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Video Transcription

hey it’s David with architects griddlewe do pancakes a lot here because wehave a lot of kids around and the blackstone griddle we have is just perfectfor it we can make at least 15 pancakesat a time I’m gonna show you kind ofbehind the scenes some of the little bitof prep work we do to get the pancakesrec ready and to show you our secretrecipe which we’ve shown before but thisis a current one we use our KitchenAidmixer for this because it mixes all ofthis mix easily anyway we really likethis mixer the bolt pops in place likethat this is the Cafe Du Monde beignetmix which we’ve shown before and we hadthat too Aunt Jemima complete pancakemix and it comes out like a pastrysomething more light fluffy and justpretty amazing pancakes the kids love itand they start asking me midweek can wehave pancakes this weekend can we havepancakes as we guess so so we do it andwe have fun when we do it as well allright so we’re gonna start with thebeignet mix so we’re going to put thewhole box the ratio is one box to onebox it seems to work out when we’remaking this many pancakes I don’t knowwe make 30 pancakes 30 plus pancakes soand we add one complete box of the AuntJemima pancake mix you just pour itright in with the mixer like this youcan just load it up and then add wateras needed to get it the consistencyright done usually it will keep in thepantry like three boxes of each at anyone point in time so when the weekendcomes around we have more than enough tomake what we need the cool thing aboutthis mixer is that you can load it upkind of have it ready to go and then youraise it up to engage it and I mix itfully but I’m gonna start with it downlow just mixing the dry mix right nowand it’s gonna take probably two ofthese of waterto get the consistency right and you gotto add it fast enough otherwise itclumps up and flops around in there andmakes a mess so I’m going to add all ofthis I’m going to get a little morewater if you’ll notice we have a touchfaucet that’s pretty handy makes it easywhen you’re trying not to dirty yourhands or dirty anything else and we’regonna raise it up before we add the restof the water and we’re gonna add just alittle bit more you see it’s already waytoo dry we’re gonna add some more waterhere[Music]it needs to be a little soupy almostlike peanut butter that’s what we foundkind of produces the best pancakes and Ikind of know I add two of these to everymix almost but this KitchenAid mixerthis is the architects griddle and weappreciate good design in one of thedesigns we like is a nice kitchen whichwe have nice brittle nice outside areabut we also have a nice mixer and theseyou know of course are modeled on theclassic mixers from long ago 50s and 60sthis machine is very nice it has a veryheavy base it’s just very nice to workwith if you look on this side you cansee all the settings all the way up toten which we’re not gonna do we’re justgonna keep it on stir in the mix you cansee it’s a little thickI’m gonna add just a few more cups ofwater I don’t even count it I just kindof do it by eye when it looks a littlethere you go that looks pretty good thatconsistency and it’s gonna thicken upbut getting back to the mixer this is a6 quart 590 watt KitchenAid I’m notselling it I just like it it’s verypractical there’s all kinds ofattachments that came with it and it’sjust a nice machine it looks good on thecounter I know a lot of people buy thisfor style it’s not why we have it wehave it because we use it oh man just adash more water and I think we have theconsistency just right this mixer iskind of interesting there’s only one wayto kind of get this bowl on and off andI’ll show you when it’s done mixing okayguys that’s about mix I let it run threeor four minutes it’s well mixed themachine’s done all the work arm is nowready to flip pancakes instead of stirbatter I’m gonna go ahead and flip itoff and we’re gonna lower it but this iswhat I wanted to show you I wanted toshow you how it comes off I like tolower it and I like to take off theattachment let let that extra batterfall throw this guy in this thingone rule is don’t leave the batter onthe attachment make sure you rinse itoff otherwise it hardens like concreteand you need a machine to get it off ofthe attachment but let’s see this is howyou take this bowl out you take it andyou pop it up and it pops right out ifyou look in here let me show you in themixer right here there’s this pressurespring and it keeps the bolt tight sothe bowl doesn’t rattle when it’s beingmet when the mixer is on you got to popthe bowl against it to lock it in andyou pop it out to take it out it’s kindof a one-way deal only works a certainway done with the mixer great machinebeautiful machine we’re thankful to haveit but if you want to follow me we’llwalk outside right nowand we’ll get this on the griddle[Applause]I think we have a storm cloud cominghopefully we don’t get too much rainwork on it down here on the coast inSouth Louisiana and we get rain all thetime it comes right in off the watertoday the weather is really nice it’s afall it’s a fall day and temperatureskind of comfortable oh oh man you know Iforgot my one other tool I need to makethese pancakes I’ll be right backand this is the other tool you need it’sthe perfect size and it pours mypancakes just right it’s just a sillyplastic ladle the other thing I want todo is let the batter just sit and letthe mix kind of rise and thicken just alittle bit before I put it on thegriddle in the meantime I always seepeople posting about how to prep theirgriddle how to clean it I’m gonna showyou right now my method for getting itready to do pancakes or anything likethat it’s good and hot it’s been a fewdays since we’ve cooked so I’m justgonna go ahead and do it exactly likethey do in the hibachi place except Idon’t use a rag I use paper towels I canjust throw it right out and it’s cleanevery time I use it okay that griddlelooks good it’s good and hot I’ll tellyou that much you got the older oil offof it now we’re gonna squirt some freshoil not the plastic capand then we’re just going to spread theoil I know a lot of people do it withtheir spatula kind of try to avoidtouching the surface with the metal if Ican I like to use the paper towels andmy scraper to spread the oil and a niceeven coat I think you can do it almostany way you want the trick is that youdo it in a way that works in that youcan be consistent with it so every timeyou cook you know you have a consistentsurface to cook on instead of it being asurprise when you’re cooking you haveblack flakes coming up or the grills notevenly oiled you want it to be evenlyoiled you want it to be ready to cookevery time in the same fashion that’sone of the variables you can control thevariable you can’t control is the foodyou’re cooking so it’s easier to dealwith that then deal with the griddle sofind a method that’s consistent that youdo every time and I find that works forme very well this oil is now hot it’s onthe griddle surface and we’re going todrop some pancakes here we go and thisthing’s heavybut it works we’re gonna see how many wecan fit this time to the batter goes onand spreads out nicely it’s not toothick it’s not clumpy it’s not too thinit’s not runny but it spreads out nicelyI’m not a perfectionist I don’t have tohave a perfectly shaped pancake what Ido want is a perfectly cooked pancakethey just taste better let’s see howmany we got on here now so one more Ithink I can fit okay we have one twothree four five six seven thirteenfourteen fifteen six twenty twenty-onetwenty-two twenty-three 23 pancakes Ithink I’ve done a 15 large pancakes wehave 23 small pancakes all cooking atone time all these kids are so hungrythey’re all gonna have instant pancakesin about four minutes each side takesmaybe two minutes on a hot griddle itdoesn’t take long at all and when youstack them I’ve said this before whenyou stack them in the bowl they kind ofself cook with all the heat build upbetween layering them this is real basicpancake stuff you can see when you seethese bubbles come through the batter doyou know it’s pretty well cooked on theother side the next thing you look foris along the edge you’ll see the edgestart to cook more so it cooks throughthe center it spreads out through thewhole pancake and then the edge becomescook you see these this is the hotterside of the griddle and I put these downfirst so these are more cooked you seehow the edge looks different than thissofter edge let’s flip it and see howperfect it is that’s a pretty pancakethat’s what we want all right look thesetwo touch I got a full griddleoh man okay we got to flip these guyslet’s go here we golike I said we’re not looking forperfection but we want to cook andwhat’s the number-one rule at thearchitect’s griddle I say it every timeand you know what it holds true everytime is there’s no mistakes unless youburn it right now we got one that’sclose to burnt we don’t want thatlet me get rolling with this I’m sittinghere running my mouth I should beflipping pancakes I got a dirty spatulaI’m embarrassed about it but I’m stillflipping with it it’s all right this isthe cooler side so they’re cooking alittle bit slower let’s see you know foryou beginners out there one of thethings you need to know is that keepingthings clean and neat and tidy isimportant and it kind of goes back tothe consistency thing it lets you cookwith consistency so not only is yourgriddle surface consistent but also yourspatula is consistently clean it’s notsticking to the food so you just takethe extra little steps just to wipe offthe spatula in between and then yourgriddle is consistent your spatula isconsistent the food cooks consistentlyyou can kind of come to rely on whatyou’re doing these are ready to come offI’m going to grab them real quick righthere this is the part where we speed upthe video right now I’m moving at lightspeed these are gonna be good man we tryto use some 100% pure maple syrup now wedon’t waste that on the kids though welet them use Aunt Jemima but us adultswho have a little more refined palate wetry to get us good maple syrup the otherthing we do is try to use the localproducts because they’re just bettersometimes and that includes the Cafe DuMonde beignet mix you can’t beat itwhat I’m gonna do is all this griddleone more time it’sthis isn’t much different than the guysat Waffle House or girls at Waffle Housewhen they’re cooking which we we gothere some mornings on the way to schoolwe want to catch something real quick toeat sometimes were the first people inthere and their griddle is thisbeautiful stainless steel griddle fromwhat I can see on a nice stand and ithas a commercial grade gas line to itand I’m look at these things I’m anarchitect I like to look at detail andhow its put together and they have thisbig drip tray that you can access fromthe front and they also have this vat ofliquid butter I can only assume that’swhat that is and they put a scoop on thegriddle and then they throw the food onit kind of interesting if you pay closeattention to how they actually do itI’m looking because I’m I use a griddlejust like they do mine’s just notcommercial grade but it’s pretty damngood anyway all right now to put it inperspective we just cooked how manypancakes 20 something in a matter ofminutes and we’re about to do anotherset if you got a lot of mouths to feedthis is how you want to do it in myopinion just makes it easier easy toclean up you don’t heat up the wholehouse and I’m not sure I ever rememberdoing this but we just used the entirebucket of batter sitting on the griddletwice we’ve used the entire thing ofbatter that’s pretty amazing so weprobably have 50 pancakes that are goingto come off here in just a minute prettygood it’s weird the dark cloud has justdarkened the whole outside the kids arein the water there’s no lightning orthunder I don’t hear anything so that’sgood but it is October 20th and we’reoutside and shorts short sleeve shirtsthe kids are still in the wateronly in south Louisiana can you do thatand to be honest with you it’s alittle humid out here too I did turn onmy fan today the other day when weannounced the winner of the giveaway Ididn’t even have it on it was so coolcool front of just past but right nowit’s a little humid we can see thebubbles coming through the edgesstarting to show this flipthat first pass on the griddle is alwaysnot quite as good as the second passit’s good it works with that first passsometimes doesn’t come out quite as goodas this grill being cooked on one time[Applause]who’s crowded over here has somecongestion on this griddle kind of likea Tetris game which one do you flipfirst so you can flip the next let memake a little room cool guys just a fewminutes all the batter’s used we’ve onlydirtied a few dishes we’ve dirtied agriddle but that’ll come clean like thatmy camera lady just took a bite I don’tknow is it good okay awesomeif you’re gonna take a bite I’m gonnatake a bite uh-huh it was very hard whenyou can eat a pancake straight with nobutter and no syrup man that’s what youwant to do come see Pierce there’s apiece it’s not a bite of that pancakeit’s good so good mm-hmm yeah here yougotake one no use your hand there you govery good here’s another piece guyswe’re about to get it on the plate whena piece is hot y’all just okayhere you go another piece it’s highpretty good look like I said no butterno syrup mmm good you put the beignetmix with the pancake mix oh I got topull these up what are we doing it’scoming to move look three two time youknow they cook let’s see I don’t thinkthey’re burntthey’re fine oh mansmelling good Oh a little brown it’sokay it’s hot it’s hotand just pile them up BAM so good topancakes at a time if you not aprofessional I recommend doing it theway I’m doing it because I’m not aprofessional you just grab – it doesn’tmatter just grab them throw them out onehere we’re going to top it off with ourfinal masterpiece of a pancake perfectlycooked both sides yo and it’s hotanyway the steam these pancakes stillcooking on the inside we’ve yet to havea pancake undercooked on the insidebecause I stack them like this and theycook through and through this mold getsreally hot but they come out so gooddied right here we have a griddle top toclean I’m gonna show you how I clean itreal quick – in this video why not takemy scraper I’m gonna get all the loosestuff off the griddle there we go bluestuff all huh gotta get it off anysidewalls got a little wild crowd in thegriddle all rightcan you see this loose stuff right herebecause I don’t like to dump my driptray any more than I have to I’m gonnago ahead and just leave that right thereI’m gonna grab paper towels and I’mgonna grab this off the griddle likethat don’t burn yourselfI never touch a griddle with my fingersI always have something between me andit’s this little bit I’m not gonna fightI’m gonna do this in the drip traygoodbye okay now we’re gonna hit itagain just like we did before this isthe process we start the same way in thesame get it with some water that’ll pullup any excess fat any other debris on ittake your napkin paper towels pick upthat water with the grease in itand debris yeah so we go from a dirtygriddle to a clean griddle in a matterof moments and you get this edge realquick here we go throw that paper towelaway we just go through a few papertowels it’s not that many the better youget it this the less paper towels youuse this just takes a few takes a few toclean it the first time takes a few toclean it the second time and you’re donenow we’re going to all it and use onemore paper towel just enough oil not toomuch I know that it’s a squirt this wayand just to turn back is the rightamount of oil what I think some newgriddle owners do is they oil thisgriddle too much and you want enoughcoat to keep it from rusting and toprotect it but you don’t want so muchthat it’s sticky so you’re gonna see youcan tell if it is sticky with too muchoil just pass another fresh paper towelover the top it’ll take off the excessand for those trying to season theirgriddles always always the question wellhow do i season it what’s the best allwell the best thing you can do is cookjust cookit’s not about seasoning the griddleit’s about cooking and if you cook baconthat’s a great way to do it if you cookhamburgers this is another way to do itbut you use I use canola but you can usealmost any any oil olive oil not oliveoil it has a low smoke point but canolaoil vegetable large bacon whale oilwhale blubber walrus tusk bat you canuse anything you want the point is yougot a cook on your griddle you cook onit it gets well-seasoned it’s kind oflike a black iron pot same conceptyou’re good to goso all those on Facebook wondering howto do it that’s how you do it just cookthey’ll post it there will be a hundredand fifty replies and there will be twoor three or flies that say just cook theone that says just cook is right that isright that’s how you do it I’m off mygriddle soapboxand I’m just joking around really allyou got to do is cook on it’ll bealright this is David with architectsgriddle in a rain cloud October morningkids still swimming that’s kind of crazyand we just made 50 pancakes 50 pluspancakes we’re good to go you guys happygriddling thanks for watching

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