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Carol’s Keto No Bake Strawberry Cream Pie – Carol’s Keto Cooking Class

Carol’s Keto No Bake Strawberry Cream Pie

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Carol Hoffman and welcome toCarol’s Kito cooking class today I’mgoing to be making a ketone novakstrawberry cream pie for the filling I’mgoing to make one and a half recipesbecause I’m going to need extra todecorate the pie with at the end andI’ll show you how to do that but we’llneed 12 ounces of cream cheese one smallpackage of strawberries sugar-freejell-o two and a half teaspoons ofvanilla1/4 cup plus one tablespoon a mock fruitsweetener and one and a half cups ofheavy whipping cream and for the pecancrust we’re going to need 1 cup ofchopped pecans 4 tablespoons of Montreatsweetener a half a cup of almond flourand four tablespoons of butter now forthe pecan crust I like to use freshpecans and cut them up myselfthe reason being here are a couple ofpecans that came out of the package andas you can see they’re very dried outand that’s the way the chopped pecansare when you buy them from the storealready chopped so I have a doula knifethat I bought but while I was in Alaskaabout 13 years ago and it’s still justas sharp as everit has a recessed Bowl so the pecansdon’t fall out while you’re trying tochop them up okay as you can see thisdoes a very good job of topping the consso now we’re a to you and these to theothers that I’ve already chopped and asyou can see it’s a very nice finelychopped pecans which is what we need forde crust now for the pecan crust I’mgoing to turn my burners on medium andI’m going to toast the pecans so I’mgoing to use about a little over atablespoon of butter in the panwe’ll let that melt and in the otherskillet I’m going to put the dry almondflour the reason for this is so that itwill toast and give it a good flavor youjust need to stir it around make sureyou don’t let it burn and just let itcook for a little bit it’ll turn agolden brown and for the pecans we’rejust going to put those in there and letthem saute a little bit and get a littlebit of a browning flavor to it thathelps the pecan flavor to come out whenyou toast them just a little bit makesure you keep an eye on your crust flourbecause that is really important thatyou don’t burn it okay as you see ouralmond flour has turned a pretty goldenbrown that means it is toasted and youreally want to watch that you don’t wantit to get too Brown because it couldmurder somebody cut the burner off andset this off the burner and the Khanshave browned really nicely so I’m goingto do now I’m going to add the rest ofthe butter into the pan with the pecansand let it meltthis will give it some texture when Iadd the flour to it so don’t sticktogetherall right the toasted pecans are readythe butter is melted and we’re going topour this in with the almond flour thathas been toasted and now we’re going toadd the mock fruit sweetener and blendthat in all together and this is goingto make our crust for our strawberry pienow that our almond flour and our pecansand our butter and I’m not fruitsweetener have been mixed together we’regoing to pour this into the pie crustpan for our pie crust now if you wantyou can add a little more butter if youthink it’s not coming together well butthat’s entirely up to you then you can’tuse too much better on this so I’m goingto smooth this out to make the nicecrust here this is going to make adelicious crustit doesn’t have to look too perfectbecause when I’m done when I decoratethe pie I’m going to make a show borderaround it so if the crust is not perfecton the edges it’ll be fineyou just want to make sure you get itsmooth and I’m gonna set it aside let itcool while we make the filling for thepie all right now we’re ready to makeour filling I’ve added the cream cheeseI’m going to add the mock fruitsweetener in the vanilla and we’re gonnablend these for about two minutes onmediumyouall right we beat this for two minutesand I’ve scraped down my bowl and thebeaters and now we’re going to add halfthe whipping cream to this and we’regonna be this little bit higher probablyon a high about two minutesnow we’re going to add the last half ofthe whipping cream and we’re going to bethis for about another two to threeminutes on medium to highnow our last ingredient for the fillingis the strawberry sugar-free jell-o I’mgoing to add this in and this time we’regoing to beat it on slow because we wantthis to incorporate and make it a thickfillingall right now we’re ready for ourfeeling and see how nice the crest cameout that’s going to be a delicious crustwhen you bite into that so I’m going toput some of this filling here but againI want to reserve about a cup of itbecause I want to be able to decoratethe pie with some pipingwe smooth the pie as best we canthat looks good enough all right I wantto show you how we can decorate our pienow that it’s done I’m using a poppy bagbut you can get these at Walmart orWilson there anywhere you office and I’musing a 1m coupler that’s the type ofcoupler it is the size it is and so whatI’m going to do I pushed it in here andI’m gonna push it just a little bitfurther back and trim that right at theend there that way it’s the perfect sizefor the pipe I’m going to spoon myfilling into here and this is what I’mgoing to use to pipe the squirrels ofthe shells onto the border of the pieabout a cup maybe a little over cup didyou see ittwist the end and now we’re ready todecorate our pie okay I’m going to usemy little turntable here to tikrit thepie with I’m going to put a squirrel inthe center first and just lightlysqueeze on the tip makes a cute littleCenter and then I’m just going to pipeshell a shell border around the edgehere it doesn’t have to be perfectbecause they’re going to be cutting intothis in no timejust go all the way around as you cansee we have quite a bit of frosting hereso I’ll have plenty to be able todecorate this whole pie with you squeezeand pull squeeze and pull this turntableis really nice it turns very smoothlyand quickly last one you kind of have tosqueeze that in and there’s some and adda garnish to it and then we will bethrough with our pie all right since wehad extra frosting left I’m going to goahead and add a little bit moredecorations I’m going to add about fivemore little swirls or maybe sixnow what I’m going to do I’m going toshow you how to slice a strawberry andspread it out like that to make a fandecoration so you just come off the edgeyou slice it all the way to the stem butyou don’t want to cut through the stembecause that will make it come apart soyou want to get about four slices andthen you just spread it like that andthen you can put it on your strawberriesor put it on your squirrels excuse meI’m gonna need one more strawberrybecause only prepared enough to do fivesquirrels I thought that was alwaysgoing to do but you just could slice itall the way to the skin then you spreadit out like a fan and then set thatright in the center so when I add onemore it’s gonna be perfect alright sonow we have our finished productcarol’s keto no baked strawberrycheesecake and if you like this video Iwould like for you to please like it onthe like button and also if you wouldsubscribe to my channel Carol’s ketocooking class I would appreciate it andyou’ll be able to see more videos comingup hope you enjoy this class thank youyou

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