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Easy bake and go : Costco chicken pot pie : Weeknight family meal ideas

Hey guys join us for dinner on the menu Costco take and bake rotisserie chicken pot pie .

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Video Transcription

hey guys if y’all didn’t watch my otherif I can post all the other foolishnessthat I’ve put therewe’re having pot pie y’all the reason Iwas like a half pot pie or whatever is -I like the kostol one and give me aplatethe Costco one and the Casa one is hugeand I and I only did a portion of it Imight need a pic of this I said a bigscoopercuz this is gonna break it all love babyJesus okay yeah now we got a properbigger spoon cut off it’s good portionme like hold this find out soonenoughcook it downI give you a big survey just now so butit’s so it’s really needy like it’sreally meaty and y’all I’m cookingsomething else tomorrow so I don’t wantto make a whole big thing of itif I’m I don’t plan on eating ittomorrow I put on make up some catfishtonight it’s a big old jumbo so y’all Iwill put a picture[Laughter]but it’s like really meaty that’s what Ididn’t think we needed a lot like thisis big chunks of me like it’s a lot ofmeat in this that’s hella meaty so Ifigured we be all right for tonight fordinner and we’re gonna eat a littledessert so this pepper like I’m in thisdrink after the August cold in Chicagotoday this is Wilson I froze there if heneed to chase with the and I got beardlike I drink five different things at atime like water I’m nothing whatevery’all hungry anyway today’s my dad’sbirthday I’m birthday Nick hey I’m pettyall because he know much me havingbirthday so I got daddy issueshe don’t we should have a birthday on mybirthday but then he asked me to dosomething like a month or so later andthen never wish me happy birthday sothat’s why I asked my foxy oh well y’allif y’all know y’all don’t know me Idon’t I can’t that’s just the kind of a we go anyway yeah I’ll take a shoton his behalf I believewhat you want that was a long armreaches you guys my start eating I’mhungry I waited to eat cuz we werewatching that Bulls game in week onethat’s excited about just put it backyeah no just no yeah unless I’ll sure byway on peas carrots onion stop tuggingit young perfect weather for cuz ya’llears cold baby I’m trying to fightsomething off whatever is coming and I’mtrying to fight it off and listenthe media is most chock-full of mediatoday I guess they just shred up thereum because it says rotisserie chickenpot pies so I guess they just take a fewof their rotisserie chickens well someof there were two chickens and just likemake pot pies at them and they have likea big old canister ofchicken noodle soup to that they makewith their rotisserie chicken too socough Kobe own it food it’s so meatyy’all like I think thank you so muchmeat it’s very hearty stick-to-your-ribsand that meat put some like I quarteredit like this is like a little over halfof the pie no a little less than halfI’ll all rightno I’m on top of this pile like maybelike a quarter of itno trying to free it part of it frees itup but I’m trying to free certainportion for some night this is a lot putsomething aside for my mom I’m givingher and um yeah but it’s just likeloaded with white meat why meyeah chicken breast like look they’relike yeah it’s very hearty hmm fillingsto tear bones filling buttery flakybuttery crust I’ve had in the oven for awhile you know that’s put in there and Iput it on low I love and self assuredwhen um just we were watching basketballwe have this at work now you know I’vebeen on the Cosmo training shopping atCostco they didn’t have it the last timeI went to Costco no I’m very upset I waslike they got lots of different mealsgotta go this is Nate first timetraining and yeah I make pot pie fromscratch it’s kind of from scratchDarren’s is pretty much kind of fromscratch to to make their rotisseriechickens first about it was how muchimmediate was not first start we’resounds like dirty so I’m hoping thisfunny things when you put that portion Iwas like no that’s not what do you thinka lot of me[Music]yeah I’m a picture of the full park andstuff but this is the one they’re likegems to me their take is a taken baityeah me I didn’t mean to section anoctave we don’t be need we don’t need nohome that’s crazyway too much of you idiots to too muchto be eaten at once for two people maybetwo people a big appetite and I want toeat some dessert you know I’m gonna bedone within this bag stop this and thenI’ll come back when we eat and talkabout our little dessert we have Costcochicken pot pie check it out I just likethey use their rotisserie meat and it’sjust like so much meat it’s very medianhurry because you know how you getchicken pot pie and then you open it upand it’s just oozing out with stuffain’t no real vegetables in it you knownothingthis is not the case excuse me it’s veryhearty[Music]this is good help me fight I mean Iwasn’t feeling that great past overthere this helpsI’ll be back with our dessert every bitehave big chunks of meat in it justfollow their very meaty very hearty bearyou got me I’m just gonna cross likethat buttery flaky crust dip this man sogood father park Si on the bit go[Music]

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