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Part 2 of baking pancakes

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Video Transcription

you know and I just decrees the pancakesthis is how it looks not to go when thatdo it for that time good everybody looklike this if it’s actually chocolatethat’s on it wait because I ate one ofthem and I was like I might throw yousir oh yeah that was French oh you madeup cupcake decorating them there’s blueinside of them I will show you the bluebut I already ate the poop right therebuddy

12 Replies to “Part 2 of baking pancakes

  1. Tammy, your partner is so lucky to have you cooking for him! Your mother taught you some amazing recipes dear, I have learned a lot…Thanks!

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  5. makes me so mad I try to be on here with you !! I always miss it , I guess its not worth me trying to talk to u all!! have a good night

  6. My goodness, you’re pot pies look heavenly! Just one question… Is there a reason why you use green onions rather than a regular onions?

  7. I made pot pie from my left over turkey, but I didn’t use a bottom crust. I sliced carrots onions, and celery and cooked them in the microwave 8 minutes then added into my gravy. I added a cup frozen peas. We loved it.

  8. I made your recipe about 10 days ago and they loved it so much that tonight will be the fourth time in 10 days I have made this. It is SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!! Thank you Tammy for showing us!!!

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