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reacting to jake making pancakes

whats up guys its jakelobb here and today im reacting to jake making pancakes

#adventuretimeclips #adventuretimefull

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

bacon pancakes makin baconkake’s take the baconbacon pancakes that’s what it’s gonnamake bacon pancake

16 Replies to “reacting to jake making pancakes

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  2. My grandpa loved and drank buttermilk all the time. I’ll never forget when I was real little, I was visiting my grandma and grandpa. My grandpa asked me one day if I ever had buttermilk. Being uninformed about this product, it got me real excited and curious at the same time. I like butter, I like milk, them combined would make a heavenly drink. WRONG! That nasty stuff tasted like battery acid and TV static fell into a glass of milk. Everyone had a good laugh at my expense, and that was the beginning of my trust issues, but a fond memory nonetheless.

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  5. I love that crust that formed, woulda made a great snack with some milk and maybe apple butter or cream cheese. Maybe even cooking it in a muffin/cupcake tin or a mold to make small twinkie sized breads…

  6. lol, I feel like you are under no obligation to apologize for not using a banana which is virtually unobtainium today. Still, cool lesson and interesting to hear about the manzano banana. I’ll have to keep an eye out for different kinds in the store.

  7. Olga made it her own!!! ASOLUTELY loved this lesson/seminar/lecture!!! This is Glen & Friends Cooking!! All of my old recipe books are the same – dates, nuts and raisins; can’t go wrong! Forgot about the water/baking soda, thank you! Wonderful episode!

  8. One trick I learned for banana bread that I like is to mash the banana with sugar and let it rest for a good half hour before mixing. The liquification by the sugar and slight oxidation heightens the banana flavor in the finished product.

  9. My late father worked for the Swedish banana shipping company. He gave us kids ladyfingers bananas,fresh from the boat. Regular bananas taste like paper to me.

  10. Thanks for watching Everyone! Do you every buy those other bananas at the supermarket? As always the recipe is in the description box.

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