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TRF GUARD STUFF Vlogvember Pt. 4 ( Birthday, and Jolt cola Pancakes)

In our “Return to the Renaissance” Episode. It was my birthday weekend and the guards come up with a crazy way to make pancakes!!!
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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

back at it like a bad habit where we atyou know hello and welcome to thisepisode of backyard fitness and stuffyeah guard stuff you know that we gotstarted off with the waters I think alsoI killed a spider know what yeah yeah soyeah welcome welcome to the YouTubechannel and your coconut were on therefor a little bit on one of the blogs myhair does the same thing with my beardit turns into velcro so it’s like thesame thing it’s the guard vlog captainpolishing her sword oh my goodnessshe’s taking guard portraits oh look atWilly look at hands guard stuff ascenddescend ascend Deason alright this is abackyard guard fitness and stuff can youdo me a favor and explain what aboutthese jolts the jolt situationand now the good with manufacturing I’mgonna buy every last one card fuel hewas already a veteran when I started toscripting for young there’s a long storyhistory one night Henry double-bookedhimselfnow he didn’t want to discipline thechambermaid but he wanted to go outcarousing yes all right I think Iremember this Mel yes this is the nightwhere he went out with with the troopsomeone to kill me brag that they wereso hungry they eat a stack so he thoughtstand and said let’s see alright but itdidn’t want to disappoint thechambermaid so he dressed up Smitty inhis chamber clicks turned all the lightsout to take one for the team but hedidn’t it was that particularchambermaid had a real bad case of thepox yeahso while Henry was out having a greatold time carousing smig was there doinghis duty for Englandhe only made it another couple months atall Paul right one way to go out toSmitty[Music]and c9 because it’s hello and welcomeTed this is day two it’s Sunday how manyweddingshe got blinding only a one really gotone and it’s my bday so what’s uphe made me breakfast you didn’t make meno pancake because he made me breakfasthe made me steak and eggs about to makeyou pancakes all right I’ll eat themnext I’m gonna eat everything on mybirthday see what happens in the nextclip[Music][Music]yes we’re guard you’ll put the best I’veknown before however much of that a manlike this I can’t believe it I mean ifyou want to have a pancake with a banghey this is a joke pancake when thisstuff is going is going big Farms is thebest secondly I do love peanut butterlook at that it does look pretty goodokay it’s on the back now the red allright so I guess we turn the heat backon huh my bad weird atletico here heyrecord how many guards does it take toturn on an oven oh well that’s a that’sa never-ending quest it’s really easy toturn the oven on it’s turning it offit’s the probe there we go dark pancakebatter is ready yep all right pan shouldstill be kind of hot all right I mean Imean it actually looks pretty good andhey pancake we did say it was okay wedidn’t say pan crepeis it blow even though how many coresdoes it take to make a Bentley turn itup turn it up yeah we’ll be back we’llbe back whenever is a pancake I love itburnt it’s my favorite oh hey that thatcould be worse it’d be worse it almostlooks fake look it up it’s real I can’twait to eat that okay Garfield pancakebirthday show them the W[Laughter][Music]Oh throw back off for a minutethrow back on the skin Duff peanutbutter in there oh yeah oh there you goto get that on video now look at thisBank roll it up thankful he just gotsome weird stuff out of his beerhe went that way[Music]terribly sorry[Music][Music]

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