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BAKE BAKERY FOOD REVIEW – Episode 14 (Meat Pie + Cornish Pasty +Nutella Stuffed Cronut)

Welcome to Hunky Food Dudes Episode 14!

Hunkster CHRIS C is riding solo today as he takes a trip to ” Bake Bakery” for a Food Review.

He gives the Famous “Chunky Meat Pie” a go, also he try’s the Vintage “Cornish Pasty” & for desert he devours a “Nutella filled Doughnut”.

Find you what Potato Rating CHRIS C gives these delicious pastries!

“Bake Bakery” has 2 locations:
-246 Seacombe Road, Seacliff Park, South Australia.
-Shop 1 401 Main Road ,Coromandel Valley, South Australia.

You can also find them on facebook;

Hope you enjoy our Food Review!

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We will see you next time right here on HUNKY FOOD DUDES!!!

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Hunky Food Dudes Team,

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Video Transcription

welcome everyone to another episode ofhunky food dudes this is episode 14we’re at bake bakery today we’re gonnaget stuck right into this guys we’ll seeyou right after the intro[Music][Music]hi guys I’m your host Chris C and todayguys we are visiting a bakery now thisbakery it’s called bake bakery there’stwo of these bakeries in South Australiain Adelaide ones that Seacliff Park oncecum Road and the other onesincremental Valley I’ll leave all thedescriptions of where they are I’llleave all the addresses down below inthe description guys so if you want tocheck them out they’ll be down there youknow I had a request from the king ofthe north I love that majestic Chinaanyway so I got a request from yeah theking of the laws and gonna be looking ata chunky pie tonight from baked bakeryalso a Cornish pasty but you people outthere that I know we’re a Cornish pastyears doing that one and also we’ve gota coconut and Nutella doughnuts so youguys I’m gonna be eating all that todayfor you guys and give me your review soguys before we begin I like to say we’vegot a hundred subscribers so we are veryvery happy me and Johnny G we were overthe moon with a hundred it came veryquick we weren’t expecting it to be thatquick we are gonna be doing a specialvideo on the 100 subscribers very soonstay tuned for that guys because yeahthat’s gonna be a really cool video itcould be either uploaded this week ornext week so just keep an eye out we’lllet you know through our Facebook orInstagram when they baguettes coming outbut don’t don’t worry we haven’tforgotten about it okaynow before we start getting into thisbakery delightful food make sure you hitthat thumbs up guys hit that subscribebutton and yeah sheriffs around guys letyour friends know about us we’re growinggrowing every day and yeah we’re excitedto keep growing so without further adohere we go on this food review so I’mgonna try the pie first you know this istraditional meat pie as you can see guysthat the source of that I can’t have apile of that sauce so yeah the sauceit’s a chunky one so it’s the meterpretty chunky inside so young and overI’m gorgeous this one cost five dollarsthirty you know yeah it is a bit priceythan normal pies but this is a prettyboutique kind of place but it’s a placethat you would find in the countrysomewhere and youthere’s country bakeries and they gotthe best stuff that’s probably why it’sa bit pricey give it a go and see ifthat price tag goes with the play allright here we gofirst boy[Music]that’s good guysthere you can seethe basically glass if you’re not fromAustralia and then I want to meet pieit’s just like meets me inside blahwell this one’s chunky so stop chunkypieces in that just like beef and it’sall gravy inside so you know apple sauceon that tomato sauce okay it’s beautifulthis is really nice gloss pastry isreally nice the meats really nice tastelike yeahinfecting meat cooked properly and thegravies beautiful mmm humming but you’dbuy them in the country somewhere likemy awesome bakery but which is local inthat late[Music]I’m painting a bit of spice in there tooI’m saying yeah it’s got a bit of aspice kick thought oh not somethingthat’s like chili hot or II thought thatbut it’s yeah bit spicy but it’s myspice very nice very nice fire I love mymeatballs but that was really nice Icould have another one of those next andplay the coins pass the coins past theoriginated from the UK in Adelaide thesettlers that came to Adelaide were fromthe UK must have bought this recipe withthem but you can’t really get thisanywhere else in Australia pretty sureit sunny South Australian get where theymake them so I still live in Perth myclimber and bear the same coin he’spassing us but if I’m wrong let me knowguys in the comments it literally lookslike rule it’s just huge I’m notsourcing them as well guys thanks theytold me that this is the only party theymake with meat so let’s go potato weknow it so there’s veggies in there it’snot like a pie or it’s got the gravy inthe meat but it’s got Cara and all thatkind of stuff in it as well so it’spretty big as well look how big it isparks pretty heavy as well so just $5studies well guards so it’s pretty bigbuy life for five dollars thirty prettybig hey let’s give it a crack[Music]placing the veggies and the mummy aswell when the potato carrot actually notplay you can see which is really fillingguys before they get a range of scenesfrom there cuz thought they’ve got somuch stuff there so and I asked for thethe most popular stuff so there areother other pastries there as well butoh wait for these ones there’s a bettershotany bad thing about this is you get veryMissy because the price refluxeverywhere remember that class maybehave a pipe with you in you don’t dolong doing[Music]that was awesome guys very soft butthere’s some nice big crunchy bits aswell and with the saw I love the putsauce with it as well so it was awesometomato sauce by the way yeahMiriam in that it’s a bit feeling so Ijust have the coins passed on its ownit’s enough so I didn’t really have tohave the pile but for you guys I pulledoff throwing the pie as well if I was toget either one or hot depends but you dolike sometimes I feel like a meat piesometimes yeah you feel like a pastydepends but they’re both delicious I’mgoing to try their doughnut then theteller donut out right now oh okayLouise guysso isn’t it a light in the middle guysand then the top they’ve got somelashing we got chocolate icing and alsostrawberry icing it looks like and thenit’s gonna cinnamon cinnamon doughnutroll so and in size Nutella as you cansaw before see oh that’s amazing but ahhere we go[Music]it’s very sweetit’s nice there but very sweet guys ifyou know into really sweet softI recommend this but if you like yousweet stuff then you[Music]ah well done guys that was really nicethat day that was really nicemaybe a bit too sweet for me but I cansee why people would like that Dana nothat’s much of a sweet tooth as otherpeople but ladies a nice doing that I’mnot gonna say it’s not nice the texturewas really nice it was nice and soft andthe gooey greenness of the Nutellainside was really nice and then thecinnamon doughnut as wellit was nice it was nice and crunchy aswell so I recommend it nice no not sayyeah but there are other doughnuts thereguys but not as sweet as that one but Ijust thought I’ll give him to tell alongcos run loves Nutellaokay so I’ll write them into vigil eatfor the pie I only give that chunky pieit’s beef pie oh man it’s up there youhave to give it seven point eightpotatoes it’s my food review for thatfor the chunky beef pie it was reallynice I recommend that pie guysthe Cornish pasty I was really nice aswell I will have to go in the sevens aswell guys seven point eight it wasreally nice guys seven point eight verynice points pasty I’ll definitely goback home to get either of those twonow the were doing that for me it wasreally sweet other people probably giveit a higher rating than I would becausethey love how sweet that is but for meI’d love to give it a six point two fitsabove average for me but you’re just toosweet for me so but it’s still nice andI can see why that is a popular choiceso so you get the answer bake bakeryguys stop two locationsGinobli one one at sea cliff park andcoromandel valley we’ve got a website aswell ww baked bakery condo you somepretty sure they have a facebook page soi’ll link everything in the descriptiondown below guys check them out if you’rein the area and yeah but bakeries I welove bakeries the hundred food dudeswill do a few more bakeries if you knowany other bakeriesthat’s a really good let us know andwe’ll try get down therewhen we can alright good well anotherfood review done the next next episodewe’re gonna have Johnny G back and we’regonna be doing some hot dogs so wehaven’t we haven’t done a hot dog hereso stay tuned plow on guys it’s gonna becoming out very soonand we’re gonna be doing if I saidearlier in the video the 100 subscribervideo we’re still working on what we’redoing and how we’re gonna do it so staytuned for that guys don’t want and wehaven’t forgotten about it so don’tworry over there thank you to all oursubscribers thank you for getting us allto 100 guys we are so ecstatic with thatand we just pumped keep growing so ifyou haven’t subscribed make sure yousubscribe guys hit that like button aswell and we will see you on the nextepisode of funky[Music][Music]welcome everyone to welcome everybody toanother episode of hunky food dudes thisis episode 14 we’re gonna we’re welcomeeveryone

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