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Quick and Easy Breakfast – How to make Hootenanny / German Pancakes / Dutch Babies

Hootenanny!!! An old family favorite! It’s cheap, easy, quick and super tasty. The combinations of toppings are endless. We like syrup, honey, powdered sugar, fruit, jellies, jams, meat, salsa, hot sauce, etc.

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Video Transcription

[Music]one fig growing on my tiny little figtreewe’re making hootenanny for breakfastthis is my I don’t feel like cookingbreakfast and I’m gonna be completelylazy breakfast because it’s the easiestthing in the whole worldso what reasoning hootenanny is like aDutch baby pancakes or German pancakesso first things first I have my extralarge cast-iron skillet in the oven andI just dumped a big old pat of butter inthere and I’m gonna let my skillet heatup while my oven is coming up totemperature it’s going up to 425 degreesso this is my brother’s favoritebreakfast in the whole world and it’seasy and Jeff broke an egg yesterday soI need to use it anyways so I’m going touse six eggswe have farm-fresh eggs that ourchickens laid if you don’t the recipeworks just fine we just like the freshones case complicated and my friendMariah got me this super awesome eggholder thanks Mariah yeah thanks Mariahand I like the blue eggs they’re one ofmy favorites so say again how many eggs6 eggs 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of milkyou mix it all together put it in theoven until it’s nice and poufy usuallytakes about 25 minutesso there goes the eggs this is not agluten free recipe I have not found agluten free flour that I like thatworked well in this recipe so this ismade with regular all-purpose flour ifyou have celiac bear with me and I’llfigure out how to make this gluten freeI’ve tried it with a one-for-onereplacement Bob’s Red Mill and itdoesn’t come out very well it doesn’ttaste good and even though you’re gonnacover it with powdered sugar and somesyrup it still has to taste good andBob’s Red Mill doesn’t do itso I’m gonna spend some time figuringout how to make a gluten-free version ofthis because it’s one of my favoritethings in the whole world too but Idon’t get to eat it anymore so when mybrothers come or when I’m in Coloradothe cat is rubbing up against my legs Iusually have to make five or six batchesof this hootenanny because they like itso much and each one of my brothers caneat an entire nine by 13 by themselvesso I’m just gonna beat my eggs into theflour and you really want to get this assmooth as possible it’s really difficultto smooth out the lumps once you get themilk in there so you really really wantto do it while it’s just the eggs in theflour and your arm will get tired butthat’s okay it’s worth it I promise toget it smooth my boys will put powderedsugar and syrup on it sometimes I havestrawberry preserves that the boys willdump into the middle of it or strawberrysauce or some caramel apple jam can goin the middle if you add fresh fruit youcould put like blackberries andraspberries in there and that would begood you can fill the middle of it withanything you want after it comes out ofthe oven all right so we’re prettysmooth so I’m gonna mix in one cup ofmilkthis is fresh goat’s milk from our girlsand this is gonna fin this batter outlike crazy and so when this cooks in theoven you need to use goat smells rightno you can use any kind of milk that youwant we’ve made it with almond milkwe’ve made it with regular store-boughtmilk for years any kind of milk will doI’ve never found a milk that hasn’tworkedwhat about buttermilk um I’ve nevertried it with buttermilk we’ll have totry that and see if it works I wonderhow the acidity would react with theeggsbut we could definitely try it okay soyou see how smooth this batter is now itlooks absolutely beautiful there’s nomore lumps because we worked so hard toget them out when it was just flour andeggs so I’m gonna pull my cast iron out[Music]all my butter is melted roll around inthere take out my whisk come over herepour it into the cast-iron scrape outevery bit of that goodness coos trust meyou’ll want it all you just pop it intoa 425-degree oven until it’s nice andpoofy it’s gonna look flat for most ofthe time that it cooks and it’s gonnamake you really nervous but if you’repatient when it comes out of the ovenit’ll be about this tall the whole thingpoof’s up and then you’re gonna cutlittle butter Pat’s put them in themiddle of it as it kind of deflates andthen once the middle of it has sunk alittle bit you can fill it with whateveryou want so be back in a few[Music]all right it’s been about 30 2025minutes not quite dirty I’m gonna goahead and pull her out of the oven it’snice and huge and cool and set it rightover here to cool down a little bit soif you look in here you can see how themiddle part of it is actually crackedand all that air that’s underneath therewill prove through but the beautifulthing about doing this in cast iron isthat none of it stuck to the bottom youcould pull this whole thing out in onepiece if you wanted to so I’m gonna getsome butter all right so I’m just gonnatake some little Pat’s of butter that Icut here and my fancy snowman butterholder and all I’m gonna do is just setthem on the hootenanny and let it meltbecause if this thing could be anyricher my goodness but it deflatesreally fast which is kind of fun whenyou have little kids cuz it comes out ofthe oven is this big huge poufy thingand they’re deflates so threeingredients 20 to 25 minutes and it’sdone you put it in the oven you walkaway set a timer don’t forget I havedone that before and have burnthootenanny but it’s easy and it’s cheapeggs are cheap milk is cheap dependingon what kind of milk that you use andflowers also very cheap so for less thanprobably less than a dollar or a dollarfifty you have breakfast this willeasily feed a family of four you can cutit in four pieces it is more than enoughfood for one person if you have a largefamily you probably could get eightpieces out of this and depending on theage of your kids this could still feedyour whole family I have three boys inmy house so this gets cut into fourpieces each one of the boys gets aquadrant and then dad gets the secondcuz he’s dead oh you know it alright sowhat else if you don’t have cast ironwhat else can you use Oh easy 9 by 13okay that’s normally what I put it in doyou butter that or do you spray it youjust spray it you can butter it if youwantI just put butter in my cast iron onecuz there’s never too much butter andtwo it just helps make sure this comesout really easily but you certainlycould just spray a 9 by 13 and it wouldbe totally fine so I think this morningI am going to go get a jar of caramelapple jam and I’m gonna dump it in themiddle you know the other thing thatwould be really good in here would besome apple butter or some pear butterthis is caramel apple jam that I madelast year think maybe apple pie fillingbut this is what I’m gonna put in themiddle of the hootenanny for the boystoday so I’m just gonna cheat and use myknife and pop it open cuz I have a hardtime opening things for criminals thisis what it looks like mmmI’m not a good what’s what’s in thatcaramel apple jam is whatever kind ofapples you choose I think these areHoney Crisp because I made apple sauceand apple butter with the Honey Crisp soI’m pretty sure these are Honey Crispand some cinnamon sugar brown sugarvanilla a little bit of pectin and youjust cook it all down and it makes Imean it’s super that’s another video yesoh I’ll make a video on how to make thisbut I’m just gonna dump this into themiddle of this and kind of spread itaround and then the boys have kind of anapple pie ish Dutch baby or hootenannythis morning I’m not gonna put all of itin here because I have celiac and if Iput all of us in here and I don’t get toeat any of the caramel apple jam and momis going to needso anyways there you go you just spreadit around like this and then mmm it’llheat up the apples as it sits here for aminute I’m not gonna put that back on myjar cuz I ruin it for me little powderedsugar over the top which everything isso warm it’s just melting right into butthat’s okay there you go a couple ofminutes a couple of eggs a little bit offlour a little bit of milk poof you havebreakfast[Music]there you go thank you mom[Music]okay go[Music]why you

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