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Bake these spiked whoopie pies for your valentine

Looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day recipe? Pastry chef Meghan McGarry of Buttercream Blondie shows us how to use red wine to make a customizable Valentine’s Day dessert. Watch McGarry remix her favorite whoopie pie recipe with a boozy twist.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi I’m Joseph I’m the managing editor ofsalon and today we’re gonna talk aboutValentine’s Day and I couldn’t think ofa more perfect person to come than thepastry chef Megan McGarry who’s frombuttercream blondie she’s one of our toprecipe contributors on site and todayshe’s gonna show us how to make whoopiepies yes thanks for having me so tell usabout this dessert we are gonna do atwist on a classic dessert we’re doingred wine whoopie pies and that’s whatyou’re known for right giving dessertsmakeovers yes or as I like to say judgeem up and I do that with luck yours andspirits like this red wine here yeah youknow if I’m here it’s gonna be boozy andas you can see I have already baked thewhoopie pies now it’s time to move on toour filling which we have mascarpone andheavy creamwhipping in our mixer now we’re gonnaadd our powdered sugar a splash ofvanilla extract and last but certainlynot least comes our red wine reductionand let this whip until it comes to itsstiff peak time to fill our piping bagwhich I have fitted with a large startip you’re gonna pipe this filling onthe whoopie pie starting around the edgeyou are going to bring the piping bagtowards the center and release thepressure top it with its other half andadhere gently so it’s time to decoratewe’re gonna make a really simple ganachewith some dark chocolate and light cornsyrup and some heavy cream you’re gonnaspoon a dab of this on top of yourwhoopie pies help it around just alittle bit don’t mess with it too muchwe’re gonna top it with somefreeze-dried raspberries or are reallyfun sprinkle mix cause ahigh-maintenanceand that is your red wine whoopie pies Ihope you give them a try and for thefull recipe head on over to buttercreamblondie calm happy Valentine’s Day[Music]

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