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Vlogmas Day 10 ! How I make perfect pancakes !

Hey there guys I hope you’re doing well ! I hope you guys are enjoying the holidays too ! I’m so proud of today’s video ! I feel like it’s the best one yet ! My editing skills are getting better and I even learned some new stuff for thumbnails !! Give this video a thumbs up and share it ! Please subscribe if you are new ! We have such an awesome group !! Connect with me on my other social media accounts too !!! Thank you so much for watching I love you all so much !
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Vlogmas Day 9 ✌️My Colorful Eyeshadow Palettes !

Jessica Braun Vlogmas

Allie Dawson

Christmas Decor from the Dollar Tree

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Video Transcription

hey guys hmm another vlogmas day I looklike a crazy person right now I cannotstand this makeup that is on my face my4 year old has this class that she goesto once a month up the street from myhouse like a little playgroup type ofthing and after putting a be on the busit gives me less than an hour to get meand her ready and out the door so I saidoh great perfect opportunity to try aquick makeup look like I’ve been tryingto do and I suck at it so this this isthe quick makeup look that I did thismorning and I actually went to thisclass with this face and I look crazyI cannot stand how I look right nowmy makeup room is also a flippindisaster because when I get ready in arush holy crap goes flyingeverywhere not just makeup piles likeyou’ve seen in this vlog myth I mean I’mlooking around and there’s just clothesand oh god it’s bad it’s bad and I justclean the other guy last night againagain I went to sleep with a full faceof makeup it’s bad it’s bad it’s bad Iwill show you what I looked like rightnowoh my god is that not horrible or what Idon’t know guys I woke up this morningand my you know even though let’s put itthis way even though I put on a happyface and go about my day inside mydepression is tearing me apartit really is guys like you god I feellike I’m suffering so bad and I fight sohard to not feel this and I just wantedto stop I wanted to stop and go away youknow and I know that maybe I would feelbetter if I like started Christmasshopping or something like that I don’tknow I just I don’t know what to do Ifeel like I want to go back to my bedcurl up in a ball and go to sleep but Iknow that if I was to go lay in my bedand try to sleep I couldn’t sleepup so I just hate this feeling and Iwoke up today and it felt it felt likemore you know like more than the normaldepressed I’ve been feeling I’m sorrythat I have butthole lip but yeah it wasjust more so like today is even harderand and I already struggled going tothis class with Maddie because they feellike I don’t I feel like I stand outfrom these other moms I’m not likesomething and like especially in thistown that I live in I know I’m not likethem like in this town here I know thesemoms are like the same I hate to saythat but they are and they’re kind ofstuck up and like on this high horse andlike I live in an area that a lot ofpeople have money or they like topretend they have money so they actbetter than everybody else and if you’rejust the slightest bit different you umyou stand out so I already struggled onthis class I do it for Maddie becauseshe loves it and that’s what you do whenyou’re a mom you do for your kidseven though you don’t want to I don’tknow I think I might wash my facebecause God is this just looks badhey guys uh we are headed to the postoffice for the third time to get a boxfor the giveaway no I don’t have myseatbelt on and that stupid thing isbeeping the post office is like eight Idon’t know a smidge from my house I’mreally bad like that I do that all thetime I live in a small town guys youknow it’s not your you’re gonna seewe’re going to be at the post office intwo seconds so yes this is the thirdtime getting a box for Suzy for thegiveaway package everyone has been toosmall so now I gotta talk to this postoffice lady I need a bigger box you knowto fit it I gotta get this mailed out ahcomplications so wish me luck all rightyum no nothing’s ever easy guys so I justspoke with the lady in the post officebecause the giveaway winner is out ofthe u.s. it changes things a little bitall right guys just got back to my houseI gotta ask Willie how the flip to dudeokay you’re being recorded so I took ahit in the end just okay let me explainthis is the biggest one that they havethis is gonna be $50 okay she gave me awhere’s the paper I have to fill thisout but there is a website she told meto have you look that um to put it in aregular brown box maybe a lot cheaperanything that is five pounds and aboveis really expensive if it’s under fivepounds $20 so she said to get go on thatweband maybe better off with a brown box sothat is gonna be expensive that’s thesituation right now okay guys so I wasjust editing the vlog mess for todaythat has to go up tonight and I’m anasshole and I never ended it so you’llsee that tonight which doesn’t surprisemewe ended up watching the new zombie landmovie uh we didn’t watch til death do uspartI love zombie land I love WoodyHarrelson I think he is sexy as hell heis awesome I just love him I love him somuch he’s just awesomezombie land too is what we watched lastnight it was really really good Ienjoyed it we watched something afterthat what the flip kit was this oh mygod I can’t think of it all I know isthat the movie we watched afterZombieland I fell asleep in the chairand yeah I went to bed with my makeup onand obviously did not film the endingfor the vlogmas oh my god I’m so sorryuh we will watch another movie tonightthis is what me and Willie do we weliterally watch a movie a nightyesterday was – because of you know myanxiety being all full aired up don’tthink I’m gonna do anything with mymakeup if I do it’ll just be playingaround I I think I’m just gonna leave italone so yeah thanks guys so we just gotyeah I guess we yeah we all just got abe off the by say hi mamashe is feeling much better today I haveto show you guys you got to see her hairwhen it’s down but Abby turn around lookat this look at this gorgeous it’sactually naturally curly super supergorgeous hair I don’t know where she gotit Willie’s bald and didn’t get it fromme right don’t make fun of me okay I’mnervousfilming in front of you okay the watch Ihave lit huhI have a super big sweet tooth everytime I eat food like regular food I needsomething sweet afterwards like I haveto have it I’m gonna meet pancakesit’s just this time here you just addwater that’s all it is every time I’veever made these pancakesI have jacked them up all you do is addfreaking water I burn them every singletime I did meet some last night and theytasted great they just looked reallyreally ugly they look bad but I’m gonnamake them again um you know cuz I likesugar Abby wants one- hopefully she eats it my kids eat likefour things the same four things everyday and they create Matt like mysteriousissues with their food they can havepasta with butter one night and be finethe next night that same pasta andbutter they don’t like I don’tunderstand so I’m just gonna record thecooking process and you guys can watchme probably burn the pancakes it says onhere that you measure it like two cupsof this and then one and a half cupwater I don’t do that I just pour it inand then I add water and if it needsmore pancake mix I add more if it needsmore water I add more I do have a sinkfull of dishes again of course um Idon’t know if I’m gonna do them today Isaid I was gonna do ones that I but Idon’t I don’t knowdon’t really feel like it and like afterit gets dark I really don’t like to dohouseI’m just mixed in I’m trying it in thegosh-darn camera i watch a bunch ofpeople’s vlad misses maybe I should movethis I watch a I watched a bunch ofdifferent vlog misses like as since Idecided to do my own and I’ve seen somany people doing the cooking shift so Ifigured I would tooI do have two blue dots on my handsbecause I added I was playing withmakeup and added blue to the bottomokay so basically that’s it this is whatit looks like that’s like a pretty goodconsistency I am gonna add some butterto the pan I am just using thedamnitcountry rock we did buy one that hadcalcium in it this one to just beoriginal I’ll leave it out just in caseI need to add more I am like I saidbefore I can cook but I can only cookcertain things like Italian Meat Loafstuff like that but like Willie can makeabsolutely gourmet meals out of nothingand he’s really good with breakfast andpancakesnot me alright so there we go this isour setup right now there’s Matty’spasta that she had tonight who’s gonnaturn the phoneI need a spatula I hope I have between 1what I only made one big oneyesterday now without me having one Igotta make a couple right what’s thatbanging I’m gonna show you my disasterright now the situation like I said mypancakes are ugly but they taste okay sodo I have Willy do I keep the heat onhigh what do I dowhoa hello what’s that well that’s whyI’m asking hello less than half I’mgoing to try to separate these bad boysit’s gonna end up one big clump I canfeel it I don’t know how I’m supposed toflip it I don’t know when it’s ready toflip and that looks ready are flippinthis is turning out better than Ithought they’re kind of not uglyoh all right this looks really good fora pancake from me probably not anybodyelsebut you have no idea the challenge forme to make a pancake and not burn itmaybe because I’m so impatient and Ihave the flame on high Willy just toldme to put it lower so maybe that’s whyjust get in me and not like myself onfireI’m just pushing them down because Ithink like it’s really gross when youbite into a pancake and it’s like rawyou know so that’s what I’m doing rightnow I know they’re not perfect but thisis really good looking for me babe youwant to come see they look kind of goodnot normalwell you want to come up they don’t lookbad[Music]come here I’ll pick you up don’t cry youwant onethese are done right pancakes are done Iguarantee I could not give Abby that oneshe won’t eat it I’ll give her that guyright there will you want one there’sextra Maddyyou want one you want a little pan acake okay all right guys so we got thegirls all ready right here let’s see ifthey eat them if they eat itMaddy wanted pasta with butter of coursethere was an issue so let’s bring a behers first here’s your’s ABS you need adrinkMaddy what do you want to drink Tampicoit’s not burnt what do you think reallygood Maddy I want I want to see what youthink oh I’m getting the juice Matiasplaying games but we’ll see if she likesit one fruit punch one tampico yoursalways needs strawsthis is Tampico the girls love this crapand of course Hawaiian pineapple a secyou open itI never eat hot food ever Matt do youlike it mama you are eating it you areawesome pancakes we’re a success heyguys um it is about 8:30 at night and Iam going to end this vlogmas for todayyeah I’ve been playing with makeup Ilove changing my lipstick out throughoutthe day I don’t know like the littlethings amuse meI hope you enjoyed today’s vlogmas and ihope you tune in tomorrow for anotherone this is fun doing this guys itreally really is I love talking to allof you and I don’t know it’s just cooland it’s something different the makeupvideo of the full face up the full faceof really cheap makeup that I filmedlast week and edited just yesterday orthe day before will be uploaded veryvery very soon like ah how do Iit’ll ah it’ll be I’ll plate it up loadit very soon like tomorrow so stay tunedfor that it’s a makeup tutorial justlike always I am gonna continue themakeup videos as you can see I have notbeen able to do that recently but I’mgonna get back in the game and get my together so stay tuned for moremakeup videos thank you all so muchcheck out my Instagram and if you’re newI really hope you subscribe and I’ll seeyou guys tomorrow with another vlog mess[Music]

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