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[Toys and Kinder joy surprise eggs]Colors,Little cook Pancakes for my mom,Learn colors for kids

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Video Transcription

on[음악]we encounter으[음악]으 아 아 왜there on cover or a fool me too flower[음악]5 the were not operate that we would you물to woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo왁 때에 hoo hoo hoo hoo ye 아 ye woo woo no라는 생각이 없어d w l w l w ltei love 아이상길[음악]서러워 지금 업무 외[음악]only 누워wa앨범 말들이 너 won-jun or 압정아 그 r.tee때는 joo yoo hoo hoo hoo woo woo woo woo뭐[음악][음악]222아 leeteam h ou en meeralso a love i love you do not own wewere to be[음악][음악][박수][박수][음악][음악][음악][음악][음악][음악][음악][음악][음악]we[음악]

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