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baking a pumpkin pie from scratch *with a real pumpkin*

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Video Transcription

[Music]very crazy rightwell it’s a dark I swear I’m heresomewhere thank you all the way up herestart I don’t even have a recipe forthis I don’t know how to make this Idon’t know what you need for this butthe one thing I am pretty positive 99%sure that you do need is a pumpkin cuz Ithink without a pumpkin I can’t make apumpkin piewe’re gonna figure out how to make itwith a real freaking pumpkin you knowthere’s gonna be some people who aregonna go down in the comments sectionand comment just cook the freaking kindwhy didn’t you get the pumpand you’re gonna have so many things tocomplain about why no I don’t wanna hearit you guys are my friends and I wantedto get the pumpkin with you guys I couldmake a pumpkin pie from pumpkin piesaute saucebut that’s boring as I’m gonna getthe pumpkin I’m gonna work for mypumpkin pie and I’m gonna take you guyswith me so if you’re one of those peoplethat is gonna be pissed and I’m notalready cooking the pumpkin pie hitpatters get a door out of my freakin wayI don’t care our pumpkin pie we’recreating this together so we should pickout the pumpkin together because I feellike the pumpkinthe pumpkin is an important part we’llmake a break the pie you have a problemwith that don’t exist by making thepumpkin part from scratch and the wholeidea and the whole concept of getting apumpkin right now is to make the entirepumpkin pie from scratch does that meanI also have to make a pie crust or is itpermissible for me to go I’m aprofessional blogger I’m switching it tomy camera I also this part it I got abig pumpkin okay there’s a bunch oflittle ones mmm think they know whichones are best for pumpkin pie do Igoogle it I’m getting my how manypumpkins does it take to make pumpkinpie from scratch pumpkin pie this recipesays it cooked for three hours and 35minutes what the hell am I gettingmyself into you this one looks thefastest but I’m going with one mediumpile of up one medium high it was atthis moment evening rocky fucked-up songI might have to call my mom but Ifigured it’s a better view out here foryou guyshaha hello um I think we have a problemwhat’s that um is there a differencebetween a pie pumpkin and a pumpkin no Ijusthello because I googled a pumpkin pierecipe but there was a kid and I pickedit up there was a pumpkin pie recipe andit says wanna medium pie pumpkin piepumpkin pie being the important word inthat sentence[Music]do I still this cat or no oh you sureyou’re not getting any more cat but it’sreally cute you would put the cat backpick up the pumpkin but I came for apumpkin but imagine how much better avideo would be if I left the cat Sam doyou think they would know it was me Samthe answer’s no goodbye did she say nowhere yes oh you’re so they love you byeI have to go find pie pumpkins searchingfor this pumpkin patch be so hardpumpkin hey there’s a sign on a box thatsays hi pumpkin putting a little thingyback on but this is a good sign I’mpretty sure that that box over theresays hi pumpkin on it there’s not manyleft but hi pumpkinone dollar a little bit I took threepumpkins you guys witness it this is athree dollar proof I’m not a thief wedon’t stand thief’s here no no to havesecured pumpkins now I need to go to astore to get everything else that youneed to make a pumpkin pie no idea whatthat is yet this is looking like a twoday project one medium pie pumpkinpastry for single crust pie nine inchestwo eggs I have brown sugarI have cinnamon I have salt I needground ginger ground cloves and milk[Music][Music][Music][Music]all you gotta do is leave it better thanyou found it it’s gonna be difficult tohold your bellies I just say whatevercuz there is no way yo hi yes youfinally made itthis is the third pie I will be making Iam so over making pumpkin piesnone of them have worked so I don’t knowif this is God giving me a chance tomake a proper pumpkin pie this will bethe third pie the third pie the firsttime I made these pies we kind of gaveup the second time it didn’t taste goodbut I made a pie all the footage shouldI have off my memory card that I wasusing is corrupted oh that every singlelast file so here we are and you can’tget pie pumpkins anymore pie pumpkinsthere aren’t a thing anymore they’regonenone all I have left is this squishynasty pumpkins I don’t think is healthyand this bowl of cut-up cooked boiledbroiled it was in a frickin ball with ahot water and some the first time wetried to make them so I can’t imaginethat it’s good this is little healthierthan this but I guess we’re just we’regonna find out I also look terrible andI’m wearing pants I’m wearing pants tohave little baby slots on them I’m justhere to smashthose were koalas not sloths koalas likethe ones that have chlamydia pretty surethey’re see-through I’ve got some blackgranny panties on but we’re just gonnamy cat just well if I put this on youdon’t get to see my pant I kind of likemy pantssorry hey Fred enough today we have tomake this stuff it does come in a can weI haven’t used her yetbut if this really doesn’t work or thisseems really not safe I’m just gonnamake the puree and then not use it tomake the pie yeah we have this was incase but that is basically what we’retrying to make we’re gonna go ahead andcut open this pumpkin and see how she’slooking it can’t be good let’s be realhere so I’m just gonna cut away it wasto cut it in half it’s too squishy to begood oh it smell bad it doesn’t lookthat bad can you see I’m really donethat I did some dishes here a spoon it’sreally mushy no that’s probably not abad thing we’re like making it into apie trying to do this before it’s superlate at night because I need to use myblender thing I’m making a mouse kind ofupset with my socks those exams likeit’s after Halloween pumpkins aren’teven relevant anymore you know whatpumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving thingtechnically I’m early she’s a lot morefun in your carving so this part righthere you see no you can’t tell that’sthe part that’s like kind of iffy thingis I need as much of this pumpkin as Ican get maybe if this isn’t enough I’lljust use some of the sketchy stuffspreading my French for a weekend let mejust tell you what I’ve learned to youat this point I don’t have an excuse forthis turning out bad except for I justsuck there’s a couple different wayspeople cook the pumpkin because I cut itin half like this and set these likedown on a sheet pan and put them in youroven and bake it now if I’m like talkingis if you should ever listen to me don’ttake this video as a how to make apumpkin piehmm oh and you cook it until it’s likesoft and squishy and then like scrape upthe meat I guess pumpkins have meat onthem so beginning section area musicante pumpkins oh there’s a bad spot onthis side of this pumpkin and the otherway which is what this is in the hole asyou cut it into pieces boil it untilit’s like soft enough that when you putit in a ninja bullet it will turn into apuree this isn’t a tutorial so I don’tneed you to comment on how I’m doing itwrong you clicked on this video knowingI was gonna do it wrong genuinely gonnatry my best because I would like to eatthis now before I do anything I’m gonnaattempt to clean as I go we all knowthat it’s really not gonna work out likethat I’m gonna go put this in thegarbageokay I’m really scared of knives if Iend up with one less finger after thisyou have to subscribe okay with a littlebit of the rind is still on it and itcan’t be that bad it’s got to have extranutrition or something cuz you know whatthere’s always like a little bit of iton a pineapple and you don’t die thatlooks like this you see it yeah okay andthen we’re gonna cut it I’m kind ofslowly becoming a housewife to my cats Imean I’m not married to my cowsI can make a couple meals I’m kind ofevolving I say that but this pumpkin pieis gonna turn out like baking isdifferent than cooking I’m really scaredI’m gonna cut my finger off I wouldn’tlook good with four fingers I’m alreadychunky I can’t have anything elseholding me back kind of looks like I’mmaking a snack for my kid except theydon’t have a kid and this beauty’s notkind of left handed or that bad idea howmuch like do you mean how much do youactually need I think it’s a one mediumsized pumpkin like what does that meanI thought I was carving her off I had tocheck to make sure I was still good soall of the pumpkin is in here I’m hopingthat’s enough pumpkin get it heated andthen I’m gonna turn it down this is incase I have to use the pee right well itturn it down later but she needs to heatup and basically it’s just gonna sit inhere okay probably right look at my faceit’s just gonna sit in this pot for likean hour we’re gonna take it out and seeif we can mush it in a ninja blenderuntil done we have to be patient and wehave to wait a few moments later I’mtaking this and I’m putting it through astrainer because it kind of doesn’t lookthe best this does not smell appetizingbut I’m trusting the process the man ofthe hour the ninja where can i plug thisin okay I’m looking up what you all haveto put in I know I took a picture of therecipe I don’t even know I’m using thesame recipe that I started with go topops of pumpkin maybe I should just mixthis into the puree first wait I think Ineed milk 1 cup of milk I’m gonna dothis nuff goes bare on the seventh it’sa date todaythe sixth God is on my side of milkmaybe I should actually try yeah itstill looks like about a cup of milkoh no it’s above the fill line plug yourears everyone sit the downit’s a puree pumpkin egg milk and spiceI need two eggs I start taking some ofthis out we need 1/2 a teaspoon of saltcinnamon and then I’m using this pumpkinspice spice stuff as instead ofeverything else part of exaltedness oneteaspoon of cinnamon that’s itwhatever you doing a tablespoon of thispumpkin pie spice I would hate for it totaste blood don’t were flowing itoverflowed everywhere that’s not goodwell there’s a fill line for a reasonI’m gonna push the eggs down I mean thisstuff that’s gonna come out already cameout right wrong technically I should beable to put the cap on now wrong yeahbe more came out but that was the plannow it kind of looks like it neverhappened[Music]kind of darker now okay well now I’vejust made a mess we kind of knew thatwas gonna happen at some point oh Ididn’t put brown sugar in it I need 3/4of a cup of it okay well I’m gonna haveto ditch some of this what’s itequivalent of three four seven that saysthat having a little too much sugarcan’t hurt right well that looks like3/4 oh all of this was for two cupsof pumpkin but I didn’t measure out twocups of the pumpkin the waters gonna saythat what’s in here is to come here okay[Music]we’re gonna call this goodwhen I first bought these pie crusts Ithought that they weren’t a my sectionin the grocery store that wasrefrigerated but they were so I leftthem out of my cupboard for two days andthen Jayden came over and told me heyyou refrigerated rightI said no within two seconds of melooking at the box it says keep dollrefrigerated and big writing across thebottom none of this is okay it’ll workout so I just put it in oh I hate to hegoes it’s not cooked yet no 450 for 10minutes and then 300 for 50 minutes soI’m gonna put this in the oven becauseI’m Betty Crocker it’s in the oven andit’s gonna be in there for 10 minutesand then for 50 minutes I’m gonna lowerit to 300 and then we’re gonna eat itI’m kind of scared because the pumpkinswas a little sketchythis is the PI on the note card it saidif I put this in and take it out andthere’s nothing on it that means it’sdone I guess that means it’s done if Itried this by myself I could tell youguys that it tastes fantastic and Icould lie because I want you to think Iam good at something in my life so myoriginal thought was to take you to mymom’s house and who forced my mom to trythis pie it’s like 11:00 p.m. what timeis itit’s 10:20 p.m. I don’t really have timewho is that my mom is not awake anymoreso she’s not up to try the pie and Iwould bring it to her tomorrow for herto try it for you guys but this videohas to be done before then follow me oninstagram if you want to see my mom trythe pie I’m doing the next best thingand I’m going to Jaden’s house which islike 15 minutes away but someone elseneeds to try this pie with me I’m here Ihave the pie I know it’s the mostexciting part of this all but so muchbetween my legsoh my vagina it was my phone justkidding I’m not gonna lie it kind ofsmells really good I came here for herto try my pie she’s making me mm-hmmjust a tiny bit then I keep it longenough like a while okay looks okay noit doesn’t look cooked no because yousee the taste with the flavors are thejuicy flavors that I put into the piefirstly while we do the reason I wantedto mouth the try it was because I couldlie and say it tastes good with wingsyeah definitely not gooddon’t tell me this is the same crossthat you left in your kitchenI promise I did good maybe eat towardsthe back that might be better than thefront I’m just scared to get sick fromthis there’s nothing in that you knowthe cross is fine it might have been Ididn’t make it good it’s really not thatbad no it’s really not bad try it it’snot that bad I’m actually impressed Ithink you cooked it like I could stillcook it 21 minutes that’s all thefootage that I have for this video Ihope you liked it if you did give it abig thumbs up and subscribe if you wantif you don’t want to that’s okay toomake sure you follow me on Instagram andstuff because I’m supposed to say thatat the end of these videos but yeahthat’s it guys I will see you guys veryvery soon goodbye[Music]it’ll be fine is okayit’s okayokay

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