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Passion Fruit Pancake Recipe #New-recipe HOW TO MAKE IT FROM Chef Ricardo Cooking Shows

#Passion #Fruit #Pancake #Recipe #New-recipe #HOW TO MAKE IT FROM Chef Ricardo Cooking Shows
Passion Fruit Pancake Recipe #New-recipe HOW TO MAKE IT FROM Chef Ricardo Cooking Shows
#Happy #Jamaican #indepndence Day ORIGINAL Jamaican #PORRIDGE | #JAMAICAN #INDEPNDENCEDAY
#FoodCooking #Jamaican #ChefRicardocooking
Happy Jamaican indepndence Day ORIGINAL Jamaican PORRIDGE | #JAMAICAN #INDEPNDENCEDAY
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Ricardo Campbell, more popularly known as Chef Ricardo was born in Jamaica and grew up in the busy hotels and restaurants of Ocho Rios, one of Jamaica’s main tourist cities. He cooks and prepares first class Caribbean dishes, and shares his passion for food with the world. Follow Chef Ricardo on his mission to promote Caribbean Cuisine!

[Video Title]Passion Fruit Pancake Recipe #New-recipe HOW TO MAKE IT FROM Chef Ricardo Cooking Shows
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Video Transcription

nice I love you guys anyway this is one
of my recipe our search is a passion
fruits pancake basically I’ve been a
lotta recipe on pancake all different
kinds I tried to show the fans that what
they can do at home and what they can
make all right so this one is a Russian
wheat pancake
you’ve got a blueberry one we’ve got
passion foods that are different kind of
type pancake you got missed from sponge
cake so there’s so many I I did a video
on pancake and I mean on YouTube a lot
few years ago ultimate ever best part
that’s what’s a number one recipe but
anyway we’re gonna do this one today and
it’s gonna be a super speed
alright the first thing you need to do
is to X all right got two eggs in the
bowl just like this it’s very easy
recipe very very very easy as even
YouTube makeup on so what’s it like two
eggs in the board we are good to go and
that’s that’s the most thing so two eggs
in the bowl we’re going to put some milk
inside of it I’m using a pink know
where your self guys everything is good
and I’m going to be using half cups of
all right cheek quarter cups of milk
sorry guys cheat quarter cups of milk
because different I will see all it
weren’t for littler more I can harm or
even though with
once you give it a lovely Miss that um
water into he’s got some sugar so I’m
gonna be roughly have to pour quarter
cups of sugar you can use your favorite
sugar can use sweetener and up to you
guys I wanna use all right nice one
I’m using self-rising flour I’m gonna
pull my copy right here and all I’m
going to do is take mine at a time and
by the G lattice
look at that is that beautiful and not
only that it’s so easy and simple but
wall going to do is just had a little
bit more what about a large tablespoon
of milk a flower that’s a little bit of
no not about a teaspoon and remember
that is I’m using self-rising flour a
little bit more flour it’s just to get
the perfect thickness what you’re
looking for a little bit more alright
then now we’re going to put I have some
spices I’m going to put a little bit of
nutmeg you don’t have to but that’s my
recipe I also mixed spice I started it
in chopped mixed spice and I may bring
up the flavor cinnamon little pinch of
nice and lovely then we’re gonna hide a
little bit of fun I like your favorite
over a teaspoon no mine is a little bit
heavy nice alright so what we’re going
to do next is realize when we do the
passion fruits I’m gonna show you
exactly what’s going on in the kitchen
chef Carla I’m the T alright
love it so basically we’re going to put
in the passion fruit stop and all gonna
go cut the passion fruits into off I
will endure simple squeeze star anise
inside of the pancake all right a lot of
people who know what is passion fruits
is a fruits and I mean really nice you
can just eat it just like this
it’s got a lot of flavor Oliva flavor
that’s one I put inside of it already
and fashion foods I can’t get this at
local shop our supermarket to buy so
don’t be shy don’t be afraid go there
and get the passion fruits on come on
make a surf Sun washing foods pancake so
I’m using one two and a half so I’m
gonna be using a tree I’m just going to
put the trap that I’m inside of it
lovely stuff is fantastic I love it
pushing food sponge a guy’s amazing
recipe well you guys can make at home
all right don’t be shy give it a twist
nice and lovely all right that looking
good so what we do need to do next is
it’s a super Sepideh Scholastic report
into a content like this to show you
exactly how we normally do it at home
all right so let’s pour into that
container and I’m like that’s pretty
good running a nice lovely so let’s mix
or pancake now that is fantastic fashion
pancake jacquard weave is recipe from I
don’t know if anything can use to make a
pancake all right so about this I’m
gonna show you exactly are you gonna
catch it beautiful
so as I can see this is my pancake pan
right here I’ve got er a medium-sized
eat gasma – OH
Electric – I’m using this fight light
oil and I’m gonna spray try this
all right so sprite let me something
doing it the head – wait so all that I
do is pour it a little little bit like
this in the pot lovely man
and I’m gonna take his time and spread
and it’s spreading really lovely so I’m
gonna turn up my stuff – gasps –
electric tree if you’re using gas mark
yes MA – our tree is enough for it look
at that is that beautiful look I see
them in top of it that’s the seed of
their passion fruits right here look
like this beautiful recipe nice nice I
love you guys are basically as you can
see all the pond keep look look at that
I don’t spill it over and you know I’m a
mechanized and see look look at the
seeds them inside of it so it’s really
really nice it’s a passionfruit sponge
cake and 100% you guys definitely know
that anyway and we’ve been doing a cake
partial food spun name sponge cake
recipe that will come out very soon
classic guys can see the way I do that
one glass it’s good to do something
different for the funds I’m some time
ago that’s the guys can learn oh so – so
yeah new recipe for you you have to try
this one whole question foods pancake
look at that that is beautiful
really amazing alright so that’s the
first one
lovely are nice so what we’re going to
noise we’re gonna fun like this cost
gonna do it like that doesn’t it up
yeah then we’ll just pour any by this
and it spread out nice little card nut
yeah like it spread out you know love
their nuts that’s exactly what you’re
talking about this is the last one I
make it look at that beautiful Kalina
all right fantastic
iodized enjoy my recipe please subscribe
and leave a comment in the description
nice alright guys thank you for watching
stay tuned this is it and I will see you
next time with more recipe so take a
look at a look over here no no nice I
love this and that’s it
right over there guys you know me that’s
the passion fruit pie okay
don’t underst it and as I can see the
way they look
basically with a passionfruit sponge
cake if you even tear it you can see the
passion fruits and that’s what you’re
looking for when I making passion fruit
spunkier guys you wanna see the passion
fruit in it
pan is good for you when you bite in
some take and have a little crunch so
that’s why I did the recipe for you so
anyway please subscribe and leave your
comments tell a friend and a friend then
a free pass out from spunky new recipes
new ideas and 100% you guys will love it
see you next time

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