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We made pancakes it’s our first time making pancakes

Make some pancakes with your family

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh the putter isn’t it
Joey hold it for me okay yeah I’ll be
the one who’s pulling that we’re
doing a big pit kicks yeah it’s like
kind of stuck in here we got it
oh that’s my finger done to me hey what
did you do can’t we just like put in
okay counters clean I will just use it
with me inspect so powdery hey stop
playing with it
okay as one now
still over medium-high heat or electric
put something inside the mix no oh yeah
one egg that’s correct
I want to crack it
no Dov you don’t know how to crack an
egg so we got an egg because the egg
cold one large egg I know this way I
don’t know what this is
we already open
careful careful
no put it over the ball crack it over
the ball is closed don’t take the edge
I’ll just chop it gonna have crunchy
Rick’s mix me I hope I don’t ya mix mix
mix mix mix music I just saw eggshell I
want that I just and if you see any
powder you got to push the powder down
and mix it off I just saw like a tiny
little eggshell eggshell is a pretty
nutritious it’s good for plants
okay you know help you guys let’s go
call inna gonna be do you want to go
call you no no okay hold the camera just
like that okay hold it like that
don’t move okay just like that
well hold it very tight kick
don’t get her on video she then she
don’t want to be on video so I have to
go now yeah I have to go go to driving
driving so we’re making pancakes we’re
gonna fry pocket it’s already on right
you just need to fry it now oh my god no
you just put it in the front and what to
do it’s good now you know what to do all
we need to pour this one
Mickey Mouse is is not like this
it’s a good no
yes yes yeah I know we’re gonna eat
science pancake yeah can just make a
normal circle cuz I wanna wall room do a
normal circle okay because I’m gonna put
science on it with my serie yes daddy’s
chairman oh come on daddy blah blah
we’re gonna have these balloons for our
pinkie smell so good no one here Gabe
yeah I know you’re really hungry cuz we
only a little bit of her breakfast this
is gonna be like I don’t know why
look show your unicorn gonna be what do
you like little coach you like unicorns
coming down below it and wonder what
your color of the board was what are you
don’t go follow the trash can again you
want to go to the living room
do you want to show them that this kid
move kid show them press the button
and then you can sleep here or you can
relax it and this is where we sometimes
sleep but we usually we usually sleep
here but we we sleep upstairs now so
yeah now let’s go check on these
pancakes this one looks like you know
the I’m planning with that like okay
Debbie get your pancake this is her pink
cake where’s the serum we’re gonna get
it come on we’re gonna be over here oh
and also I love drawing
honey this is Shira right are you a dog
or something what are you doing well
we’re gonna clean myself well I guess
that’s it I see you later

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