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12.1.19 Turkey Pot Pie And Chicken Pot Pie A Great Leftover Turkey Recipe LIVE

Boy I bet if you make my Turkey Pot Pie your family will be pleased and they will not have to eat a sandwich! This recipe is in our Volume One Cookbook called Chicken Pot Pie. Scroll down to bottom of description for the recipe.

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DO YOU REMEMBER that good old southern cooking? When I was growing up, my granny was my favorite cook. My mama was an amazing cook as well, but there was just something about being in granny’s kitchen.
I have made it so easy for you to learn how to cook like my granny and mama did with cooking tutorials for each and every recipe in our cookbooks. You can see how to order these by visiting us on our website. Oh and no difficult to find or crazy ingredients! Just simple ingredients and really good food.
I am a southern girl born in raised in Collard Valley in Polk County Georgia. We went to church on Sunday, school during the week, the grocery store on Friday’s and that was our life. No vacations, no camping, just plain old southern country people
Chicken Pot Pie
Boil chicken with seasonings breast down on medium/low for 1 hour. Take chicken out with two large spoons and place on platter. (take chicken off bones after it cools) discard bones and fat. You will only need half of chicken for this recipe. Chop the chicken in 1-inch sections on a cutting board.
Place one of crusts in bottom of glass Pyrex casserole dish. Pour white gravy in a large bowl. Add two cans of drained mixed vegetables. Add chicken. Taste gravy and add salt and pepper if needed. Mix up ingredients pour into casserole dish over pie crust. Take other pie crust roll it out make a few slits in top with a knife. Place on top of casserole. If you have a flat edge on dish crimp pie crust to make it pretty. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. “Do not use frozen vegetables unless you pre-boil them first or they won’t get done” Tammy

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Video Transcription

hey y’all it’s Tammy with Collard valleycooks today we are going to use ourextra turkey and we’re going to make aturkey potpie then I’m going to turnaround and make chicken and dumplingslater today live so y’all are going tosee me in the kitchen quite a bit todayright now we have simmered we’ve sauteedsome onions green onions Christians onthe pot please and I’ve made a gravywe’re going to go ahead and put togetherone of the pot pot pies then I’m gonnaturn around and make one from scratchand let y’all watch me do it okay so youcan see the whole process now what we’regoing to do with this is we’re going topour it in a bowl over here baby i’mnita my cameraman so let me just get acouple of things and we’re gonnatransfer to the other side we’re goingto do the turkey potpie first and thenwe’re gonna start the chicken potpieso in this bowl we’re gonna put this notscrape that we made and you don’t wantit to be real thick so now this is ourturkey we had a smoked turkey this yearand we had a little extra Turkey andthis is all we had left because we didsend some home with people so we’regoing to start out adding this turkey tomy grave you know the gravy has somegreen onion in it the salt and pepperandbut this is insane now we’re going totake a can yes we’re using a can we areall wore out from Thanksgiving and we’regoing to put a can of veg all in it thisis an easy recipe and it’s so deliciousbecause she makes it oh my gravy whenyou wash my hands so we’re doing oneturkey pot pie we’re going to do onechicken pot pie and then later thisafternoon we’ll do a Chapmandumpling video yep so here’s our chickenwe’re gonna make with the chicken potpie one side set up for chicken on oneside set up for Turkey now I’m going totake half of this stick of butter andput it in here and mix it up as welllet’s go ahead and kind of break it up alittle bit and I’m gonna show you how Imake the gravy just stay tuned I justthought I would go ahead and put onetogether right quick I take frozen notfrozenI take refrigerated pie dough and I rollit out in the bottom of my roundcasserole dish like this and you likethese things cook at least an hourbecause you want this to get nice andfriendly crunchy on the bottom just likeit will on the top okay now we’re goingto mix this up like that butter melt inhere if you like a lot of pepper andpepper more pepper to it I’m gonna addsome pepper in itI think chicken and Dunkel ends andanything with chicken in it so muchbetter with a good bit of black pepperalways taste the there’s nothing in herethat’s gonna hurt you so go ahead andtaste itthere’s a big piece of Turkey I want tocut that puppy upI don’t know we’ll leave it in theresomebody will get lucky won’t they sowe’re gonna add a little pepper to itthen I’m gonna get a spoon to make sureI got it salty enough okaynow we’re going to a function for churchthat’s what we’re making two of thesefor might get two of these a shaking itup let’s say y’all get to see how I’musing my leftovers you don’t taste thismake sure it’s salty enough since it’shomemade gravy no Nick song needs a lotof saltnow so hope y’all had a wonderfulThanksgiving we did hear that smokedturkey is amazing this year we injectedour turkey with butter and spices wedon’t use the thing that comes with theinjector we actually just melt butterI put a little poultry seasoning in ittwo different brands plenty salty nowall right we’re gonna pour this into ourcasserole dish let’s lay this ball righthere to mix up our next one now we’regonna roll out this crust for this pressyou wanted to have a few slits at thetop it’s easier to do it while it’s justlaid down on the counter then distancewon’t behind home to the other side yourlittle turkey I don’t never buy thisbrand this is store brand at food Depotso now we already got a hole in itthat’s fine the pretty ones on thebottom yeah we’re gonna used to see usjust put a few slits in the top of yourpie crusthold apart a little lay it on theredon’t fold the dough onto itselfjust let it curl up a little around thetop that one’s ready now we’re gonnastart the next one and I’ll show you howfast this is now ready let’s get out ofherefirst thing we do is we take four greenonion make sure they’re clean and you’vegot out the outer layer I always throwit off you knowpeel it off in other words you get ridof it and then I chop the very brownparts of the tops up as well now whatwe’re doing is were just chopping upthis onion because we’re going to sauteit when we make our gravy here we goso we’re gonna come over here and thenthis iron skillet and we’ll turn it onhigh for a second and we’re gonna addabout 1/3 cup of shorteningnow if y’all want to you can use butterbut I put a half a stick in it when it’sin the bowl so it gets both when I makeit a lot of people think I’m crazy forcooking with shortening and they’re likeoh I’m never seeing anybody make ashortening gravy and I’m like that’s allmy parents ever use that’s all my grannyever used they need shortening all thetime and it’s delicious if you brownyour flower it’s the flower that gets itthe flavor that you want of coursebutter does too but like I said we’reputting a half stick of butter in thisafter the gravies done okay and that’sthe chicken we’re gonna use for thechicken and dumplings later now we’regonna add our onionall right you’re gonna have two cupswater and 2 cups of meals to do thisgravy with it’ll fill up that casseroledish okay so that’s 1/3 cup ofshortening or butter whatever you wantto use if you use all butter gonna havetoo much butter in it it’ll be good atwill salt this time on my add more nowif you want to you can use chicken stockI didn’t have any I’m making some stoptoday but it’s gonna be for our chickenand dumplings in all the walls okay sothese are just getting the gravy[Music]and you can use a little bullion if youwant to I think I’ll roast them in thisone I didn’t do it to the turkey woodbut we’ll add a little bully into thischicken one why notI’ll put three teaspoons in it youremember that I add salt as well nowwe’re just let me I’ll tell you minutebefore we start our grazing and we couldcut up our tipping over lately almost isjust to get a little bit softer this ismy chicken that I had leftover it’s gotsome good broth in it already you cansee we roasted a chicken the other dayin our new oven it has a rotisserie youmight want to come around on this sideso you can see what I’m doing um ErnieIrvan is a rotisserie and we tried itbefore we wanted to do that before wevideo didn’t wide we did cuz it was alearning process figure out really howto do it rightchop your chicken up pretty goodokaywell I’m bargaining I forgot I hate onhaha I did this ball go I got to go okaywe’ll get there in a minute y’all sothen about 1/3 cup of flour at least 1/3to 1/2 cup some onions are gonna be likefrench fried onions actually smell goodeverybody likes them and green beancasserole like that that’s what theysmell likenow you’re gonna let your flour brown sothey didn’t get it’s not still raw andit has a good flavor and then we’regonna add our liquid and thicken it thatwon’t turn it back up on high this is a3 inch deep skillet it’s wonderful holdsa lot I like to project it in it and Ilike to make gravy in it what I’m makinga lot of gravy I can do it today becausegravy Rises when it boils up and startsto thicken and if I were to put thismuch gravy and a regular iron skillet itboil over the top now you’re starting tosee it brown a little bit around theedges but I want it to get pretty prettyBrown before we put in our liquid youjust gotta wait a minute on itso this is just a great way to use yourleftover turkey because everybody getsso tired of turkey sandwiches Chris isalready a – okay so you can make adelicious chicken pot pie with yourturkey and it’s very good if you do itthis way it’s still easy all you’redoing is making the gravy and thenyou’re using the canned veggies if youwant to use frozen veggies if you justdon’t like canned veggies make sure youboil them on the stovetop first becauseI never get good and soft and done inthe oven and now we’re gonna bring it toa boil and it’s women thicken it overthere to our bowls this will actuallytaste better because I put the bullionin there well the turkey ones gonna havea smoke flavor to let’s say the turkeyhas more flavor than the chicken it’sthe meat it’s still delicious yummy goodwe don’t typically put onion in thesebut everybody that we’ll be eatingtonight is an adult somewhere I addedthe onion the onions not my originalrecipe in my cookbook because my kidsjust like it plain but since we’remaking these for adults I wanted to adda little onion at least it’s an adultpotpie it’s an adult Popeyeyeah we’ll be owned about 3:30 doing thedumplings and right now we’re justbullying this chicken when we turn herup I like to simmer my chicken for atleast an hour to an hour and a half andthen I pick I’ll sit her out on a plateand I pick the meat off of her and leavethat broth in there strain those veggiesoff and then we drop the dumplings okaywe’ll be doing that later today 3:30live here on YouTube we can show you thefinish potpie – yeah it should be comingout of the oven about the time we startour dumplings because it’s right aboutan hour from now it’s gonna be perfecttimingthis is about to start getting thick andI’m gonna let you see how much it wouldrise if I didn’t stir it it can it’llrise almost to the very top if I let itthese iron skillets are available on ourwebsite and all of our links go throughAmazon but we still get a very smallportion and so if you want to supportour show you can buy your productsthrough Amazon through our links and youdon’t have to buy even what’s on thelink as long as you enter through a linkyou still have to support it and theevery little teeny adds up now it’s timeto start buying for Christmas andgetting yourself some kitchen fun thingsin the kitchen look at that looksbeautiful beautiful all right so this isreally thick enough so we’re gonna turnit off if I kept letting that ball overdrags I just don’t there’s no need tomuch I just want to see it I’m gonnagrab my stuff over here and we’re gonnapour it get to our bowl and yes ourbowls dirty because we just made anotherchicken pot pie and I’m not going to goover there and set out so here we gothis is our chicken right gravy that Iused toonion in the broth and okayone turkey one chicken yeah great okayso all we have to do yes put in ourchicken this is a lot of chicken I don’tthink I can use it all you need yourrest oh I’m saying what you’re sayingyeah and then the rest of our butter sowe’ll cut it up in little pieces and putit in here so all you better loversthere you go we’re gonna melt thisbutter up a little bit and then we’regonna add our veggies that’s so good I’mgonna go ahead and taste this one plentyof salt delicious I’m gonna put these inthere I’m gonna mix it up and this is aneasy way to use your leftover turkey orchicken if you roast a chicken it’sThanksgiving so and it’s so deliciousway better than just to perk you so muchright so here’s our casserole dish wehave two pie crusts from the storeso just buy one box make sure they’re atroom temperature enough that you canpull them apart this one goes in thebottomnow share this with your friends so theydon’t know what to do with theirleftovers pick this end here look atthat butter going in yeah but I don’tthink a lot of people write that here -we’re going to a party y’all all righthere’s our other pie crust we’re gonnaopen it up well for heaven sakesboth the winds I want to put on the topI mess up all right we’re gonna put acouple of slits in these oh yesjust put your sides in here if you putit in a 13-mile on it fits and you cando that toookay I just like them in the rounddishes because they’re not Sandeep okayso we’ve got one chicken and one turkeyokay we’re gonna bake these an hour andwhat you need to do is bake them at 350for 30 minutes then raise it to 400 for30 minutes and that way they don’t getgood and brown okayso right now through at 350 I’m gonnaset the timer for 30 minutes and thatway they’ll be good and brown by thetime we come back at 3:30 we’ll takethem out but I don’t let you see themand we’re gonna start doing ourdumplings so if you’re watching this inthe future you can watch our chicken anddumpling live and see the end of theturkey pot pie or see that resolved Iknow a lot of y’all get what’s readywith my lives but lives are alive and sosometimes I don’t have everything laidout and sometimes you know I mean it’sgot a cook you gotta wait on it sothat’s just part of going live but Iwanted you guys to see what we’re doingtodayand since dumplings are instantgratification you’re going to get to seethe end result anyway on those and nowyou’re going to get to see these potpiethat’s come out the oven so we’ll seeyou guys at 3:30 on Carvelli cooksthanks for watchingcarve a like us where we cook a lot mamadid

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