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Watch us make pancakes and have slight mental breakdowns! We were bored on a Friday night and decided to vlog about it.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]it was okay I don’t know what you wantme to dothis is horrible youtubers you have towit this video called it we makepancakes I’ll do it okay so you wannamake sure that your batter is nice andlumpy because you also attach yourpocket to the drawer turn on the stovelike I already told Valerie to do thatabout four times now and then that willbe a zoom in on your faceediting Valerie zoom in on her facePiero is totally a buck West why he wasin jail true for contacts it doesn’t youdon’t know here is our lovely friendhe’s just bleep perfectly about thefridgeno okay we transition so what you woulddo is take your ham the office pan andno it you have to edit this get yourscooper I’m not good at it and notmeasure correctly yeah didn’t fill it upall night you no one caressorry ohwe’re gonna do monetize for that okay soyou have to wait they’re nice and lumpyI know you want there to be air bubblesas many as you possibly can yeah I’ll doityou hate that would you hit me withthat’s so different than in digestingtoxins this is oil united Virginia looksso she’s so you’re gonna get yourgoddamn bitch we’ll just flip it backover and it’ll cook more on the fun factif you turn it up it cooks more on theoutside and less on the inside if youturn it down it cooks more on the middleand less side Cory you see what it’scalled the adventures and Corey’s lifeparentheses not Valerie I think they’regonna burn excuse me you’re not aprofessional chef like I am okay twostage platesand then we lost Virginia yours aregonna be like not great though they’reso bad now we’re making pumpkin pan it’sso hot oh this is our pumpkin he’s gotwarts on him I’m still this is a perfectpumpkin and then this one is a gourd Ithink or squash or something it’s not anactual pumpkin so this is a bakedpumpkin smaller ugly pumpkin but westill love him and then a perfectpumpkin and then this is our vaginapumpkin kind of that’s my biscuit thathas been there for probably two weeksnow but I had to have to throw it outI’m waiting to see if it’ll turn into ahockey puck so we can play hockey withitjoke’s on you I love fall thank youokay recording now we’re gonna do areview of the pancake so we just made itI put Earth Balance of butteroops unsure because you know vegan and and I’m putting mrs. Butterworth’ssyrup on it even though it doesn’t havebutter in it because I’m veganI’m coming back to my drama teacher inhigh school his name was Butterworth Wowyummy mush cakes we take everythingwrong here dear virgin it’s very pancakeII this is like such a good videobecause we had a house tour we had atutorial on making pancakes and nowwe’re doing the mukbang oh no we’rereally getting rid of a lot of ourcontent we’ve slowed down we’re notgonna be able to put out these videosevery week here we keep making babiesI’m gonna continue eating my pancakebecause she’s a fast eater let us knowright now never too big see oh it’sa face cute I’m not so much syrup on myhair no I want you to count how manytimes the and also I throw up the peacesign in this video and put the number ifyou canValerie if you can put the number likeright here or something you feel theserpent it’s sticking these are twoexciting remains this okay Sarah orVirginia would you like no no it’s forthe viewers it was really funny yeahthanks for watching this video if youliked it then move your pants and thenjust let us know that you did and wewill send you a celebratory champagnecamp a camp ache in the mail just makesure you send us a picture of your poopis funny it’s gross you don’t have tosend a picture but just do it and it’sall on the honor system and then let usknow and we’ll send you your pancake andyou can you can take it depends how manypeople do it but we might have to cut itup into piecesyeah alright so yeah thanks for hangingout with us and then we’ll see you nextweek

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