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College Students Attempting to Bake | PUMPKIN PIE EDITION


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Sarah + Kaitlyn

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Video Transcription

Oh everyone welcome to thank you withDarren Caitlyn where we make dessertitems when you say bacon it’s likeyou’re baking something so we said whynot bacon before we get into this do notforget to Like and subscribe you willnot regret it no join our family you’regonna be making pumpkin pie desserttoday why because it’s fall at the endwe’ll have a secret recipe you wish thatyou can make it home and now you’ll knowhow let’s get into this pie this is itwe’re gonna get all of our ingredientsand mix them togetherall right – a 1 teaspoon of thesesymbolic a good chef has good recentlaws in limine everything in this placevoilaI actually shared good tip for you ifyour dog is diarrhea give up on pureethis isn’t the Serbian funkin that weneed this might be more what we’remaking a secret recipe pumpkin pumpkinpie spice sweetened condensed milk haveyou guys ever seen sweetened condensedmilk before I feel it everyone has it’sso thick okay cut it in there if you’venever seen it before because I neverhave your hair just got into itpumpkin hair camp they make a song pumto mix oh yeah oh yeah hipie she’s gonna pick up my cheesepumpkin pie why didn’t we automaticallydo crapfind us on soundcloud ok best fall rapgo 8 ballit’s time of the year get your pumpkinpie cheer that was like a cheer how muchinside knows what’s up cheer moving upit up bring it on step it up Kailyn fallrap pumpkin spice lattes get a ball youmean what am I talking aboutseason to be jolly that was goodoh I’m making desserts I’m gonna babyyeah next step is pouring in the pumpkinpuree okay get it in there there’s oneperson who could do this wrong it’d beKayla are you turd that would been crazyyou’re making the coming pies goeverywhere that was you that was an erato destroy our kitchen literally that wejust put in the oven yeah this isridiculousevery week I’m making two pies one toour neighbors neighbors Wow low take itawayyou deserve to speak because from thelast video we took I interrupted you abit too much videos link down below ifyou wanna see Sara last step is 15 andthen reduced to 350 and then bake it for40 minutes moreso there’s[Music]swimmingly nothing deep I don’t getthese type of my body fat yeah okayoh my god you dug into it with yourthumb up that’s why we have two piesyou don’t just dig your hands intowhatever is in an oven cable that wasmonstrous fun girl you got this Ibelieve in you I believe in you it’spumpkin season I believe in you allright it’s taste test time nice reviews- three – its really pumpingokay psycho hooding yeah you’re right itjust needs a little[Music]time to unveil pumpkin spice latte thereare no measurements in this game getsome humming pureed adding somecondensed milk then you get your ponypie spice one now you can either dodairy-free or you can just put a splashmilk which is what I’m gonna dosplash of milk majority of its gonna bewith almond milkwe love almond milk the last thing is atouch of sugar this is just if you havesugar this will probably get food enoughbut just a touch it’s a part that mayimpress and looks it’s a really fastmixer and you can make a foam milk outof this if you put milk in a faith based[Music]off of your preference you can make itmilky air like liquidy or or thicker I’mjust gonna put a little more on milkwhat about the viewers who don’t own oneof those spinny things uniform and hemakes his goodness you can’t order use ablender okay time to tastewho’s me together system very pumped youknow once you have your creamer all youneed is a little bit of coffee herewe’ve got a pumpkin spice cake up youcan use any kind of coffeeput your creamer in and boom pumpkinspice latte[Music]

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