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Easiest no bake cream cheese pies

This recipe is from my great grandmother and we just love it. I hope you all love it to.
4 8oz cream cheese
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/4 lemon juice
3 gram cracker pie tins

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Video Transcription

hello everyone so today I am making theeasiest cream cheese pie as you can makethis recipe is for three pies I alwaysbuy my pie tinsI like the graham cracker the honeygraham cracker ones and let’s getstartedso first off you just need four thingsof cream cheese at room temperature yesand then you want one can of sweetenedcondensed milk any brand you like isgood you want to get it all in therethen we just need a quarter cup of lemonjuice you can use fresh lemon juice oryou know the bottle I forgot to shakethat up when you buy the bottle you wantto be sure shake it up because there’salways stuff at the bottom okay there wegolet’s get our quarter cup looks kind oflike Center okay that wasn’t supposed tohappen[Laughter]that got me plated so there’s ourquarter tubWow okay and you just get your handmixer or your regular mixer you want toget it mixed up in there okay so let’sturn it up a little bit higheryou want you want it to be nice andcreamy you don’t want any lumps orand your pinky fiveokay now you want to check it and makesure it’s nice and creamyno lumps nice and thick it should bethick you don’t want it watery oranything like that just nice and thickokay I see I’m gonna get in the waythere we go there does it usually taketo long to mix it probably like fourminutes you want to let it mix and thatusually gets all the lumps out then youwant a sketch pipe in and fill them upyou don’t want to leave anything behindeither spread it out try and get it kindof even well as even as you can onlythought what you’re doing nothing let’stake you’re doing something you don’tstep on so we like to put topping onours you don’t have to put topping on itwe just do only on one I don’t put anytoppingbecause it is good on its own it ispretty tasty by itself you don’tnecessarily need the topping but we justlike it and then I usually do these theday before whatever it is we’re doinglike tomorrow’s Thanksgiving so I’mmaking them today because I do like tolet them set overnight you don’t have tousually you can just chill it for aboutan hour and there they’re just as goodlike that also it doesn’t have to beovernight I just like doing that itmakes it easier for not having to do oneless thing for Thanksgiving dinner yesso maybe Thanksgiving and it’s usuallyjust one of these one of these cansit’s a 21 ounce one pound can is usuallyperfect amount for these pies also andjust like thatI’ll finished cream cheese pies forThanksgiving have a great daymy

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