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Hey Guys, Welcome back to my channel today I will bring you into my life to see my fall pregnant evening routine. For dinner I made turkey soup and a semi-homemade pumpkin pie which my family loved and enjoyed! My life is not perfect and I am by no means a perfect mom and wife but I strive everyday to be there for my family and make them happy. As always don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more videos on Tuesday and Fridays !!!!!! xoxo- Brittany

As you seen in the video I just eyeballed the recipe but here is the exact measurements lol

Pumpkin Pie Recipe
1 can pumpkin puree
3/4 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon pumpkin spice
2 eggs
8oz milk or evaporated milk
1 unbaked 9′ pie shell
Bake at Pie shell 425 for 10 minutes. Reduce temperature to 350 bake pie with filling for 40-50 minutes or until knife in the center comes out clean. Cool for 2 hours . Serve immediately or refrigerate. Optional add whipped cream.

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Video Transcription

[Music]are you guys my name is Brittany welcomeback to my youtube channeltoday I felt for you guys my fallevening routine I hope you guys enjoywatching me make a homemade soup apumpkin pie and just relax with myfamily today my fall evening routinenormally starts with me cooking dinnerso today I decided to cook a soup andthis soup was actually a turkey soupmy mom made turkey a few weeks ago so Idefrost it from the freezer and I addedsome chicken condensed soup and a bag offrozen mixed vegetables also I didn’tshow you guys in the video but I did addsome chicken broth to the soup and it’sa simple recipe and it always comes outcreamy delicious and good[Music]while the soup is in the crock-pot Istarted making a I guess semi-homemadepumpkin pieso this pumpkin pie recipe that I got Iactually followed it on the back of thecan of pumpkin puree so it’s not my ownrecipe but you guys it actually turnedout really good all you need it for thisrecipe was evaporated milk eggs vanillaextract cinnamon nutmeg sugar and thatwas it[Music]for this pumpkin pie recipe I use frozenpie shells from the frozen section so nothey’re not homemade and what I did wasI baked them in the oven for a littlebit so the pumpkin pie wouldn’t havethat soggy taste at the bottom and thenI poured the pureed pumpkin mix andbaked it in the oven you guys this piewas so delicious while the soup wasfinishing up in a crock pot I decided tospend some extra time with my kids todaywatching some of their favorite TV showsboth of the kids Brielle and Leia are intheir pajamas because they’re bothgetting over a little cold so I decidedto take this opportunity to get in extrasnuggles tonight a soup is not a goodsuit without some bread on the side soyou guys I just cut up this baguettethat I picked up from all these and Iadded some butter and I toasted in theoven no don’t mind my husband in thebackground he is driving me crazycracking jokes while I’m trying to filmthis portion for you guys he is so crazy[Applause][Music]after we eat dinner you know we had tofollow it off with that good pumpkin pieso we ate dessert now you guys afterdessert is when the real madness in myevening happens so you guys first thingis first I go upstairs to give Leia abath now Brielle she’s order so she’sable to take a shower on her own all Ihave to worry about is this littlemunchkin right here[Music][Applause]while I’m given Leia bath TJ my husbandis downstairs washing the dishes andstraightening up from the mess we hadfrom the dayTJ always comes to my rescue becauseright after bath time lega immediatelywants her milk so he knows what sheneeds and he always brings her milk inher pasty write to me tonight’snighttime routine with Leia I had to doher hair so she typically doesn’t likewhen I do her hair but honestly you guysdoing her hair in detangling at nightmakes it so much easier in the morningespecially all you guys with curly hairyou know the tangle and the knots arereal tonight Leia was exhausted so meand Brielle didn’t get a chance to reada story to her tonightso you guys I just said my prayers withher and I just let her go to sleepgoodnight Leia mommy loves youwhile Leia is asleep it’s time for me totackle the next girl which is Brielle myoldest order so you guys when I filmedthis video it actually was Sunday nightso I’m actually preparing Brielle forschool the next day so on Sundays Itypically like to wash and detangle herhair but this Sunday we didn’t have achance to so what I did was I restyledher hair and of course both of my girlsdon’t like getting their hair doneafter I’m all done doing Brielle’s hairI took her into bed and I say herprayers with her also you know I have toget a goodnight kiss at least until shestill lets me goodnight Bri mommy lovesyou so you guys already know a Mama’sevening is never overonce the kids are in bed I always liketo finish up a last load of laundrybecause I have such a large family Ilike to tackle at least one load oflaundry a day this day I got a littlebehind so you guys guess what I did Icaught up on laundry[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]during this timeTJ is normally downstairs in thebasement playing video games so you guysguess what I do I put on my pajamas Isneak in a couple pieces of candy and Icatch up on YouTube videos at night so Ihope you guys enjoy watching my fallevening routine don’t forget to Likecomment and subscribe and let me know ifyou’re enjoying these type of videosI’ll see everybody in my next video bye[Music]


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  2. Hey Guys, Let me know if you enjoyed my fall evening routine!!! I hope you all try to make your own pumpkin pies!!!!!!! xoxo Brittany

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  4. I love soups especially in winter. I’ve never had pumpkin pie but this looks so yummy. I’ve got to try this. So nice that your husband is so helpful. Thank you for sharing.

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