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TEEN vs. ADULT PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE! How to Make Baby Yoda! Instagram Decides Winner -Polar Plunge!

We had some leftover pancake batter from my Holiday Pancake Art Challenge with Jillian , so I thought I’d challenge my dad to another favorite things pancake art challenge. This time we’re letting our Instagram followers decide the winner of each round. The loser has to take the Polar Plunge and remove the chair that blew into our pool.

Let us know which pancake you liked best. We’re making things from The Mandalorian, Marvel Comics, Steven Universe, Fortnite, and more!

More Pancake Art!!!!



Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Oh looks like a chair blew into the poolwho’s gonna go get it I’m gonna get ityou get itoh no what’s going on hey guys it’s evanwelcome back to another video so fortoday’s challenge we’re doing anotherpancake or obviously dad come in we aregonna be doing father for son challengeto see who can make the best pancake areyou sure you want to do this yeah youknow I am undefeated in pancake art thetheme of this pancake art challenge isgoing to be our favorite things adultversus teenager edition yesso in this bag right here I have some ofEvans favorite things that he wrote downand Evan has a bag with my favoritethings so every challenge has to have apunishment what is the punishment forthis one punishment is jumping in theicy cold pool yeah that’s right so someof our furniture blew into the pool andsomebody has to go get itwe’re living Instagram decide the winnerso hopefully Instagram chooses mine I’mpraying they do we’re not gonna puttheir name so they won’t know dad thatair I do yeah I’m biased after eachround we’re gonna take a picture of ourpancakes we’re gonna put a pole in ourstory and then you guys at home or youguys on Instagram will vote and at theend of the video we’ll go and check theresults and the loser will have to gofetch the chair from the pool let’sreach in here and see what Evan likesokay here’s one Evan likes baby okay Ilike baby Yoda – yeah cute okay babyYoda he is green and he’s got some Ithink Brown yes and some black and somewhite oh it’s black in some way okayokay let’s spray it down and baby Yodahere we go okay baby Yoda has big eyes Ibelieve nice boys what are you talkingabout dad she like small eyes I thinkyou should make small eyes I think itmade his eyes too big I don’t have anyroom for his big ears[Music]I think mine definitely way more kiddedin your usual way shall see my friend[Music]okay I’m gonna flip this over go fastoh yeah yeah like that bad that lookslike a frog just cute no like this babyYoda’s dinner are you gonna flip thatwhole thing mine is really big so Igotta make sure it’s cooked otherwise itgonna fall apart I hope it doesuh-oh the baby you’ll die get it oh theears body’s like coming undone it’s toobiggive me yours give me your spatula youcan just do it are you doing both or youcan just do it in two different piecesand put them together you know here wego oh he’s already falling apartmmm white looks I was trying to burn thewhite and the white would turn to lightbrown but it didn’t really turn brownlooks like you think I’ve color on isn’tmehere’s our first pancake Evans baby Yodamy baby Yoda now we’re gonna take apicture here and asked Instagram to votepleaseokay we’re gonna send it to our storynow we’re gonna check this at the end ofthe video okay so now I’m thinking fromdad’s side we’re gonna see what he likesworking out working out you know up inthe iron what are you gonna drop whatare you so to do for that somebody’sworking out oh wait I don’t know youshould put your favorite thingswhat it’s the best a lot of that ohalright guys so let me just make sureit’s on the Instagram story is it thereyeah it is alright vote for number twohey never members voting for himselfcheating ah losing too much pressure toomuch pressure we gonna go hold on thisoozing wine is using[Music]Oh No ho go on separate parts a muttwhat is that Mickey Mouse oh oh it’s aguy pressing overhead I did it barbellbut that’s gonna be hard to flip becauseit’s so skinny all right let’s go forthe big one oh okay I want this put themback together alright guys so I screwedup on the bodyalright well Evans doing that I’m gonnatry and flip my guy over I’m gonna flipthese ones over Ohoh no it didn’t work because I wastrying to make wetters oh it’s gonna bedecapitated like I got decapitated andhis feet came off oh my legsoh no why do they lose a large systemlook I gotta glue my guy back togethercame apart so what is this supposed tobe a word that says work out but it’slike split that’s a dumbbell it lookslike a Christmas stockingEvan fixed his body but he’s afraid toflip it over so I’m going to flip it forhim and I think I should get some extrabonus points for that does that even ourwords know just go then you flip it knowdo a courtesy flip on this one this isthe last one you should just do ityourself so I don’t get blamed for itgood oh god there’s a hands is really wepretend he’s lean lifting the barbellokay so this one was work out is my guyworking out okay here we go here’s oursecond one so we let instagram votethey’re voting right now on these righthere I’m picking what else does Evanlike Evan likes for nine guys still playthat game I don’t know anything fromfortnight[Music]all right we’re letting mind cookEvans uh he’s still creating things likehow dad doesI don’t know I’m not too proud of thisone this one was hard I didn’t have theright colors I should have let it cook alittle long no no let’s go boom hmmhere’s mineand here’s Evan we have posted itanother round to Instagram now hopefullyour Instagram followers are voting nowI’m gonna pick from dad’s value I don’tlike dad’s values weird something it’sweird what are you talking about MarioMario hey no peekingsaw that yeah I saw about Mario for me Iam Mario yeah Mario is kind of a badperson what are you talking aboutLuigi’s better[Music]what Oh No okay mines about ready to beflipped – can you tell us the clown carmove my eyes got a little messed upthere they’re a little close togetherand he’s yellow not right okay guys hereis our Mario round let’s see whatfavorite thing I pull out of here youhave a lot of favorite things but it’sthe final one and it is Steven universemy favorite showI love the show so Steven universe Evansbeen reacting to it over on Evan tubegaming go check it outJillian and I did some covers from theshow on our channel so check that out -what are you gonna do are we doingSteven no that’s too easyyou don’t have the skin color so it lookbad but what are you gonna do oh thatyou confident yeah I’m gonna copy okay[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]here’s my big reveal what’s that on theleft no it didn’t hit their end sothat’s a problem with drawing big thingsis that you run out of space on theseround circle drills put a lot of whitethat looks like Burton okay let’s checkout Evans boom oh no wait my hair righthere got a little messed up too short ifyou guys don’t agree with the Instagramresults you guys can let us know who youthink should have won each round allright we’re on to the final one finalround and it’s gonna be one of myfavourite things which one is italright let’s see what we got comicbookscomic books alright alright okay wellthere’s a lot of characters to choosefrom think I know what I’m gonna dolet’s see if you guys can guess who I’mgonna draw[Music]Evans is big and green I think I knowwho you did it is the Green Lanternfamous can rush it can’t rush perfectionwhoa Wow look at thatyeah the white excellence good okayhere’s our comic book charactersI got Wolverine here evan has theIncredible HulkWow such detail amazing okay guys wehave posted our final story to Instagramwe’re gonna take a little break soeverybody can vote and then we’ll comeback and we’ll look at the results areyou excited yes okay guys we are backfrom our little break we gave peopletime to vote and now we are gonna lookat the results are you ready no are youregretting challenging the the champhere yes we’re good round one we didbaby Yoda your might look better butit’s totally er definitely not as oneokay well let’s see what people thoughtwell it looks like 94% like mine 6% itgets 6% so you do have some supportersthere only a hundred and twenty threeand a 1804 yes we did working out and itlooks like it’s 81% like mine innineteen so Evan’s Evan’s doing a littlebetter on this one okay I got 300 andyou got 1,000 for you next the fortnightMartin and yours got 26 24 percent likeDevon so you’re still getting better allright for the next round we did Mariookay how did you feel about that oneEvan did thatgood yeah okay so that 101 down to 80you’re just kind of like weird from thisdistanceyeah they look 82% like my mark but doesnot know about a junior is that theymight just think it’s a terrible Bowserso it’s not I can see good for you thenext one was Steven universe Oh 46 to 54okay class I still won that but only bya narrow margin okay after that it wasthe comic book superheroes and that 124so I got zero okay guys so those werethe Instagram votes thank you if youvoted on Instagram you determine Evansfate would you have to jump in the poolI appreciate the ones we didn’t I pleasehope that you are pushed into a poolthis high and I hope that you get coldand your stockings as well they werejust making a good choice a good toy butif you guys at home that didn’t votedisagree with the Instagram votes let usknow what you guys think in the commentsdown below but for right now it lookslike Evans got a date with the pool allright we’ll see you guys outsideokay Evans out here he has to go get thechair what do you want to take off himup there yes all right go up there justdo it really fast[Music]ready I’ll count you down three two onegohe’s chickening out do I have to comeover there and get you in Instagramvoted hello he wants you to go in he’sfacing he’s nervous all you have to dois bring that thing out all rightI’m gonna have to go get him here holdthis he’s bigger than he likes he’sstronger than he looksoh no what’s going on[Music][Music][Music]that’s crazy[Music]

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