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Bake a Pumpkin Pie With Me

Yes indeed, I did do one of these cliché “bake something with me” videos. I added dead memes for your personal enjoyment. I give you.. pumpkin pie, folks.

Music I Used:

Ultimate – Denzel Curry

X Files Theme (Main Theme) – Mark Snow

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

it’s high time it’s time to get out yourbaking step 5 time hello my name isHayley rose and you are going to bebaking a pumpkin pie with me about threedays after Thanksgiving let’s do it soI’m gonna pull up a pie recipe and we’regoing to see what we need this is avegan gluten-free pumpkin pie teningredients vegan gluten free perfectlet’s do this okay I’m not gonna make apie crust so we’re gonna do the lazything and this is not gluten free so Iguess technically this pie is just veganit’s gonna be a good pie this is grahamcracker pie crust that I would just eatthis crust but okay the filling is whereit’s at it’s negative or full superpumpkiny firm incredibly moist perfectlysweet suddenly spiced and seriouslyperfect it sounds like my kind of piefilling okay what do we need for thispie filling let’s see two 3/4 cups ofpumpkin puree I got it 1/4 cup of maplesyrup I got it1/4 cup brown sugar I got it1/3 cup of unsweetened plain almond milkI got it1 tablespoon of olive oil I got ittwo and a half tablespoons of cornstarch got it 1 3/4 teaspoon of pumpkinpie spice I got itand 1/4 teaspoon of sea saltI don’t have sea salt but I haveHimalayan pink salt let’s put that herethese are our filling ingredients andnow let’s see what we need to do add allpie ingredients to a blender and blenduntil smoothwe need a blender[Music]ok let’s move these guys and then we’regonna pour in our things ok so two 3/4cups of pumpkin puree my pumpkin pureepumpkin puree more like pumpkin hoorayok what I’m doing here ok open him likesome delicious baby food let’s open theother one it’s a hundred percent puresee that I don’t know if that will focusbut it says 100 percent pure I promiseand we need to three-fourths if we needto 3/4 we’re gonna need four half cupsnevermind I rethought my conversionsthis is right but I don’t know 3/4 soI’ll just use 3/4 of an actual foodsource measuring cup ok so this is goingto be 2 cupsperfect I’m gonna wipe these offoh good time it’s bacon Tommy oh you’rewelcomeso then we need a 1/4 cup of maple syruppancake syrup but it’s the same thingokayooh that smells really good I don’t likemaple syrup but that we need to wipe himoff he’s a sticky boy and then we need1/3 and we’re back after some technicaldifficulties and dinner the entire piefilling is inside this blending vesselwe are about to blend itI’m gonna tell you right now this leavethem all sugar delish that’s good yaylet me spread he’s a little bit crumblybut these bumpkins need to put him inthe oven and the crust should be lightgolden brown and the filling should justbe a little bit jiggly and have somecracks on the top[Music][Music][Music]

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