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Condensed Milk Brownie Pie


FULL RECIPE & METHOD: https://www.lightscamera-bake.com/condensed-milk-brownie-pie/

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my kitchen I’mhere for another video and anotherdelicious to treat so today I thought Iwould just film a quick little videomaking based off my most popular recipethe first recipe that went viral on myblog and that is from the conveniencemilk brownies as these have rave reviewsfrom so many people it makes me readymakes it if you haven’t made my commutesmoked brownies I will link the recipebelow because you’re gonna want to trythese or you can try the recipe I’mgonna be making today which is acondensed milk brownie pie so yeah it’spretty simple it’s the condensed milkbrownies put up and see if we’re addinga little bit of a biscuit base for a bitof a crunch and we’re gonna put it inthe round baking tin inserts by the pipeanyway let’s get startedalright so first things first we need tomake the base which is just crushingsome biscuits I’m using digestivebiscuits you could use a chocolate basedbiscuit or like an Oreo or typ typething I thought I’d go for like more ofa vanilla e you know just plaindigestive kind of biscuit because I meanthe filling is gonna be a chocolatebrownie we don’t need even morechocolate so we do crushed biscuit baseso I’m gonna crush it in a foodprocessor as I find that it’s theeasiest and then of course mix that withsome melted butter and you have thebiscuit base it’s very simple[Music]in there you have the biscuit base nowwe’re going to press it into aspringform cake pan that’s got a loosebottom so that you can easily get it outthere the best kind of cake pans I’lllink one below so you can grab one ifyou don’t have one yourself[Music]so we have all our liquid ingredients inhere and I’ve taken it off the heatbecause we don’t want to keep cookingeverything I’m gonna just jump in allthe dry ingredients mix it together andthat’s it[Music][Music]

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