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ASMR: favorite summer pies/ deserts (my no-bake pie) & interesting facts about French pastries

A video soft spoken/audio about the French cult pastries & deserts (soft spoken; some visual hand mouvements when showing my pie and mainly audio/video for listening and relaxation) inspired by some of my viewers’ suggestions, hope you enjoy!Sorry I could not show you the preparation of my pie, but found a version of it – please see ressources below (takes long time to edit voice over as the kitchen is a busy and noisy place Maybe next time!Thank you for your support!
Ressources I recommend:
My (old video in 2012/REUPLOAD): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1a-kxwZgnc ASMR: La boulangerie “Chez Amandine” jeu de rôle (French RP soft spoken) :LOUD !
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TV9WgY6GxSM 15 Minute Banana Cream Pie | No-Bake | Bigger Bolder Baking
Lime version (close to the one my grand mother used to prepare : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq1KPiEHnUI No-Bake Key Lime Pie from Scratch – Recipe Laura Vitale – Laura In The Kitchen Episode 58
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlkqogNXskI Recette de la Tarte Bourdaloue aux Poires
(French version)
The Art of French Pastry de Jacquy Pfeiffer, Martha Rose Shulmab
Pastry School: 101 Step-by-Step Recipes Relié – 30 août 2018
de Le Cordon Bleu’s Pastry School Chefs (Avec la contribution de)
French Desserts: The Art of French Desserts: The Very Best Traditional French Desserts & Pastries Cookbook (French Dessert Recipes, French Pastry Recipes, French Desserts Cookbook) de Pierre Moreau

French Pastry Culture 101

This video is an asmr video (please google ASMR) and cannot replace any professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological problems, please consult your physician.
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Video Transcription

hello dear friends this is the mundane
know what to tell you where I kind
Santoli obeyed him out one of my
favorite pies today me today which is a
mixture between some childhood taste and
ization part of taste for my you know
family and also some interesting facts
about French bakery and cold pastries
hello I hope you enjoy it has his
suggestions were made by some of you the
viewers of this job so so this is not
odd that I have prepared it is an old
recipe that I have Justine I used to
make the line one and with custard and
it was a recipe that my mother and oh
yes to do a 4-ounce for christmas or
different family gathering in ourselves
and um when I was a child my grandmother
used to make this kind of beautiful type
of pie without baking just based on
biscuit shortbread or butter biscuit
it’s the Swedish ones and so it was with
lime or lemon and I found something in
English that could it be like doubt it’s
just I had a neck strong almond show you
I’m so sorry I couldn’t show you the
recipe because I’m cooking in the
kitchen I should make her voiceover and
it’s very difficult with noises and
interruptions and my hope next time in
the meantime
– right – you something else and speak
about some beautiful French desserts so
this is the English custard but is it
clear you can make it home like him in
the video that I had here but this is
something that I got from my
mother-in-law when I travelled towards
it takes five minutes to prepare it it’s
an English custard which is cold
come on glass English cream in French
with funny fun times and it’s very very
easy to prepare and then if you put it
in the fridge it will be very thick and
like jelly because you will be able to
cut it
sorry I had to cut my nails very short
because I work with animals of the
mountain with birds and is very
important for them not to hurt them and
for our genes you might see some videos
with my nose
it’s not a problem at if I don’t do it
we’re stopping and it is a moment
everywhere I’m fond of almonds
Picon type of nuts suggest you to add
these on the top like if you use berries
and I suggest that you use a cream that
is with berries or vanilla if you lose
banana or lime again you can just on my
hat on the top whatever you prefer let
me know what is your favorite summer
design and if you do have some sugar
problem please remember you can always
use coconut sugar
or brown sugar or their different kind
of healthy substitutes but of course and
you know both are your needs and it’s
important to keep balance since I killed
okay health comes first before pleasure
I’m going to tell me Lily tell me about
French pastry and pastry oh my wonderful
and famous French pastry that’s why my
spitting going to the town to some of my
favorite desserts and once again I chose
this topic thanks to some of your
questions and suggestions and interest
yeah I think that country it has very
important aspects of ping pong language
installations and it is worth it to come
in with friends or at least to know some
things down different aspects in case
one and I know that most of my friends
coming from you eyes on different parts
of the world enjoy French food before
becoming French by choice it’s nice
different since I was fine and France is
my country by choice but I wasn’t born
here and my husband Theo stone I’ll make
a joke saying that I chose France
because of human rights and movements
and the kids I’m fond of they were crazy
from Irish pastry etc maybe he’s so
basically when I was younger I was very
fond of its Helaman French cheese and
it’s still the case so some of the most
important moments in the history of
pastry the puff pastry was created in 15
day by 20 and 25 years later it is
believed that a holiday a pastry was
invented towards maybe 16 2016 13 and in
1638 France tasted turf light a mandolin
for the first time Amandine is a sort of
a cake that my grandfather used to love
and so you can see where my nickname
Amanda came since my child 1660 was the
year the cream was invented and 1686 was
the year that started French cafe
culture in France and cook up the first
Parisian cafe serves coffee tea ice
cream and chocolate
17:17 mist here the first noodle factory
was founded Macau macaroons were
invented in 1793 1880s a year prior SH
became a very popular place in Paris and
in 1830 the ice cream machine was born
in 1979 the first Christmas log was made
by chapeau and candied chestnuts became
a thing in 1892 in 1890 dr. Bob Lulu
French pear tart was created in 1919
from society to create professional
courses for confectionery apprentices
the first ice conductor in France opened
its doors in 1924 so you might have
noticed if you
they state questions or different type
of pastry that French pastries are very
flaky and that’s because French cook and
they use a lot of butter to make them so
it takes a lot of time and effort to
create a perfect texture an amazing
taste some French desserts such as
chocolate mousse or fruit based most are
very fluffy and light but my hunk can
also be characterized as fluffy and the
texture is completely different there
are very rich and creamy and some of my
favorites are as I said before military
which is known as Napoleon he’s a French
lawyer dessert that is loved by many
people it is made with three layers of
puff pastry filled with pastry cream
topped with almonds and the delicious
icing with cream sometimes used in new
food as well and so are other
non-traditional ingredients such as
cheese or fresh berries in one of my
whole plays on my own channeling 20 I
think 12 I made a French video diary
about it here on this channel I wrote a
play about bakery and I present this
beautiful meal three thousand layers of
these favorite
that’s pretty one in my case choux
pastry is a wonderful place reused many
French dessert it is made with basic
ingredients such as flour water eggs and
butter and this pastry is more puffy
than flaky
and it is used for cream dessert such as
schwa like I’m a clay hyppolit on the
moves could be a chocolate mousse um or
just fruit paste mousies you have to
admit that nothing beats the French
losses they’re airy and fluffy and
beautiful delicious Turkish words and um
I just think that you should try
vengeance if you have the occasion the
opportunity in a French restaurant
another one it’s um a little butter cake
shape different shapes like shells or
Crescent such as Madeline and it’s very
soft inside and crispy on the outside
you can use them to drink your tea or
cappuccino in the afternoon and not her
desserts French dessert I like it is
stuffed Dom which was created by
accident it is traditional just
caramelized apples and you can make this
with pants as well more different sort
of fruits and also one of my favorite
French gazer this time it’s kinda here
which is not a pastry but it is a
vanilla custard and sugar topping when
you take a bite to the cream of a creme
brulee it’s just caramelized sugar on
top which makes disgusted creamy so so
special and yeah I think that if you
don’t know time Poona
you should try it at least once in your
life I’m so mad at question
about a chocolate croissant and Don
chakra or chakra latina subscriber I
think she is Canadian or something
she asked me what’s the difference well
in a self the straighting of France the
pouch column a little chocolate pastry
brand or croissant
it’s called chocolate in and you can
also find almond almond croissant
pause a song which are small pastries
with raisins and custard or chocolate
chips or filled with different types of
creamer jam and there are many
interesting facts about pastries and I
brought it for this video actually I
didn’t know that they are more than
35,000 a trays in France one day creeper
1,800 people this number has been in
decline for a while but I know for
example at our villages and different
types of small towns that have a really
traditional baked race and he’s pretty
wonderful the French newspaper little
who named the croissant from bakery yeah
I made the best in Paris in 2013 and you
can see more I hope I can find a link
English if you’re interested I’ll
surround that scene Starbucks both
French Baker pescado Vegas San
francisco-based and I’ll bring home more
chocolate cross song has becoming a
coffee chain’s best-selling pastry it
wasn’t interesting to me when I went
to us any new Han countries in Europe
has allowed to find different types of
croissant and me imitation of French
pastries um 50% of croissants are not
made in-house but instead purchase
frozen and then baked on-site in this
type of industrial places I can assure
you that in France among traditional
bakeries you will never find something
other than fresh and baked in the
morning usually people I guess wake up
at 2:00 3:00 4:00 a.m. in the morning
and it’s really insane when I first came
to Paris at 10:00 11:00 a.m. when I was
taking a break from work I couldn’t find
a lot of my favorite pastries they were
just disappearing so fast I can also
Adam if you are interested croissants
type of a recipe that I found in English
and if you are interested um how to type
French recipes dessert if not just let
me know what exactly do you like what
are your favorite is that it’s not
necessarily French maybe you’ve tried
Bryant once maybe other once hmm
and maybe you want to share your
favorite type of design and of course
I’m not speaking now about anything
related to sugar in health house they’ve
done it in some other videos they’re
nice videos with different purpose
always keep the balance and know your
health do the best for yourself Syria
and the French culture on the pace dream
yes pretty famous and I was created by a
French painter an apprentice
Kludd shoulder in 1645 when he
accidentally creating and type of do I’m
trying to make a form of old butter cake
or he said father if you’re interested
in the French culture of pastries which
is pretty famous around the world I will
try to what some links that description
below you can do how about them interest
in different types of foam dessert you
traveled around the world or um you want
to just share about your favorite tastes
just let me know in the comments below
and remember just enjoy why it tastes so
thank you so much for the suggestion
that this venue and what allow me to
share with you part of my culture and
passions he made a video pass from a
side of cheese in French but if you’re
interested I could do anything with it
as well just let me know

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