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Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars Make Pancakes

Ever wondered how the Sailor Scouts make their favorite breakfast? Wonder no longer! Here, we take some familiar images and make them into fluffy pancake form. Enjoy!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

there’s something cute hi everyone today
we’re making tank excited by cliffs
ranked mice nice let’s get started hey
what are you go time where we thank you
so it’s a fun challenge that we’re going
to do we yet we have to pick from this
ball to make 20 did some fancy I liked
it so you pick one of these papers and
it tells you what we have to make but
with pancake batter
okay so you want to pick first sure sure
sure do this okay cool
it’s my brooch cool okay so we have to
spray the pan yes buttery we need
thank you here we go oh right in there
oh yeah
oh man it’s coming out the top I forgot
the different colors I just made myself
painted purple I want to supposed to put
the design on the bottom I just put a
circle for starters like a circle is a
base how about I just can I just draw on
top so one side can be dry it’s already
picked oh okay maybe I’ll flip it and
then none of our training guys prepared
for this mine did
buna told you about this no no I’m just
a good talker
all right well what are you doing now
let me just maybe this can be something
else yeah it’s pretty oh that looks
really cool all right I’m not sure I
on the next one I think I won that’s
right but you have the scissors by the
way did you let yourself Alison yeah
that’s okay you know my bottom you’re
super clumsy I just freaks me out a
little bit that’s all I’m now that have
oh alright that makes sense cool that
looks awesome
boom now there’s a blue dot wouldn’t
complete that’s supposed to be on this
brooch yeah I mean good all right cool
let’s do the next thing let’s do the
next oh now I understood now you guys
get to vote for this one I think but we
have to let everybody just in case you
might be my next really it does look
good it looks really good
alright does that one I don’t know I
understand this next one okay
oh yeah they’re great
yeah great I think we should ghosts you
can have these ones these the moon ones
that we made gang goes over there no Lee
does you want some okay good
yeah probably more than he’s allowed to
have okay we you can have all the
pancakes you want you don’t know where
you are trying to watch his figure my
finger almost done like hard
yeah really long off the tail broke off
one I think I know who’s winning this
round there’s still experience yeah you
know my hair go that’s filling oh my god
that was my fault all right next one you
take two
it’s it’s yours
this is going to be very hard all right
use this already one was good now they
connected the back is kind of like
abstract the back of that that looks
pretty I got the handle you got the top
yes my table looks like I was like a
foot yeah
rabbit’s foot Lucky Rabbit but
ready teamwork Oh
that thing around I think they won again
I don’t know hang on we’ll see if people
like the abstract or the what the
pictures supposed to look like we’ll see
we’ll see let’s see what the people like
next round we should switch spots what
because what if that side is hotter at
this side is cooler or the sides higher
in that side cooler maybe you have to
make the playing field even okay all
right what are you doing don’t scare the
audience oh wow here you guys okay
so frankly thought I mean all around
we’re doing this speed challenge which
means we only have 15 seconds to make a
pancake all right we’ll see this I
actually added one to the bowl when you
told me that we were able to cut out our
own I don’t like that one I think we
should do it anyways and we start ye
fun fun big body sorry big body excuse
me you’re Darla
no nobody ran out of pink oh oh oh I can
either hear you there boom oh shoot oh
shoot oh shoot
alright well hey you’re dry you’re not
allowed to put it down cheater cheater
cheater cheater cheater cheater pumpkin
eater had a wife keeper this looks like
a Pokemon if I was a cookie mind I’d be
yeah sure thanks it’s hard to go because
it goes true this is a bad day it’s a
bad name deftly I think you could also
manage to be ditto or maybe a Pichu um
zig zag
oh yeah or or um skitty I’m just giddy a
little skinny little pink Pokemon oh let
me guess where yours is gonna break
oh um just let me do it hey you put that
I decapitated here’s our finished
pancakes it’s earth to them and those
are the last page we took this round so
make sure to vote in the comments which
pancakes you thought were the best
thanks for joining us bye
or we can enjoy everything yeah yeah my

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