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Apple pie wk 3 vid 6

This is the part I both love AND hate.. the bake off! I admittedly started baking the pie without using video.. forgive me!! I started the pie bake off at 425 for 20 minutes, uncovered and out of the cooler. The sheet pan is lined with foil and parchment and then sprayed for extra precaution. I then dropped the temperature to 375 and continued to bake for almost another hour.. likely due to the excess of apples in the pie! When the pie is finished baking.. the liquid inside the pie should be boiling and that means you should see bubbles rising out of the scores and cuts from the top crust. Golden brown and caramelized sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and cooked apples .. aromatic and decadent and all from a kitchen full of family and friends. Sucessfull bake off!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

just wanted to quickly show you mytemperatures at 425 and that is what thepie looks like right now and actually itlooks broody bomb dose dude but now isthe time when I would lower thetemperature to 375 so let’s do thatand set our timer I’m actually gonna setit for 20 minutes so I can check on itso I can control my element right phrasethe timer went off again these 20minutes seem to fly by what do you thinkall right my face okay it’s been 20minutesholy crap that looks great not donethough and it’s getting a little brownand I don’t want it to go over brown soplease to hold and you keep watching thehi we don’t see any bubbling of thejuices coming out over the edges whichis good can you all make actually canmove it we just loosely over so theydon’t get over Brown all right andanother let’s do 15 minutes sound goodsure okay cut it offtimer just went off and I got phonecalled by twice so now we have to retakethis like the third time but we’re gonnacheck out it because it’s been 20minutes first bake for 25 20 minutessecond bake 375 this is now the end ofits third bacon 15 minutes and we’regonna take a coil off and check it’sbrowning and Dennis looking pretty bombnow the edges you can tell are getting alittle browner than the center so whatI’m gonna do check me out and yes thisis what I usually have to do in factthis is how I save white this is how Isaved my outer crest thank you fornoticingalright so now it can finish cooking I’mgonna put it on for like another 10minutes you I can’t arrive thank you Ilike that I have a little brownie pieceright there so let me see if I can hideit there that’ll help back in tenminutes[Music]no keep going alright okay it’s on we’rerecording my game okay rightoh that’s bubbling right there rightthere right there right there rightthere right there right where I’m also Idon’t know why mom yeah there get inthereoh yeah look at that you can see thesugar of the water together made a nicecrispy caramelized top crust oh my goshI get weak super hot you got close theoven that’s the oven I’m subscribed tomy gaming do it well if we come in – ohit’s steamy its statement yeah right nowstop hi is gonna be liquid and it’sgonna be falling apart we want to needto Kofi we need to here’s the butterhow’s it thicken up so it’s got a cooldown good try fine I would ruin that’sand that’s it so you can cut it off nowkitchen

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