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The Solid, Liquid, and Gas in Cooking Pancakes l My student knows how to Cook pancakes l KoPino

My student enjoyed cooking pancakes. This is part of her science performance task and she did it! Hooray!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello everyone this is can see Micah at
your service now my students cooking
pancakes for her project and my BFF
still here and always here hi everyone
thank you my job I’m doing you just let
me hear okay for her science what do we
need in cooking powder Korean meal so
even though you’re not Korean so this is
very important the beater and a cup of
water water
oh gee one wheel poured come on yeah
very good
the next
and some water from the cup
we are waiting for the pancake and I
will explain to you the changes of the
mother in doing this
Joanna now sorry this was the paint a
powder okay from the pancake powder and
then and think about the Alexis this is
not a completely okay it became liquid
when you mix things and then and we’re
gonna cook this one it is chemist
applies a little suction stick here so
the steam is
good there the pancake is now boggling
but that’s how you make pancake the
goofs up panting well look that she was
cooking very nice banking okay thank you
for watching

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