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The secret to making Pancakes, pancake day comes early

This Vlog is all about rewards or rather why I am making pancakes before the day. There is a reason why I am treating myself, with large goals comes small rewards along the way, well at least that’s the way I do things. Through experimenting I learned the secret of how to make pancakes.

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I hope you guys enjoy this vlog, I hope to inspire, motivate and entertain at the same time.
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Video Transcription

that’s 14 inchesI don’t have a seven inch frying pan soI’ve been in bed for the last week witha cold has not been very productive formeI’ve been dosing up I’ve had some honeyI’ve watched the whole first series ofStar Trek discovery which I would highlyrecommend is very different to the StarTrek you know but that’s what I likeabout it[Music]and I haven’t really been doing thatmuch more but what I will say is I’vehad a lot of this bed I’ve literallyslept the whole week so taking a breakis a good thing but that’s the worldwanna talk about in this blog[Music]so today I want to make some pancakesand the reason for that is to rewardmyself for losing half a stone and ifyou’re wondering what that is anAmerican that’s seven pounds so in aprevious video I’ve talked about settinggoals and sticking to them and havingfocus and kind of like working your waytowards them but I haven’t talked aboutthe small goals in between all thelittle milestones like now I’ve losthalf a stone which is half of what Iwanted to lose I originally wanted tolose just over a stone and now I’vereached that goal I want to rewardmyself so I’ve been eating lettuce saladI’ve been meat free I would admit I’venot been completely meat free but I havetried really really tried I’ve enjoyedit as well don’t feel so bloated andobviously it’s doing something good butyou gotta have fun along the wayso when you set goals and things thattake a long time to reach you’ve got tohave these little milestones in betweento reward yourself and there’s anargument for and against that and if youdidn’t do that you would lose interestyou get stressed out but it may eventake longerby having rewards along the way you aremotivating yourself you’ll propellingyourself forward it’s refreshing thejourney that you have decided to take onthe way to the overall journey and thenevery milestone feels like anachievement and this washing machinesreally really loud so let’s make somepancakes so the instructions say gentlyshake the bottle to loosen the mix andremove the cap okaycaps don’t come off it’s not taking thecap off by shaking it as itoh and remove the cap stupid boy okaygently shake the bottle to loosen themix and remove the cap okay okay and 290nose of cold water the water should bein line with the dashed fill linethere’s 250 there’s new line on hereit’s all ah there it is right thereperfectall right replacing replace ik and shakethe bottle for approximately 2 minutes[Music]okay sunflower oil that should be enoughokay that should be hot enough I’m gonnaget this onelost shape yephere we gohope I don’t add too much I should beenoughand how is there a lump in there thatdoesn’t even make any sense he’s get ridout quickly no lumps come on stupid food[Music]no oh oh it’s way too much okaymrs. Rachel I’m paying off in our fightthere’s not enough in that seriouslydude program it’s always the first one Inever go for it so this is just apractice room no this isn’t gonna workcuz it and this isn’t even a cheap Pamokay right we’re gonna do away with thisonebecause this did not work obviously I’mgonna put some more oil in they lightlook at that lovely okay round two soI’m going to use more oil this timeand I get haleh’s lumps in there nevermindit’s moving it’s moving[Music][Applause]20 seconds to go onewelcome to the top 40 this week’s numberone is going to be that one[Music]yep and then proceeded to put some lemonjuice on the top and being so BritishI’m gonna put some sugar on it as welljust remember this is a reward I’ve losta bit of weight about this okay I’ll dookay so I think the secret to makinggood pancakes is a hot pan that’s it andsome lemon and some sugar delicious[Applause]

17 Replies to “The secret to making Pancakes, pancake day comes early

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  2. You just went up in my estimation! Your a trekkie! Pancakes yum but not for me Sadly, doing keto. Glad your feeling better. Once again enjoying your vlogs. You amuse me.

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  5. Great! I love pancakes! Here we call them “panqueques” and we put “ dulce de leche” before we roll them! Yummy! Easy & quick! I use butter(a teaspoon) on the pan. lovely self reward!

  6. Loved this one I laughed so much. Glad you are feeling better. I will try lemon and sugar on my next batch that is something new to me and looks delicious.

  7. Loved it! Next challenge will be to make your own mix. Lemon juice and sugar? You should try brown sugar and (real) maple syrup. Glad you’re feeling better!

  8. So glad you’re feeling better. Being sick in bed is no joke. I luv pancakes. I had them for breakfast yesterday…my reward for doing absolutely nothing.

  9. Hope you feel better soon I love you and all your videos thanks to you I have been sleeping much better since I found your videos.. Sending much love from North Carolina

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