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Bake With Me – Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake Pie #surprisevideo #peanutbutterlover #dotk

Here is the link to this recipe. I really hope you make it yourself!

Many thanks to Madison for my awesome intro!! I love it so much!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys what’s up my awesome YouTube
okay so I’m gonna be attempting to make
this recipe right here at peanut butter
cup cheesecake pie I will link the
recipe down below in the description box
for you now here’s the thing I’m teeny
little bit okay cuz you can see here you
have ingredients to make the crust
well hey Chanel I’m lazy so I bought a
pre-made like graham cracker crust
already made formed so because I’m super
lazy and that’s how I roll nice to meet
you okay
rested any beans are you need five
ounces of cream cheese at room
temperature I left my out for a few
hours it’s nice and soft
kids are cup creamy peanut butter I have
that 1/2 cup white sugar chill RJ’s and
10 frozen snack size recent paper cups
and for the topping me chocolate shirt
and six frozen chops
snack size Reese’s peanut butter cups so
I have the cream cheese I’ll try to put
it on the camera can see it right here
12 ounces cream cheese already cut up
and soften I have the 200 cup of creamy
humor right here I have the 1/2 cup
going to mini camera right here I have
the charged eggs
right here and I have 10 frozen snack
sized piece if you remember cups right
here so
we’re gonna go ahead and get started
okay so this someone it raises over here
we’re very hard not to eat these guys
we got a bowl right here okay um we
already have crushed Dunn’s had bought a
pre mean it’s we’re together today
filling any directions
it’s a freaky Evan just 325 degrees I’ve
done that it’s preheated in a large bowl
use other trick mixture
only if I measure out half per second
pull up it runs the Vitamix your side
guys the heaters out okay my beers in my
mixer good okay all right thanks for
plugged in hang on guys put in here for
Ken got it okay okay so alright right
there okay
yours Electric make sure to combine the
cream cheese of hand cream cheese fit in
damn for a second
around this way
okay who is him let the excess off my
life here okay there’s your cream cheese
peanut butter has nothing to add we get
my friend out for that okay peanut
butter so next thing we add the figure
you’re breaking in
all right better an amethyst
yes that’s not specialist year when make
sure you have full measurement here
good okay it’s okay
cream cheese peanut butter sugar and
eggs okay
a half cup of sugar okay and then the
two eggs two large eggs
move one and two okay Jason there and I
see combine until well combined and it
stir in the peanut butter cups okay all
right so you can do this year best I can
hear is boom I don’t have a terrible
break down the bowl a little bit right
for down Bowl bits in there there okay
all right mix it up a little bit more
alright okay let me get all the excess
off the beaters I’ll come back after you
can my name is a mixture is to stir it
in peanut butter cups now this says you
need 10 frozen snack size reaches
puberty up so right here the package in
our snack size so I’m going to go ahead
and unlock them
this is a few minutes process here guys
a little bit time here hey 10 frozen
snack size just toss me a lot in there
no I’m gonna break these in half I’m
gonna cut me in half
richness heat this house might be a huge
sale guys we’ll see what happens with it
might make you fail
it smells so good Oh My heavens I we
should keep our hopes on my favorite
like chocolate see me up I mean him says
kid I love them they’re so good give it
for you to us package your snacks on it
so do a puffle day okay yummy chocolate
in there or some star you smack you
Trevor that give me hit the hamburger
one day I find people are has gone being
about is Reese’s peanut butter
M&Ms versus Reese’s Pieces a lot of
people love Reese’s Pieces that cannot
stand peanut butter imminent now I I can
eat either one but honestly my
preferences for the peanut butter
everything because they have a strong
pain any flavor the recent pieces we
catch more sugary more sure written
there by light so I wall with I need to
get me at Peter and then
one mop peanut M&M peanut butter mmm oh
yeah okay this is looking so good all My
heavens okay almost almost the peanut
butter cups guys okay last one guys okay
now after you add the peanut butter cups
you store them in transforming they’re
so big that’s okay this is so it smells
Irish Irish you cube had smell-o-vision
I’m telling you this smells so
incredibly good okay few reps are
screwed in good enough for me anyway
after we turn few minutes straight to
filling into the crust
okay somebody help me get rid of all the
parts inside all the peermark our
okay Mike Ross over here yeah okay now
she had my do this
I mean just sticking with the pilots
over here they put us in the best I can
on camera begin access office boom
everywhere you guys help smooth all this
out it’ll look better than out I promise
kind of you know the excess pie filling
in here
okay whoa now spread this out this looks
so good
Oh My heavens just look so red looks
like it fills it no that fills the pie
crust happen easily to love it
I’m calling that good okay now it says
bake and toast at 30 to 35 minutes now
there’s progress Meowth can’t get long
sorry guys made so it’s not a UH it says
Craig’s are filling into the frozen
crust it’s not frozen Tom aren’t you got
20 minutes we’ll see how it comes out
guys this is what this side part into
the oven the oven I can be heated to 325
degrees and this looks amazing so far I
might put it in the oven about 20
minutes 2025 minutes and see how it
looks and I’ll come back and show you
what yes I’m back I just pulled it out
of the oven you may not be able to tell
the difference but I can’t so I just I I
hunt in there for in the oven at 325 for
bird eat for 25 minutes
I checked it didn’t look like it was
quite done yet set put it back in with
her ten minutes so I gave this same 25
minutes total Becky’s right I’ve seen
the outside the crust is getting golden
brown and so it says here to like
totally completely cool so I’m gonna
give this like an hour or so to totally
completely cool to where it’s like cool
to the touch now come back and out
drizzle it with chocolate syrup and the
rest of the peanut butter cups so I’m
gonna come back and do that in about an
hour or so I’m gonna get this time it’s
totally cool and pop back okay guys I’m
back for sitting at my computer yes
legs were hurting in a bit today so I am
so like standing up in the kitchen to do
this part so here’s the tape I think I
semi failed in the mine with this
because I this has it cool but I came
out of the oven and I was so tired that
I different ahead ate my lunch and they
down and didn’t get put in the fridge so
this is not bitter freeze it’s been
sitting on my countertop for several
hours now but it’s a totally room
temperature no warmth or a heat left to
it at all so even though I should I wait
till this is like been refrigerated for
a little bit I’m gonna gonna do this
part now if I mess up I just mess up so
the directions say to drizzle the
chocolate syrup on top which I have some
cover chocolate syrup here and it says
take the six frozen chopped Reese’s
peanut butter cups and put it on top of
the pecan pie and well so I only had
four cups left over
I thought the bag would have it after
the whole recipe but I’m – to
Peterborough cups short so I only had
four left hopping but I’ve chopped them
all up and you didn’t see and I’m not
sure Tiffany how to do this I’m just
interested chocolate syrup
and then put the peanut butter cups on
top after that so this has a loss well
there’s a little hole here and I’m just
antsy but I don’t wanna make it too
messy if you don’t see but you know half
of these and Grizzles here oh my gosh
I’m so nervous
don’t judge me yeah
okay and I’m on your deal right you
yeah just like that baby okay
then I’m gonna just put these on top and
she always can’t place him on
this looks so good now the thing is guys
I’m not gonna be doing a taste test of
this I’m actually making this because we
have a a midweek Wednesday night Bible
study at our church we only bring stuff
to eat so I’m something of a brain like
a casserole or like soups or stews or
like ham and beans or we always have
people bringing food I’m gonna bring
this to Bible studies tomorrow night if
I can keep my hands off it till then so
I will not be doing a taste test of this
on video um but I might make a post on
my youtube killing say when people
thought of it if you liked it
monthly reviews were on it but yeah I’m
not gonna be your main taste test of
this or try it out on video guys so i
just want you bet not gonna be your nose
okay this looks so cute and it smells
and i wish you guys could smell this i
really wish you could smell this guys
seriously it’s so good
all right try to get it with some way
you know you can leave place I could
adjust Bray Hill mom forever randomly
but make it a little more even than that
this smells so good oh my gosh it smells
so good and we have all problems here
I’ll just move them wherever they
already go there we go guys that my
friends is the peanut butter cup
cheesecake pie
it looks so good the peanut buttery
smell from the Cheesecake itself is so
strong and then you have the peanut
butter cups here in the Cheesecake II
then that one is on the top oh my gosh
so I’m gonna go ahead and put the lid on
and just but this isn’t afraid to keep
it never very nice and chills until
tomorrow night I can see that might make
it post on my youtube channel letting
you know what the reactions were to it
I’m sure people are gonna love it
I don’t I’m gonna love it I definitely
have some so I’m gonna take this to
church tomorrow night for our misery
Bible study because I know better than
to keep this whole thing here with me so
making sure to let stand in place had
that happen before we let popped out
right now
okay I’m gonna round one more time look
how good this looks guys oh my goodness
I can hunger wait for tomorrow engineer
I decided to make it today because
aren’t you feeling this morning I’m
feeling pretty good how they get amount
of energy and strength thought you know
well I’m feeling good I know I had the
energy to do this I’m gonna go ahead
make that doesn’t hurt so this is how a
bonus recipe because I didn’t tell you
guys I was gonna be buying this stuff I
didn’t tell you I was gonna be making
this in advance it’s coming surprise
bonus cooking video baking video for you
hope you guys like it
there we go boom cheesecake pie is done
I’m gonna go ahead and get this video up
of it and again let you know what people
thought of it I’ll make it post on my
YouTube channels be sure and check back
on there I love you all so much thank
you for watching this recipe links in
the description box below if you make it
let me know what you think of it guys
I’m gonna go down and see you in this
video bye

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