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digiBOMBS Versus Making A Masterchef Episode 8 No Bake Lemon Cream Pie

In this episode we try our hand at baking a no bake lemon cream pie…and well…you’ll see.

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Guest tasters: Lindsey Richards

Music by: Scott Holmes from https://freemusicarchive.org

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Video Transcription

it’s cooking time[Music]hey bomb squad welcome to did you bombversus where it’s me against the worldor whatever I’m up against at the timeand in this case it’s making aMasterChef where this week we tackle alemon cream piethat’s right it’s gonna be tasty butit’s also a no bake pie so since it’slike an entry-level baking and I and Idon’t want to actually do the bakingportion and mess that upI found a no bake one so I feel likethat’s a pretty good intro into thebaking world and because it’s baking Iwent at the bus up America many timesand the teaspoons into the south becauseit is a science of hand plateand you cannot mess it up so you need arecipe and so I found a recipe and thisrecipe is from yummiest foods dot-comand it is a lemon cream no bake pie andit’s a three parter you’re gonna needthe crust graham cracker crust you’regonna need a filling lemon cream fillingand a topic and so we’re gonna breakthat down into three parts when we makeit and then it should only take about 25minutes because you don’t have to babyso that’s big and so for the grahamcracker crust you’re gonna need 1/2 ofcrushed graham crackers so once it’s allcrushed and ready to go then you measureit to one and a half cups and thenyou’ll be good back then I need 6tablespoons of melted butter and then soa stick has eight so that extra 2 willbe used later so keep a hold on that andthen you’re also gonna need a quartercup of sugar and you’ll mix all thattogether and make their crust then thefilling this is when you’re gonna need 2cups the swing condensed milk thesethings have like 14 ounces and 16 ouncesis that is a cup so I to get free sothat I’ll have a little extra left overbut then I’ll get mine my 2 cups worthbut then you’ll have you’ll need 8ouncesof marscapone cheese not Al Capone Keysmarscapone it’s the is the cheese thatapparently doesn’t exist in the storesbecause I can’t find it and so I’m gonnahave to make that which that’s when theextra two tablespoons of butter comesinto play you’re gonna need twotablespoons butteryou’re gonna need 8 ounces of creamycream cheese and then 1/4 cup of heavywhipping cream and you’re gonna mix allthat together and you’re gonna have thatmarscapone cheese it’s like you justbought it and then you’re gonna want thehalf cup of powdered sugarand then one more cup of the heavywhipping cream separate from themarscapone cheese whip them to be andthen half a cup of fresh lemon juicethis is probably where you could changeup the flavor profile a little bit ifyou wanted to do orange you could do anorange extract or an orange oil probablynot as much as that you’ll probably wantto mix it maybe with a little bit oforange juice so that the lab amount isthe same so didn’t mess up theingredients but the flavor will be justas good and potent or you could kind ofchange it up a little bit after that butwe’re gonna stick with the lemon becausedon’t a mess then the topic that is whenyou’re gonna want your another cup ofheavy whipping cream and you’re gonnawant a half cup of powdered sugar forthis part and then the fresh lemonslices if you want to spice it up orbetter yet if you have like those candyslices bitter like they look like lemonsand tastes like lemons but they’re candyI feel like that would be better becauseI like those better the natural lemonstoo big to sour but so that now that wehave we no need we got that recipe wegot to the ingredients I feel like wecan do this really quickly and it’sgonna turn out great obviously for afirst time bake this is gonna be greatand we’re gonna have a special tastertoday she’s an actual pastry chefso therefore I better do good cuz youdon’t want to throw that off you know solet’s get into itand let’s have some fun[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay so we made this lemon cream pie theno bake one and with me is Lindsay theactual pastry chef whose I had can Itell standards were not met on this oneand I so we’re gonna get that firstimpression hurt on things like thisthen we’re going to taste it and see howwell I did because remember when I saidyou’re gonna want to follow recipes veryvery well when it comes to baking well Ilooked at the ingredients and I forgotabout the recipe but I think it stillturned out pretty reasonable for everhaving forgotten the whole recipe soit’s a learning experience that’s forsure so let’s see how it is what do youthink so far just by looking I thinkyour whipped topping maybe could havebeen whipped a little a little morebecause it’s kind of drooping over thesides of the piehell I did there the instructions theyweren’t supposed to do them all at thesame time after the cross crush yeah Idobutter the tin act something does itit’s just stuck to the tin but the pressis really good spelling thrusts the whiptopping is a little overpowering alittle bit when you get the lemon ittastes good I think word of advice maybeif it’s sat over 90 in the fridge itwould be really good because it wouldnot hold up receiving the instructionswell the ingredient list says 25 minuteprep time 25 minutes total time did nottell me anything about the six hourwaiting time to get the thing ready Ijust want to eat itI thought 25 minutes you cook it eat ityou’re done this is a lie and it’s it’sjust a blobby nervous but it tastesreally good once you actually get thepiehe’s like disappointedlike the you can’t can’t reallydifferentiate the colors so it I don’treally know what part of the pie I’meating but it was it was a really goodtry a foreveryeah well the moral of the story hereit’s all those instructions tell usbecause I don’t work so well we I guesssuffer through this delicious mess allright you guys can go walk you’re out ofvideos make sure you like and subscribehit the bell notification and we’ll tryto fix this at some point and then thenyou guys can enjoy some desserts tooplease don’t follow this instructionsthis one did not they’re not great yesso until then we’ll catch you next time

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