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Crave Pie To Open In Alpharetta


Whats the story on Crave Pie, how did they thrive when the economy collapsed in 2008 and what words of inspiration does owner Brian Carson share with us. All is revealed in this exclusive!

Web: www.cravepie.com
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About: Crave Pie began in 2010 when, after being laid off from a corporate job of 20 years, I found myself standing at a crossroads. I could, I realized, continue down a familiar path that I knew led to a place which would not make me happy or I could, in the words of Robert Frost, take “the road less traveled” into the unknown. Faced with that decision, I decided to go to culinary school.

I entered Gwinnett Technical College with a passion for savory cooking and a complete disdain for baking. I hadn’t learned how to bake at my grandmothers side, nor did I inherit family heirloom recipes like many bakers do and so I dreaded Baking 101. However, I chose to forge ahead in the face of my fear and for the practical final exam I baked an apple pie from scratch. As fate would have it, that experience would prove pivotal in my journey.
Suddenly my disdain for baking was gone and I found myself entirely enchanted with all things pie!

I fell in love with pie, its versatility, and the endless possibilities that present themselves… from sweet to savory, and from season to season. After deciding that I wanted to devote my energies to pie creation, I left school and spent the next 9 months learning and practicing the craft.

Then, one day I received a gift that would change my life.

Just a few days before my husband, Greg, was to be deployed with the Army National Guard, I walked into my kitchen to find a huge industrial sized garbage can with a bow on it. Putting aside my initial irritation that he had put a gigantic garbage can in the middle of my kitchen I opened the lid and discovered that it was filled with professional pie making tools! It was in that moment that I knew it was time to take action and follow my passion, so I put my trust in God and took a leap of faith.

Nothing brings people together quite like food prepared with love. Today, nearly a decade later, Crave Pie Studio stands in historic Downtown Duluth spreading The Good News of Pie and striving to make the world a better place by bringing people together. One pie at a time.

I truly hope to see you here soon.

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