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THESE ARE PANCAKES. 🥞 | Midnight In Salem #10

We make pancakes and catch up with our favorite dude detectives!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody and welcome back tomidnight in SalemGabi Byrd here we’re making Johnny cakeand we found out that the first step iscornmeal so we need a cup of flour or ofsugar then two tablespoons that’s a lotof sugar I feel like we’re gonna needmore flour than sugar so let’s let’s doa cup of flour[Music]okay so cornmeal flour two tablespoonsof sugar makes sense is this what atablespoon is to you it’s just the largespoon that you use at the table okaytablespoon of whoa and then so not ateaspoon of baking so that means thatit’s gonna be a tablespoon of bakingpowder which and then you teaspoon ofsalt that right that’s it hey what Ohtwo tablespoons wait so when you use atablespoon you’re telling me is you justuse two separate spoons okayyou could have had a veteran cup for twotablespoons or something I don’t know orlike the same one twiceI don’t that looks greatawesome guys awesome all right we haveto fill the bowl until the weight isjust right quick heads up this is aboutwhere things started to go south lasttimehey let’s just trust that Nancy knowswhat she’s doing okay I know thatthere’s a Nancy Drew cookbook based onstuff like in the books things like thatbut has anyone I’m sure I am sure thatMichael Gray has attempted somethinglike this me because I know he’s donebooks from the recipes from the book buthas anyone gone through and done recipesfrom the games I bet I know thatsomebody has I wonder if Michaels donethat all right add to cake batter milkeight ounces of milk don’t for you to -nutmeg are these questions okay eightounces of milk yes that’s a lot okayfive ounces of butter a question mark sowe’re gonna eat last vanilla mix reallyinteresting three points – it only addedone okay awesomebig dash of nutmeg so what are wemissing because it’s supposed to matchthis the egg seemed like it was a goodfit yeah so he needs two eggs you needmilk melted butter vanilla twice twoeggs and a dash of nutmegfinally my favorite part I thought yourfavorite part was eating my nextfavorite part dear goodness Joe couldyou help me pour while I flip sure thingokay oh boy timing is important waitdon’t flip the batter raw be ready toflip boiling steaming hot don’t bringthe cakes and they start steaming I’mgonna flip them alright these are prettygood some of them are a little overdoneoh I could have replaced them with okaydid I do it I did I’m gonna eat thesecakes tell you what oh look at thismango blueberry why are there questionmarks what kind of book is this ghostpancakeswhat about pancake soup we’re gonna findthat in thereooh oh okay so wait is this like acompletionist thing is this a anachievement to find out that could befun okay well let’s let’s give one ofthese to try why not I’m gonna take apage with my phone here just in casethis book goes away do a pumpkin cakehmm oh okay well here we go no pumpkincake fun alright so that is that’s notwhat I said no no I mean we have to dothat later cuz I think for now it’sgonna bring another Johnny cake uhanimation oh well hello let’s havebreakfast oh thesedelicious great job Nancy these lookamazing – got the birdie brothers Frankand Joe we’re very interested in yourcase the more people we have working onthis the better chance we have ofsolving the case cool all right so shirtsays 98 not the Beatles prices Beachmaybe teach you otherwise how are yougoing to impress anyone you want to beimpressed we should finally show her ourbusiness plan for our new businesswhat it’s very business see what wellJoe and I have been talking recentlyabout making things a bit more officialsince we’re always called to solvecrimes we thought that maybe we shouldstart getting paid for well you haven’tbeen getting paid very own detectiveagency license insurance the whole footand and we want to know if you’d beinterested in being a partner Hey tablethat drew why not update everyone onwhere we’re at well I feel first earsyou don’t speak for me I feel likethat’s a very important thing I shouldaddress right now but all right theseare pancakes no Johnny cakes just thatjust hit me you guys is not what Johnnycake looks Google Johnny cake yet evenwith the most modern scientifictechniques available there are manyphenomena that we still cannot explain Ibelieve what you saw was real what whatsure some sort of combination of gaseousblow-off and light refraction nosupernatural a ghost a real ghost withthoughts and memory and agency I’m notso sure I just built some new equipmentthat I’d love to try out I’m sure it’snothing but we’ll go to the cemeterytoday and investigate anyway maybe wecan add ghost hunting to our detectiveserviceskidding one thing I’d like to do todayis check the town archives if it’s allthe same to you I’d prefer to handlethis you were gonna look into thehistory of ownership of the Hawthornehouse right yeah sure we can go togetherno it’s better if I handle thisyeah sounds pretty boring you go aheadwith microfiche sounds like a story andI’m not going to tell it to youokay so Nancy what do you think weshould focus on for the investigationmmm the arsonDanforth mentioned that he was a victimof a oh the robberies so they’re herethat could be related so I kind of wantthem to look into that while I do thearson wait no yes judge yes burglary acase for the accused witchesorganization the what because a robberymeans up huge ditches her trials they’restaking a claim to the Hawthorn estatedue to unjust dispossession andexecution of their ancestors it’s one ofthe reasons I searched for the book ofapologies in Austria as it contains arecord of wronged families someoneswiped it right under my noseand around the time of the arson therewas a burglary at the judge’s office toocoincidental not to be connected that’sexactly what I was thinking I’d like toreview the crime scene at the courthousefor any clues the judge might not letyou do that he didn’t sound veryforthcoming true but maybe my father cancan move them they’re old friends niceNancy from the call network what elsethe arson that happened yes we have toinclude them alone we haven’t had thechance to collect any alibis yet Laurenhas an alibi but I haven’t collected itcorroborating their answers withwhomever they were with will help bringinto focus who liked these homes asuspect we need to figure out how thetheft from Moe some castle is connectedto this case theft of what the book ofapologies my dad asked me to retrieve itfrom Moe Sam Cassell in Austria as afavor for judge Danforth who works herein Salem it details all the victims ofthe witch trials some of which are stillunknown to this day however this bookwas stolen as wellthree days ago when Nancy was there whywas this book all the way in Austriagreat question the resident historiantold me the judge who wrote the bookwilled all his belongings to bepreserved by whichever museum would havethem at the time that must be how itended up in an Austrian castle forsafekeeping well that certainly didn’tstop a thief whoever it is I can askaround about alibis during this timeperiod as well see if anyone in towncan’t be accounted for might point us inthe right direction I have something toadd whoever is responsible for thiscrime is going to great lengths to coverit up we don’t know if these people aredangerousokay no one ate any of my pancakeshurtful all right um oh okay we just tothe things that we’ve previously done sothat’s kind of nice I liked in the oldgames I could check them off myself Iwas always really that’s done you knowthose that was always fun but this isfineso get a key to the Hathorne house arewe just gonna just bard just get inthere okay fineinvestigate break-in at the courthousegather alibis for the book theft andgather alibis for the arson so because Idon’t think the court house in thefiction is gonna be high priority I knowthat it’s gonna end up being that waycause of the nature of things but Idon’t know that Nancy would investigatethat for most let’s go check out the teashop and talk to Lauren in the nextepisode thanks guysso much for hanging out and I will seeyou at the tea shop

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