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In this video, I have shown an easy snack recipe with Potatoes. It goes delicious with the sauce that I have shown. Enjoy eating!!

Soya sauce – 2 tbspn
Lemon extract – 1 tbspn
Onion – 1/4 chopped
Green chilli or halopino – 1
Sugar – 1/2 tbspn

Potatoes – 2
Salt – 1/4tbspn
Onion – 1/4
Corn Flour – 1 cup

Let’s make sauce: — Mix all the sauce ingredients mentioned above, Mix them well and set aside.

To make pancake: Grate potatoes, onion. Mix them.
to it, Add salt and flour – Mix them well.

On a tawa, pour the batter and cook them for 2 minutes.

Potato pan cake with sauce is now ready to serve.
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Video Transcription

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