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Make this Valentine’s day special for yourself and your loved ones by giving this recipe a try.I’ve broken it up into easy to follow steps
Making the biscuit base
take 20 marie biscuits and crush to a sand like consistency,
add 1/2 cup of melted butter ,mix well till it resembles wet sand.
line a cake tin which has a removable base with baking paper
pour this biscuit butter mix and pack it down tightly ,refrigerate for an hour

Step 2
Making the condensed milk/buy 300 ml of readymade condensed milk
for the condensed milk add 1 cup of milk powder,1/2 cup of butter,3/4 th cup of powdered sugar & 1/2 cup of hot water to a blender…blend till smooth…condensed milk done

Step 3
Making the Strawberry puree
blend 6-7 large strawberries to asmooth puree

Step 4
Beating the fresh cream.
Yes you whip or whisk 250 ml of fresh cream for 5 mins

Step 5
Assembling the pie
Mix the strawberry puree with the condensed milk well,add the whipped cream and fold in
Take the cake tin out of the refrigeartor,by this time the biscuit base is set too,pour our strawberry mix in …refrigerate for 4 hours
after 4 hours decorate with sliced strawberries
Chill till ready to serve….demold and serve…

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody and welcome to lunch withus with these thank you so much forstopping money is really a delight andit’s something which is nice and cool tome so let’s just dive straight intotoday’s recipe and in today’s video sohere I’ve taken about 20 Maori biscuitsyou can also take digestive biscuits andyou’re just gonna crush them roughlywith your hand and then we’re just goingto beat them up into a coarse powderthey should resemble you know dry sanddon’t put them in the mix apart becausethen becomes a very fine powder and youwon’t get that you know a raw steak pielook[Music]now I’m just going to lightly butter mycake tin and line it with some bakingpaper or parchment papernow you can it’s preferable to use a tinwhich has a removable pre base now Ihave this coarse powder I’m just goingto add about half a cup of melted butterand we’re just going to mix this verywell till it resembles wet sand so youcan adjust the amount of butter and thenyou’re just going to pour this into yourcake tin and press it down very tightlyit should be packed down and then we’regoing to refrigerate this for at leastan hour or more till it nicely getshardened and set now we’re going to makesome condensed milk at home if you don’twant to use the home a condensed milkyou can just use about 300 ml ofcondensed milk now here I just have somepowdered sugar some butter and some milkpowder and some hot water which is goingto combine all of the ingredients into ablender pot or mixed support and justblend them till we get the rightconsistency of condensed milk that’s allyou require to make condensed milk athome but you can also use thestore-bought condensed milk now the nextstep is we’re going to beat up somefresh cream so here I’m just using about250 grams of fresh cream and it’s asmall tip over here see that your freshcream is cold and you know kept in therefrigerator before beating it up so youdon’t already need to beat it up verymuch just for about 5 minutes and nowwe’re going to make a Puri of somestrawberries so I’ve just taken somelarge strawberries 6 to 7 and just putthem in my blender and made this verysmooth puriso now that we have all the ingredientsjust start making this beautifulstrawberry pie so now the first thingwe’re going to do is we’re going tocombine our strawberry puree with ahomemade condensed Mayand we’re gonna whisk it and well lookat the beautiful color if you want adarker pink color just add more of thestrawberry puri I like this very palepink color now I’ve added my cream whichI have just beaten up a bit we’re gonnafold in everything till everything comesto a nice smooth consistency now ourbase biscuit base is nice and set sowe’re just going to pour this mixtureinto the tinwe’re going to refrigerate this for atleast four to five hours this needs tocompletely cool and harden up a bit nowafter waiting patiently for four andfive to five hours I’m just going todecorate it with some chopped upstrawberries or some sliced strawberriesso you can decorate them however youlike so I’ve just thinly sliced them andthen I’m going to refrigerate it againtill it’s time to you know serve thisawesome dessert so now I’m going to weare ready to have this dessert so I’mjust going to be demolding it it’s setperfectly so now I’m just going to openup my springform tin and take off thebutter paperand you will see how well this has setyou can see the lovely biscuit base thelight baby pink color of the pie and thebeautiful strawberries also take out thebase take out the butter paper and justtransfer it to a beautiful plate andserve this is an ideal cake for anyspecial occasion for a birthday oftenyou’re having guests at home or you justwant to make your family happy with somelovely homemade dessert and this is aspecial recipe since Valentine’s Day isjust around the corner and now I saidI’m going to share with you somehomemade strawberry ice cream well Ijust had a little bit of the mixtureleftover so all I did is add up somechopped up strawberries and I put theminto a tin and I just covered it withsome butter paper and then I just put itin the refrigerator for about four tofive hours and there it is it was allset and you have some homemadestrawberry ice cream – so just serve itup with some chopped up strawberries[Music][Laughter][Music][Laughter][Music]friends I hope you liked today’s recipeas well as today’s video and if you liketo see more videos like this they don’tforget to be missing your big thumbs upalso by implicating the thumbs up I canalso don’t forget to subscribe to mychannel and become a part of ourChitauri cities once you have subscribedthere is a small detail I think thatwill pop up just click on that that waywhenever I put up an illness II all youthat you will get a message for the sameso on that note I say bye and I’ll catchyou in my next video sooner than youthink this is actually a stain my tapehere is see how these days bitch be kindand loving to one anotherso tell me needs again[Music]

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