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Hey family!!!! In today’s video we try making a Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie! It doesn’t exactly go as planned, but it still tasted delicious! LOL! The recipe is linked and typed out below. We first watched the video and made the recipe based on that. Then I went to the website and actually looked at the ingredients and saw that you need 4 puff pastries…. That’s why our’s lost the cinnamon roll look! LOL!! It was still the best apple pie we’ve ever had though, so give it a try!


For the pastry:

4 rolls of ready-made puff pastry
2 tbsp melted butter
8 tbsp cinnamon
For the filling:

10 red apples
6 oz sugar
1 tbsp cinnamon
3 tbsp flour

For The Icing:
2 c powdered sugar
2 Tbsp butter melted
2 tsp vanilla
4 Tbsp milk can substitute with heavy cream or half and half

Combine powdered sugar, melted butter, vanilla and milk in a large mixing bowl until smooth.
Pour over warm rolls and spread.


First, roll out one of the sheets of puff pastry, brush on the melted butter, and sprinkle approx. two tbsp of cinnamon on top. Then roll it up tightly from one of the long sides. Refrigerate the roll and repeat the whole process with all the sheets of pastry.

Next, cut each roll into about 20 pieces. Line a greased pie dish with the mini cinnamon rolls from two of the pastry sheets. Lay them in the center first and work your way outwards. Press them down in the dish so they stick together and form base for the pie. It doesn’t matter if they stick out over the edge of the dish. Then paint the entire thing with egg yolk.

Peel the apples and put them into small slices. Sprinkle them with sugar, cinnamon and flour and mix everything together carefully, preferably with your hands. Spread the filling evenly over the pastry base.

Place the other 40 or so rolls in a circular shape on a large sheet of baking parchment. Place a second sheet on top. Use a rolling pin to flatten the cinnamon rolls so they flatten out and stick together.

Pull off the top sheet then flip the cinnamon roll circle over as a lid for the apple pie filling and gently press it down. Remove the baking parchment and cut away the excess pastry from around the edge. Paint the pie crust with egg yolk. Bake the pie for 40 minutes at 360°F.

While pie is baking mix together the icing ingredients. Pour over warm pie when it’s done.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]I don’t know if this is West Coast me[Music]good afternoon everybodywe’re about to go ahead and make ourdessert for tonight because I have to gopick the groceries up at 3 o’clock todayand then by the time I get home put thegroceries away and all that it’s gonnabe straight up time to cook supper andthen I won’t have time to make dessertand we’re having this dessert – not thisis like I don’t even know what it’scalled it’s some kind of amplifier withcinnamon roll pie crust expecting a verydelicious yes with that’s gonna be abunch of mini cinnamon rolls yes in themiddle here we go we’re gonna have therecipe down below for y’all I’m gonna bemaking the bottom or the top he’s gonnabe making the bottom or the top we’regonna be making these together at thesame time well we got to get this puffpastry step first this stuff right herecan get them to be really really stickyI’m gonna find something to leave hisstuff on this deal right here I’ve alsomissed wax paper or hammering off I’mgonna need wood slavey don’t hit him butit’s big now for everyone please anybodyI don’t see any reason why we can’t usethis right here if you know what amatrimony right now oh well we have tohave the wax paper on the top layer asyou put it in between bro we gotta haveone we’ll have to in just a minute butthere’s right now we don’t need to gothere this is what you’re gonna have tohave right here eggs cinnamon butter andapples then you’re gonna take your puffpastry right there get your puppet andlet’s roll with this thingsince he wants to push the button don’tget my socks video look at miss cloudsthey’re more like slippers missChristmas that’s what my brother gave mefor Christmas I really like them butit’s just past Christmas so I’m notstill sporting it’s got these down thattail we put in wash eat apples and cutthem up real goodwell we can do the apples after see wegot a roll these up roll each burger andactually put them a go to bed writer fora little while so while they’re in therefrigerator wonder that but I’m gonnaprop rather than Mathis perfect okaybutter this is an exciting littledessert I promise yeah you put a littlehave you put a little ice cream on sadsee what happens yes what we’re fixingto do would actually be and I’m thinkingabout doing this I should have put somepuff pastry on my grocery pick up orderthis would be really good actually makea little bitty mini cinnamon roll so nowwe’re just putting cinnamon but thisright here would make some really mainlittle little cinnamon bags yeah so ifwe’re gonna do that I would also putlike some sugar mixed in here with thisa little sugar so bad which we might doanywaythat’s gonna mistake my bread I lovewhat cinnamon hey I love a curry butteron my side Ohdon’t say for my glow epithet look itWaku well my little habitat we all havea little puff pastry leftover when weput everything in the pot I’ll give itto you okay now I’m just putting alittle bit of brown sugar on here[Music]all right now we take the puff creperight we take the black baby I know it’ssadbut can you talk English red name waitpastry and we’re gonna roll it up andonce we get it rolled up then we stickit in the refrigerator and do our Applething[Music][Music]look at mine don’t look at his alrightnow look at that buddy are some dewlaptender with a vegetarianalright now I’ve just got this pan overhere we just want steak my refrigeratornow I just put some wax paper so theywouldn’t stick and we’re going to takethese look better I didn’t go in therefeel comfortable navigating okay theseare gonna go in the refrigerator whilewe get the apples ready for these appleswe’re just gonna cut them up into thinlittle almost like you’re going thenlittle pieces of apple here we go sanimapples out[Music]mainly has to come join in on the Applefine y’all every time we’re in thekitchen he knows we’re doing somethingwhat do you seesee apples he loves to watch people cookyo you’re my daddy knows that cool happyyou want to see the baby[Music]wow he’s frying the apples then I’ll goahead and get our one of our littlethings out and go ahead and make thebottom dad baby if you do that[Music]here we go we’re gonna make the bottomof this cinnamon roll pie crust[Music][Applause][Music]here’s the little appetizers gonna makewe’re gonna put this one more in theoven alright there’s cc’s you did a goodjob – there’s your little cinnamon stickpiece I made this one for meyeah showing everybody is it a halfhere’s mine right here this is myappetizeroh goodso you’re just gonna make this in acircle shape right right so you put thepiece of wax paper on top then you beginto do this and you won’t make sure whenyou’re doing this keep in mind off thisroad one way you have a rectangle andthen go little out mini cinnamon rows weget double the flour that does this justimagine this being a paintbrush with abunch of different colors on it make itsomething you don’t know what it is butyou get paid a lot of money to justsprinkle paint everywhere[Music]that’s what I’m doing a sim bro Istarted out as a sender oh I’m getting apushing I started seeing a flower intherethat’s me flyer right there that’s ourdaughteroh I was so into my partsee I had this thug that over applesgoing in no I don’t know if this is waysupposed to be well act like it is nowwe’re gonna go to Tom’s may again it’sgoing in the oven at 360 for 30 to 40minutes[Music][Music]no joke I’d probably best out of fivewreaths my left it might not lookexactly like you but it sure does takeyou all right now it’s a few hours laternowTitus rode with me to do my grocerypickup order we got back home and Ifilmed the grocery haul it’s still allout I haven’t put anything up yet exceptthe ice cream and him and the boys hadto go up and check on the horses andthey’re working on that fence line andall that stuff for that big tree filledother day so they’re doing that Jonaheven went with them it’s like almost 70degrees y’all and then this weekend thehighs are gonna be only in the likereally low forties like 40 41 thisweather it’s crazy but today it feelslike summertime I’m even wearingflip-flops I’m about to start puttingthese groceries awaybut mr. Manley wanted moment to hold himfirst so the groceries can wait rightthey can wait a little bit that’s rightI don’t got my yes they can wait I don’tgot my hair pulled back ready to dig inand put these groceries up yeah he’stalking to y’all he’s got to tell y’allsomething I put myself on a little houseon the prairie and I was gonna try toput these groceries up while watching aLittle House on the Prairie yeah sissy’shaving trouble with Milo and blue duringfeeding time so I’m gonna go help herand then I’m gonna put these groceriesup Jonah wants to try to put mainlyclothes on him tonight I just got himready for bed[Music]oh my god that okay what do you thinkthey did it[Music]


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  4. Get the cinnamon rolls in the tub, the one that is in the refrigerator section.then buy a can of apple pie filling. Take the cinnamon roll press into a cupcake tin and add the pie filling cook for 35 minutes @ 350 enjoy.

  5. Good evening Moss Family and Everyone else!! Dessert looked delicious. I’m definitely going have to try it. Manley is so cute. Have a great evening. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

  6. i am so ready for warm weather, we got 9 inches of snow overnight, your kids would love it here though, toboggan and a big hill, throw in a hot cup of hot chocolate and some marshmellows….mmmm all set ! you are welcome here anytime ! 🙂

  7. I am so curious about the amount of cinnamon ya’ll used on the pie, was it too much or just the right amount? The pie looked delicious and I definitely want to make it! The expression on your face was priceless! Jonah was so cute trying to dress Manley. I look forward to your videos everyday. Blessings to all of you!

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