy to
make if you want to find a recipe
there’s gonna be lots of them online so
just look it up then spread it out
evenly in the pie shell just try to be
careful and get it nice and even because
we want the liquid we’re gonna pour on
it to be even as well when we’re done so
take three quarters of a cup of boiling
water to that add one package of jello
I’m using strawberry you could use
raspberry or cherry as long as it’s red
and give it a stir until the jello is
dissolved then you’re gonna add in
either a half a cup of cold water or in
this case I’m using a half a cup of ice
cubes and the reason you have the ice
cubes instead of water it just cools it
down a little bit faster so you don’t
have to wait quite as long but the ice
cubes in stir it around until the ice
cubes are melted and then we’re ready to
add this to the pie you’re gonna pour it
on top of the graham wafer crust with
the filling and then you’re gonna add
the eyeballs so all you have to do is
just arrange the eyeballs you made on
top of the pie and you’ll notice that
there’s a container that with some red
liquid I didn’t put all of that gelatin
mixture in there because I knew I was
gonna be adding eyeballs it was gonna
cause a little bit of displacement and
sure enough when I added all the
eyeballs and arrange them I realized
that that red liquid was starting to go
over the edge of the crust and it was
gonna look messy and it was gonna be
really hard to pick it up to put it in
the refrigerator so I took the syringe I
that I had and I just sucked out some of
the jello liquid just to reduce the
level in the pie
so that it just wouldn’t be as messy so
you don’t use quite all of the red
gelatin mixture for this and then put it
in the fridge and let it chill for a
couple of hours until it’s set and there
it is and all its glory I just love how
this looks I was so happy with the way
this turned out
especially eyeballs eyeballs look
awesome and yeah you can see the
blueberry if you look really close but
otherwise it just looks like the eyes
have a black depth in them and they look
they look quite realistic for a good for
a gelatin eyeball and it looks like
they’re floating in a little puddle of
blood and then when you slice it you end
up with an eyeball and with a yummy
slice of no-bake cheesecake with some
gelatin on top this dessert is delicious
and who doesn’t love a jell-o eyeball
really here is a slice from the side you
can see that eyeball goes all the way
down and touches the cream cheese part
now if I would have only done a half an
eyeball I think it might have sunk in in
and you wouldn’t have seen much of the
white sticking out at all so I think it
was a good idea to do almost an entire
sphere leaving a flat spot on the bottom
works great because it keeps them from
rolling around on the top of the pie
before it’s set so obviously I made more
eyeballs than I really needed I would
recommend one eyeball per serving and
that way everyone gets a great little
eyeball staring up at them when they get
there peace hope you enjoyed this video
thank you for watching I absolutely love
making Halloween desserts they are so
much fun to find and to create I have
others on my channel I have other Bible
themed videos and one of them is this
one these are eyeball cake pops that you
serve on a spoon and on a fork

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